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   The treatments are improving while doctors knowledge remains in the darkness.




   The treatments are improving while doctors knowledge remains in the darkness.

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FDA has just approved an electronic device to be used in the treatment of hyperactive children who suffer from ADHD syndrome.

CBS jumps on the information with sensational headlines, "FDA Approves New Treatment For ADHD Using Electrical Shocks To The Forehead"

Remembering how the electroshock was used in the post WW II era, I immediately responded saying "middle ages tactics", but is it really so or is this treatment more than just brain frying?


The article explains how the brain is stimulated overnight and the symptoms of ADHD decrease for most of the children who are exposed to this treatment.

Surprisingly, not a single doctor or scientists behind it do not understand what is exactly happening and why does electrostimulation suppress ADHD symptoms.

This is not surprising because if doctors would understand the human body they would not need this device in the first place.

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To shed some light on this, we first have to know what ADHD is and how it develops.

I wrote about it several times in the past so here is a link to one of those articles


As I have explained in my article, the diet is directly related to the way our brain responds to its environment.

If the brain is starving we feel tired, nervous, we react explosively because we have no patience. The brain goes into a stress mode and sinks into the fight and flight state of self-preservation.

We start to behave like animals, nervously and aggressively.

When we are given some sugar (chocolate or piece of bread) our brain receives instant energy and our mood changes.

The behavior of children with ADHD is such that after they eat, they are hipper-active and this slowly turns into annoying and capricious behavior as the brain loses energy and goes into the starvation mode.

Since the base of children's diet is carbohydrates (sugars), their brain gets overexcited during the meal while the energy is being produced but within an hour their mood starts to change.

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In grownups, we call such behavior bipolar. It is the same thing.

Children who eat more animal-based products like meat, eggs, cheese, milk...have better food delivery system and they do not present such problems.

The only time that brain cells have enough energy supply all the time is when they are programmed to utilize fat (triglycerides) as their energy sours. The fat is available all the time even when we sleep and the brain functions without the stress.

When the brain becomes reprogrammed to use glucose as its primary fuel, our entire body runs into problems and our behavior is a clear sign of this.

During the day, we can compensate and eat more often to supply the brain with enough energy, but during the night when we are asleep, this is not possible and this leads to broken sleep and exhaustion which is often expressed as a crankiness in the morning and no energy to start the new day until carbohydrates are consumed and the excitement and the hyperactivity starts.

Our false science is teaching us that our brain needs sugar to be able to function properly.

This is a blatant lie but it is the truth for those whose cellular structure is doped by sugar.

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How does this electrostimulation work and why does it calm children's mind?

This is easily understood once you know what is this thing we call energy?

The thing we call energy is an electric charge.

The followers of my work are very well aware of this and I am sure that they already have an idea of how this electric stimulation helps to calm the brain down.

If not during the day then at least during the night the brain is provided with constant energy supply. This energy is not coming from the food but from the electric stimulator. A low electric impulse is enough to provide the brain with the necessary energy.

Having this energy available during the night, the brain cells can hydrate, detoxify and repair themselves so when the child wakes up, it feels rested and charged with no need to stuff itself with carbohydrates and even if the carbs come, the brain is not starving and it processes the food calmly.

There is not a big jump of energy and the brain's reaction is different from what it would be if the brain cells would be starved of energy.

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I specifically emphasize the word carbohydrates and not sugar or glucose because carbohydrates are the source of the sugar we are talking about.

Once we grasp the truth, we can understand how lost are vegans and vegetarians in their beliefs as far as the nutrition goes.

The body that is programmed to work on carbohydrates develops over 2000 genetic glitches and the health of such persons becomes compromised.

The electric stimulator is being used only during the night so during the day the brain goes again into the self-preservation mode but by having the chance to recover and recharge during the night, the brain can adjust in time to compensate a bit and the behavior of the child becomes more stable.

Now when you have all the necessary and correct information, you can make your decision.

You can decide to either by the eTNS electric stimulator for one thousand dollars, or you can start eating correctly and allow your body to correctly program its cells and start utilizing fat as the cellular energy source.

I highly recommend the second option.

If you are new to this site and you do not know what is the correct human diet, read my book The Owners Manual For The Human Body or the Resonance of Nutrition and learn the truth, or simply follow the Self Healers Protocol.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek