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  What kind of diet presents more destruction to us and our planet?




  What kind of diet presents more destruction to us and our planet?

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It is a well-known fact that the one who reacts to an accusation violently is most likely guilty of what he/she was accused of.

When we talk about the diet, you will seldom hear an omnivorous person attacking vegetarians or vegans accusing them of wrongdoing and of creating destruction of the planet because of the way they eat.

The same, you cannot say about vegetarians and vegans.

They get into your face and accuse you of animal cruelty and hatred because you enjoy a juicy steak. They serve you the wrong information to prove their point, and they completely ignore any facts that prove them wrong.

Vegans and vegetarians actually believe that all this fake information they had received in schools is true, and because we are all separated from the innate connection and cannot feel each other's energetic reaction, only animals suffer when they are harmed and plants do not.

Hilno was telling me the experience she had when she was young.

Next to their house, there was a big mango tree. One night, in her dream this mango tree spoke to her pleading for his life and asking Hilno to persuade her grandfather from cutting it down.

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She had no idea that there was even a discussion about cutting this big tree down.

So in the morning, she told her grandfather, "please grandpa, do not cut this mango tree down".

Her grandfather explained that the roots of the mango tree are cracking the walls of the house and that they have to cut it down.

Not being able to stop the destruction of this tree made a great scar in Hilno's heart which she is now learning to release and heal.

The ignorance is blessed. We think that because we cannot feel certain things, they do not exist, and the reason we do not feel them is our disconnect.

Just 400 years ago, the North American continent was teeming with life. Herds of bison could be seen from Horizon to Horizon. Deer, elk, mountain lion, wolf.... all kinds of animals and a large indigenous human population was happily coexisting on this land.

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Now all of a sudden, cows have to be slaughtered because they emit too much carbon dioxide?

The science is teaching us that we cannot absorb minerals into our blood unless they are chelated and this is why we have to eat vegetables.

They should try to explain this to the tiger, lion, wolf.. because those poor dumb animals are doing it all wrong.

Better yet, they should explain it to the goat that is risking its life and the life of its baby by climbing a treacherous cliff just to drink water that is full of minerals as it is shown in this video:


The Ibex is an herbivore, doesn't it get all its minerals from chelated vegetables?

Our science is telling us that we cannot absorb minerals directly from the water. Obviously, we are told a bunch of nonsense through the "science" we are exposed to.

The brainwashing prevents us from realizing the real danger that comes from farming and I do not think about animal farming but agriculture.

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How much forest is destroyed to make land available for agriculture?

The destruction of forests destroys the echo system of balance and promotes disease.

Forests are healthy and support a healthy life which we cannot say about the monoculture of modern farming.

The Mono-culture cannot be sustained without constantly fighting diseases that attack it.


The planet Earth is a living being.

From the quantum point of view, it is a frequency that is supported by other frequencies that identify it.

Once we start shuffling those frequencies, we are making distortions and the planet is trying to fix them by combating them with another type of energy.

Our brain is showing this to us like a plague or disease because it was programmed to materialize those energies as such so that we can consciously experience them as our reality, and react to them.

Farming cartoons, Farming cartoon, funny, Farming picture, Farming pictures, Farming image, Farming images, Farming illustration, Farming illustrations

How is our consciousness dealing with those energies?

Instead of realizing the problem and fixing it, we are supporting the problem by attacking the healing mechanism with herbicides and pesticides.

Since the planet is a conscious living being, it will counter react to those energies we send and the herbicides and pesticides will no longer do the job and they will have to be modified.

Instead of healing, we are promoting more disease and more poison.

Isn't this the same approach we do in modern medicine?

No monoculture can be sustained without a constant battle, this we are aware of but instead of living by supporting the harmony, we wage constant wars against it.

Until we realize the close relationship we have with Mother Earth and we start doing the right thing, Mother Earth will remain to fight back and we will remain to be sick.

The mono-culture is depleting the soil of nutrients and instead of replenishing them with natural fertilizer, we use chemical derivatives of crude-oil and the same way as we are poisoning our bodies with the processed salt and sugars, we are poisoning planet Earth with those fertilizers.

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The products we receive are then also toxic to us. It is all the same system and we have to realize it so that we can fix it.

Through our ignorance, we are polluting this planet more and more and nature is the one that is suffering the most.

Now even the wildlife is becoming diseased and scientists wonder why?


The same forest was sprayed recently against mosquitoes. Can't they see the relation?

The misinformation media engine is in full speed serving us with the important news of fine-tuning the broken engine:


If the diet is so perfect in India, why is Indian government pleading for help to tackle the high number of diabetes and hypertension in their population?

Will this tweaking make any difference?

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Of course, not.

We cannot physically influence change. The only way to do this is by going within, meditating and making the change by utilizing the most powerful instrument there is, our brain.

Star using the tools I have exposed to you and manifest the best scenario that you can imagine.

As I have revealed in my previous post, the evil has to be brought to the surface first so that it can be acknowledged and eliminated.

Our salvation is not in separation but in cooperation.





Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek