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   The origin of diseases




   The origin of diseases

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This article will confuse many and inspire those who are ready for they are the one for whom this article is dedicated.

To be able to understand the origin of a disease we have to first remember the origin of the creation.

I explain this in my articles about quantum mechanics.

Fast recap.


Energy is the essence of it all. The sound was introduced in a rhythmic fashion.

This we call the frequency with which the sacred geometry is formed. As you can see, the origin of the frequency is an impulse and not a wave.

This impulse creates energetic waves whose interaction is the base of creation.

For this beautiful pattern of waves of energy to become a Universe and reality as we perceive, an observer has to be placed. Without the observer, no no matter can be produced.

To make it more interesting, the observer was given the power to manifest.

For this to be achieved, the most sophisticated and powerful instrument was created.

We gave this instrument a name, we call it the BRAIN.

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Here, we are concentrating on the human brain.

Our brain comes with the basic program which is called the reptilian brain.

This part of the brain contains only the necessary information we need to survive.

The brain is programmed to interpret certain frequencies as a matter of a different kind. To show it to us, it uses the light and projects it through our eyes.

Once projected, it becomes analyzed by our consciousness and we perceive it as our reality.

I often mention that our brain is a transceiver. It receives information through the frequency of the energy field, it analyzes it and transmits what makes sense to it. The brain will transmit what makes the most sense to it. Remember, the brain is an instrument and it can only find the answer by calculating the probabilities according to the program it uses and the information it was loaded with. The most likely probability is the one that will be transmitted through our eyes utilizing light.

This means that our reality is controlled by the information our brain possesses.

To be able to control us and turn us into slaves, the Anunnaki had to dumb us down and insert a controlling mechanism.

They dumbed us down by introducing us to the wrong diet, and as a controlling tool, they used the fear.

The religion was borne. If you do not obey, you will be struck down.

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A group of Semites chose to cooperate with the Anunnaki and be in their service. They have pledged their loyalty through a ceremonial act we call the Bris.

The Bris is the removal of the foreskin from an eight-day-old baby boy's penis which is then eaten. It is a form of a sacrifice with which loyalty is being pledged to Anunnaki who ate human flesh and babies were the delicacies.

After the Anunnaki have left our planet, their formal servants decided to take over the control and instead of using their knowledge to free the humankind, they continued with the deceit assuming the place of the Anunnaki.

These Semites have created several religions realizing that the only way for the few to control many, the many have to be divided.

Three religions were created. Catholic, Christianity, and the Muslim religion.

Scriptures were created. A Bible old and new Testament represent the Catholicism and Christianity, and the Quran represents the Muslim religion.

By manipulating the truth (the same way I have shown you the medical science is manipulated) misinterpreting the truth, humanity was led into a disastrous future.

The Devil was created as a symbol of evil.

Devil is not a creation, it is a concept and every time we focus on it, we give it power. The more people focus on it, the more powerful it becomes.

Devil cartoons, Devil cartoon, funny, Devil picture, Devil pictures, Devil image, Devil images, Devil illustration, Devil illustrations

The Semites have presented themselves as the chosen ones, the future rulers of the world, and the Bible is a tool of a manifestation through which brainwashing is done and those who oppose it have to be crushed. A military force in the service of "God" had to be created. Jesuits were born.

To show the power of the scriptures, manifestation had to be done and this means as many people as possible have to be indoctrinated into believing those scriptures.

To scare people into submission plagues were created and misery was spread throughout our beautiful planet. All of it is mentioned in the "Holy Scriptures" so that fearful people can manifest them without even knowing what is going on.

The only thing that we can perceive as our reality is what our brain calculates as the most probable possibility which is based on the information it possesses. Believing in the Holy books, we are lead to manifest all of the evil it is mentioned there.

The only thing missing is the Apocalypse, the end of times when the Anunnaki return but this was stopped. We have managed to do the seemingly impossible. We had concurred the fear and with the help of the creative energy, we have gained enough power to trigger the global awakening process.

The depth of the deceit and the sheer amount of collaborators that have joined the Evil forces (knowingly and unknowingly) is so great that the most experienced souls were chosen for this job and we know them under the name of light-workers.

As we are awakening we are realizing who we are really. What power we possess.

We are the creators of our "reality".

Now is the time we all join in this process by changing the way we do things.

Grabbing weapons and killing evil does not work.

Remember, the Evil is a concept and for it to manifest it needs a human body and this human has to give it it's permission.

This means that the Evil is embedded within us and to conquer it we have to make it surface, acknowledge it and simply erase it from its existence.

Many Shamans and light-workers are doing this job and more and more awakened soles are joining in to help.

This is a service to the Human Kind, to Mother Earth and the whole Universe.

A Mongolian shaman in atheist China - YouTube

Through the last night's ayahuasca ceremony, I was shown how the increased frequencies that are coming from the Central Sun are changing the face of the Universe.

Mother Earth is expanding but it cannot raise its frequency until it heals itself. It is shaking, rumbling and shifting. I felt this in my gut as I was allowed to experience this so that I can be empowered to join in healing it.

With the movement, the discomfort was rising. As I felt the pain growing I saw the Earth moving, rising, and cracking.

Utilizing the tools I was given previously, I stopped the violent outburst and managed to control the speed and the manifestation of those changes.

I was assisted with an incredible group of soles under the guidance of a grandmaster Christine.

The most difficult part is to force evil to the surface. This was achieved through collective work and the essential power of twin-soles. As soon as my twin-sole Hilno started to sing, the deepest Evil was released through an incredibly strong spirit Marina who was the chosen one to deal with it.

If you think that Linda Blair was scary in the Exorcist, this is nothing to what has happened to Marina.

Now I will give you the necessary knowledge and tools so that you can assist in this change.

Remember that what we experience as our reality is just a manifestation of our brains calculation.

You are in control. Everything is just energy in various frequencies so basically, we have to repair those frequencies.

We have to synchronize the sound.

When Mother Earth was cracking, roaring and shaking I sensed it emphatically in my gut. I felt sick and uncomfortable (no pain because I had no fear) so initially, we have been programmed to move the body, to express the discomfort through our emotions. To fight back. This is all wrong.

I followed the intuitive guidance. I have relaxed and concentrated in calming things down.

Remember, we use pictures as symbols of frequencies.

I pictured calm Earth and by taking a deep breath I projected this image through my heart while exhaling. At this moment Christine started singing Ikaros about calming down, relaxing and focusing on this process.

This was an unforgettable experience.

My gut started to calm down and I saw Mother Earth closing its crevices, stopping shaking and calming down the rumble.

By assisting our Mother Earth we are healing not only our planet but the Human Kind.

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Take time and calm down, picture in your mind what you would love to experience. This will start programming your brain. Then take a deep breath focusing on your heart and project this image while exhaling. This is the way to instant manifestation.

Do this two or three times a day, or as often as you can, and you will speed up the healing process.

Our mind is the clew, but for our mind to do the job, the brain has to be reprogrammed first.

For those of you who do not resonate with this information or are in fear, use the tool you are familiar with.

If you believe that Jesus Christ is necessary, empower him by giving him the trust, have faith and have him on your mind while manifesting.

Manifestation is not time-related so the thought has to be expressed as a confirmation, it is done.

Whatever situation you are facing, have this approach.

Calm down, focus on an image of the way you would love for this situation to unveil and manifest it with a deep breath through your heart empowering it with the love you posses as if it had already happened.

Have faith in this process for this is the secret we have not been permitted to know.

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Do not be frightened of what is happening.

Remember that all the Evil has to manifest first before it can be erased.

I was also shown that Donald J. Trump is the grandmaster of deception who is trying to save the Evil by exposing the sacrificial lambs.

The sacrificial lambs are the demons of the Demoncratic party and all of those who are fighting him. They form a big part of worlds evil so you can see now, how the whole system will implode.

Trump is protecting the nest of Evil and he is being exposed.

Jews will free themselves. Zionism will fall.

I saw him being eviscerated.

These are the beginnings of the New World.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your assistance and be sure, Mother Earth is thanking you as well.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek