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  Weight loss, the medical solution to healthy living.




  Weight loss, the medical solution to healthy living.

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As doctors are warning their patients of the health dangers that obesity brings, people are looking for a way to lose weight but they look for help in all the wrong places.

People are being confused by the information they receive.

Most of us would love to continue doing things as usual and achieve the wanted results but this is impossible.

It is obvious that we cannot lose weight doing things the same way which has increased our weight.

The medical/pharmaceutical establishments are aware of it and instead of telling the truth, they look for ways to drain us of our money (this definitely makes us lighter) by selling us treatments that will harm our health and bring us just a temporary results of weight-loss while at the same time making us sicker by increasing out toxic load.

The first lie comes from the mouth of the health professional who claims that the reason you are sick is your obesity.

Being overweight does not cause any harm to the body, but yet, all overweight people will sooner or later show symptoms of chronic health deterioration.

Why is that?

We are being told that obesity will cause diabetes an yet, the new studies are showing that as the rate of obesity is rising, the number of new cases of diabetes is declining:


Those Globalists who are involved in manipulating the information we are given through schools and media know very well where lies the truth but they are purposefully hiding it from us and feeding us more lies daily.

We are not getting sick because we are overweight.

We are becoming sick because we eat toxic garbage that is promoted to us as food, and more of it we eat, the fetter we become. At the same time, the more we eat, the more toxic we become and as the result of this are all of the health problems that we experience.

Through my articles, I am showing you how our body is designed to adapt to its environment through its gene expression.

As our cells change the way they behave to accommodate themselves to the new (toxic) environment, they fall out of synchronism and become unable to perform many tasks which they in "normal" conditions do flawlessly.

Every gene adjustment that adjusts the cell to some toxic frequency at the same time because it has changed its resonance, is stimulating the cell to behave differently. This is why we are told that the human body has more than 2000 genetic errors which we do not encounter in wild animals.

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Those genetic errors are not the errors of our creator.

All of those errors are created by the poisons we are being told is our food which forces gene adaptation so that the cell and the body can survive.

As we know, surviving is not living.

Surviving is existing with health problems, pain, and short life.

Since we are awakening, the Globalists are tweaking their message.

Now they say, "there is nothing wrong with the fast-food as long as you ease on the soda and the sauce and toppings.":


Basically, what they are saying is, just keep eating this toxic garbage slightly differently and you will be fine.

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In other words, there is nothing wrong eating french fries, bread, and Pringles, as long as you do not overdo it and get fat on it because as the good doctor is repeating, the obesity is what makes you sick.

Just look what has happened to a teenager whose diet was based on fast-food starches:


In my books and through many of my articles I explain that becoming heavy on the "food of God" will maintain us healthy.

The problem is not obesity, the problem is the processed junk that is paraded as our food:


Since our doctors have no clue about how the human body works and blindly follow the script that the industry writes for them, obesity is blamed for our health issues and as soon as we can decrease our weight, we are told that we are going to feel "better".

Mind you, even those medical parrots are aware that losing weight will not heal you. At best, it will make you feel better.

Since the only objective of the doctor is to lower our weight, all kinds of idiotic and for our health dangerous schemes are concocted.

The latest one is, manipulating our weight through the gene expression. A skinny gene is promoted as the solution to losing weight:


Eat the garbage and pay us to insert a skinny gene into your body and all will be good.

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If the gene therapy is too costly, cheaper solution is here and it is called Saxenda.

Saxenda is similar to a hormone that occurs naturally in the body and helps control blood sugar, insulin levels, and digestion. It is an injectable prescription medicine that may help some obese adults or overweight adults, who also have weight-related medical problems, to lose weight.

Well, if you believe that this is the solution to your troubles, you are as lost as your doctors are.

There is only one thing that we have to do and all our health problems will be resolved and the obesity will disappear and that is to return to our correct diet.

Since we are living with lies about our diet for thousands of years the best way to learn how to eat correctly is to mimic animals in the wilderness.

Animals eat their food the way they find it and this is why I call it the "food of God".

How the creator served it, this is how they eat it.

Our digestive system is a digestion of omnivore.

The bear is an omnivore. What does the bear eat in the wild?

Do not start with the berries. They provide O energy.

Brown bear eating meat stock photo. Image of nordic ...

I wrote about it million times so read about it in my book or in some of the many articles on this thematic I wrote.

The important thing for you to realize is that cutting down on the amount of the food you eat and losing weight will not make you any healthier.

Changing your diet, no matter the amount of food you eat, will.

More and more people are realizing the truth.

Check out what this Belgian doctor is saying about vegetarianism:


Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek