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   What kind of food to stock for emergency?




   What kind of food to stock for emergency?

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There is no doubt that we have entered the eye of the change and the most turbulent days are to commence.

It is wise to prepare as there will be a problem of movement.

The food, medicine, and above all the water may not be readily available during this time.

Make sure that you have big enough supply of water for drinking and for cleaning purposes. Maintain your bathtub full of water, and have plenty of bottled water available.

Make sure that you have several bags of a Celtic sea salt in the house.

There are several companies selling prepackaged foods for emergency situation but for most people they are toxic and dangerous.


Because many people are diabetics or have digestive issues and the common long lasting foods are based on grains, legumes, and nuts.

This is because this type of “food” is dry and long lasting so there is no need to refrigerate it.

We call it a food which it is not. It is a toxic food but in an emergency, it will do for some people, those who are younger and healthier.

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So if you are a diabetic, or if you have irritable colon or other digestive issues, or if you simply want the healthiest choice, than this kind of food is not to be stored.

The correct food to store is the one that is based on the animal products.

The best animal product with the highest caloric value and long shelf life that does not have to be refrigerated or dehydrated is melted animal fat.

Fried pork rinds (cvarci, chicharon..) is an excellent emergency energy supply. Salt them up with sea salt and a few grams a day will maintain you in a good shape for a while.

Jars of pork, chicken, and a duck fat are easily kept for a long time. You can immerse a cooked meat into this fat and it will remain good for a long time without the need of refrigeration.

Animal fats you can salt with sea salt, and they are excellent source of energy.

Remember, when you are fasting, you feel great and your cells are being nourished with exactly this type of energy source.

Get some canned tuna, sardines, but above all, stock on cans of cod liver. It is delicious and packed with calories.

Canned duck in a duck fat, Confit de Canard as the French call it, is a delicious stuff and very healthy.

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Beef jerky and dry salami, bacon, presuto, dry sausages, dry meat of any kind including fish.

Eggs, but keep them in cool and dark place. Eat them first because they will not last long.

As an emergency, in a case that you run out of meat and fat, have some brown rice as this is the least harmful of the starches.

If you are a diabetic, after 3 weeks of eating only animal fats an meat your sugar absorption will drop low enough that you will be able to eat some rice without rising your blood sugar to dangerous levels.

Also, remember that if you are a diabetic and medicated, stop taking pills as soon as you stop eating starches otherwise you will become hypoglycemic.

If you are shooting insulin, check the sugar levels of your blood before injecting yourself, and use only a half dosage of what you would be using in normal circumstances.

This kind of diet will start healing your diabetes and within 3 weeks, you will use no more insulin.

If you are going to feed yourself with this type of food for a couple of weeks, your health will greatly improve. The emergency may have a good effect on you, my brother/sister.

Animal fats do have fat soluble vitamins so no vitamin supplementation is necessary.

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If you do not have an adequate supply of a drinking water, I suggest that you drink your urine and use your drinking water sporadically. This may save your life.

Do not drink urine of another family member because this would be counter productive. You would be poisoning yourself and more water would be necessary to flush you out.

If you suffer from some chronic pain, start drinking water with sea salt and hydrate. This will get rid of the pain but if you can, stock on some painkillers while they are still available.

Avoid stocking coffee, tea, alcohol, and cigarettes,garlic, and ginger because they all trigger the diuretic effect and they will dehydrate you. You will be forced to consume more water which is not a good idea in a given situation.

Do not stock on any cereals, chocolates, pretzels, and power bars as they are all loaded with the dietary glucose, they are low on energy (in comparison to fats) and they increase thirst.

Keep in mind that your electricity and gas may be turned off and if you stock the way I have suggested, you have nothing to worry about.

Have nanoparticle colloidal silver available as the ultimate disinfectant and “antibiotic”.

Eating in this way will make you more resilient to infections including viral such as the corona virus. Scientist are just starting to discover what all of the followers of my work know for a long time:

As you can see, there is no emergency food supplier that is providing the real emergency food, so you are on your own. Make a list and get plenty of animal fats and meat. Make your own supply and you have nothing to worry about.

Since we are being bombarded with viruses as a bio-weapons, here is the most potent antiviral solution known to man and this is a specific plasma made from a combination of two potent GANS elements.

I have made it myself an I will be giving it to my friends and neighbors so that they can protect themselves.

This plasma product is not light sensitive so it can be sprayed on things that are exposed to the sunlight and maintain its efficacy.

This is really easy and fast to make and works like a charm.

This is my production in progress.

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Love and light to us all.

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