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  How pure should be the salt that we consume?




  How pure should be the salt that we consume?

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From the time of Pasteur, the people that are concerned about their health pay a lot of attention to cleanliness.

Wash your hands well with the soap every time before you will handle the food.

Wash your hands before you are going to eat.

Wash the fruits before eating them.

Cook the meat until it is sterilized.

The obsession with cleanliness is actually causing a health problem.

Many times I have pointed to the fact that our body will not support what it does not need.

When we live in a sterile environment, there is no need for a strong immune system, isn't there?

You are not going to carry tire chains in your car during the Summer, aren't you?

Neither will you carry a picnic basket when you go to work.

Our body reacts to its environment so more complicated this environment becomes, the more sophisticated will your body get to deal with it.

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Since the major part of the Self Healers Protocol is hydration which involves the use of none-refined sea salt, many people are asking about the micro-plastic contamination of our seas and the subsequent contamination of the sea salt with the same micro-plastics.

On top of this, multiple questions are arising about the overall pollution of our seas with petroleum, detergents, and other chemical products that are regularly dumped into the sea.

Is it really wise to consume none-refined sea salt at all?

The issue of contamination is what has propelled the sale of the pink Himalayan salt.

It was easy to convince people that in the times when the Himalayas was under the sea, our planet was pristine so the salt that comes from that period must be the cleanest salt of them all.

Millions of people were fooled by this type of reasoning which was instigated by the same people who are now warning us of the dangers of the pollution in our oceans.

Whoever follows my work knows better than this.

We are not the first civilization that had polluted this planet. Four times humanity had destroyed itself and had to start over from scratch.

There are numerous oil leaks in the sea-bed through which the oil is seeping into the sea on a regular basis. It is not all just a human impact.

It is just interesting to see the selectiveness of what we are being warned against.

Vegetarians are warning others not to eat meat since it was polluted through the vaccinations, and the use of antibiotics on the animals, and all the growth hormones...and they promote the consumption of vegetables which are grown filled with pesticides and herbicides and genetically modified.

Also, no vegetable production is nourished with minerals. The energy is supplied through artificial fertilizers made from crude oil. It is all plastic no matter which way you look at it.

"I eat a totally plant-based diet and I still can't lose weight."

Human stupidity knows no boundaries. It is caused by selective thinking.

We are accustomed to creating boxes. One box per subject and one trend of thoughts for each box.

This is why you have scientists warning us about the carbon dioxide raising the heat on our planet so sending endless fleets of plains t spray toxic aluminum is necessary to save our planet. Really?

The young parrots' activists complain about cow-farts dismiss the CO2 emissions from those plains that are doing the spraying.

The biggest pollution and destruction of our planet is created under the pretences of stopping the pollution, and activists are nowhere to be found.

Let's kill the cows, is their answer.

Those are the people who are warning us about the toxicity of our water.

According to them, the more refined the better.

Farmed animals are the problem but do not eat wild salmon and tuna, eat the farmed one, it is safer. Less mercury and BPA pollution. It is safer for your health they say.

Here we come to another absurdity. The flower of the sea.

What is "The flower of the sea?"

In the attempt to produce the finest sea salt, some sea salt manufacturers are skimming the thin crust from the top of the sea water during the sea-water evaporation process. They separate this salt and call it the flower of the sea. They are claiming that this type of sea salt is the best, the finest, the purist an of course incredibly expensive.

If there is oil to be found in the sea especially near the shore, it will be on the surface. The same will be with micro-plastics and other pollutants.

So does the claim by the industry that produces sea salt hold the water?

Is anybody thinking at all?

When seawater is being utilized in sea-plasma production, this is the reason why the water is taken from the depth of 10 meters so that the surface pollution is avoided.

All of this is irrelevant when we are talking about what is best for our body.

Our body is a robot designed to deal with all of this pollution.

It is way more important to provide our body with what it needs to be able to work properly than to make sure that what we bring into our body is clean.

We can be exposed to a permissible amount of toxins and in time our body will collapse from over-saturation of this toxin if it was prevented from detoxifying itself.

On the other hand, we can be exposed to high level of toxicity and our body will function normally if it can eliminate those toxins it had absorbed.

As I have pointed out many times, water and sea salt are the clue as far as the detoxification goes.

Image result for royalty free images of sea salt plants

When our body has unlimited access to the water and the minerals it needs, it will eliminate what is not necessary. Not only that it will eliminate heavy metals from our blood and cells, but it will also eliminate it from the food which brings it into our body.

If the sea salt contains micro-plastics, when those plastic find themselves in our blood, the blood cleansing organs will take them out from the blood circulation because there is plenty of water and minerals available to do this job.

Remember, from the quantum mechanics point of view, they are all just energies in different frequencies. When one frequency tries to interfere with another frequency, the one that is strongly supported will suppress the other.

One of my brothers told me that I should write two separate blogs. One for people who believe in the science as we were told and another for the quantum mechanics and spirituality because I cannot serve the same meal to vegans as I do to meat eaters.

I do agree that I would have a much bigger following if I would separate the two, or three or more different topics that I frequently mix together but there is a reason I do just that.

The reason is called the awakening of the mind.

We have to exit our boxes and realize that the truth is not what we have been told and the truth has no levels. There are no versions of the truth, just a manipulation of it through our perception, and our perception depends on the accepted programming which forms our filtering system.

After all, our reality is what we believe it is. This is why did the blind man recover his eyesight when he was in the presence of Jesus Christ.

He was so convinced that Jesus will heal him and this is what he manifested.

Now, try to explain this by utilizing the science we obtain through our schools.

Good luck with it my friends.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek