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  Where have all the roosters gone?




  Where have all the roosters gone?

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Christopher Ingraham from the Washington Post mentions the fact that "The share of U.S. adults reporting no sex in the past year reached an all-time high in 2018, underscoring a three-decade trend line marked by an aging population and higher numbers of unattached people."

Is this surprising to anyone?

I remember when I was young, girls were making themselves pretty, accentuating their femininity, and the boys were the peacocks, lifting weights, wanting to be the next Schwarzenegger or Frank Zane. and then, all of the sudden in the nineties everything has changed.

The girls started to wear ugly, black shoes and putting black lipstick and masculine clothes. To me, it seemed as if they wanted to repel boys with the way they looked.

At that time I did not understand it but it definitely surprised me. I had even asked my niece if she wants t

scare off the guys with the way she dressed?

She replied, "no, you are silly, this is the fashion today".

Since that time, everything has dramatically changed. The girls act more like the boys and the boys behave like the girls used to behave in the past.

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This type of behavior is promoted and pushed on the young people through the film industry, the fashion magazines, and of course the media and advertising.

Although it seems that this is based on free choice, this is mind control in the action. It is done through the standard brainwashing techniques of our handlers who want a 90% reduction in the world's population.

Of course, the transformation of gender does not stop there.

Many chemicals are used to alter the physiology of mankind and unfortunately, they seep into the nature in

fluencing the same changes on wild animals.

Some of those gender-bending chemicals are fire retardants, pesticides, organochlorines, dioxins, and one of the prevalent is the bisphenol A used in many plastics.

One country that is an especially strong user of such chemicals is the People's Republic of China.

Their products are loaded with those chemicals so much that children in the USA and Canada were becoming sick playing with Chinese made toys.

Another source of reminiscing agents comes from the food we eat. The cans of the canned food are laced with plastic that leaks Bisphenol A which mimics estrogen.

Young boys that eat a lot of canned food grow feminine looking breast and lose their masculinity.

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Today, here in Tarapoto Peru I see many more women bodybuilders than man.

Women stick to the program and sweat it out while the young man comes, look at the weights, and become intimidated by the women and never come back.

To make the matter worst, the feminist movement has evolved into man-hating movement and it is saturated with fat, unattractive butch type "things" (I do not want to misrepresent gender from the dozens of genders thy now recognized by them) who promote sloppiness and snobbism as their virtue.

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Now, if we add to this the push of the white male privilege narrative, and when you behave correctly and you are black, immediately other black people call you an Uncle Tom, the choice of people that can get together becomes very small.

Now, do we really have to ask ourselves, "why are there fewer couples in love than they were before?

There are not many normal people left out here and those who are, are reluctant to approach each other in the fear not to be smeared, laughed at, or simply misunderstood.

Since there is free access to pornography, many young people find it more comfortable to shy away from physical contact and rather do electronic communication and virtual sex.

Between the lousy food, the toxins in their environment, and inactivity, many young man and young women became lazy, do not take care of themselves letting themselves go.

When I see the young generation I remember telling my friends when I was young how surprised I am at my father and some other "old" man, how active and vigorous they are, often surpassing my energetic capacity.

Today, this is even more pronounced. Many young men look like mush-mellows, a couch-potatoes with big bellies and a chest that resembles more women breasts than true man's pectorals.

I would pity the women if the same was not happening with them. Many young women start gaining weight and soon after the puberty start ballooning and yes, fat people are not sexy or good looking, they are fat. Fat people all look alike since the fat deforms their natural features.

Because we are told lies about the nutrition, it is very difficult for the great majority of people to control their weight but for everyone who is familiar with my work and still remains fat, there is no excuse for it. Being a slob is not a virtue, and it is unhealthy saying the least.

As people get older, they find less and fewer reasons why to change but for young people, there is no excuse.

With the incorrect diet comes the obesity, the health problems, the sexual problems and this leads to depression and suicides which are on the rise.

It is the time for the roosters to return and for the nymphs to seduce them again.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek