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   In desperation to prove their relevance, "scientists" demonstrate their incompetence.




   In desperation to prove their relevance, "scientists" demonstrate their incompetence.

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We are definitely witnessing the dissipation of the old system as the new reality emerges.
As President Donald J. Trump is saying, "do not interfere with the system that is in the process of destroying itself", the same could be said also about medical science. 
Unfortunately, in both cases, many innocent people are getting caught in the process.
In desperation to save itself, and realizing that it is all over for them, the dark forces are trying to destroy as many lives as possible.
Among other things, biological weapons are released everywhere. 
Even in a small country like Monte Negro, people on the seashore are fallen ill to some not identified virus which has been spread into Croatia as well.
The same, like everywhere else, the vaccination is recommended as doctors are completely lost not knowing what to do.
Are we being surprised?

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Do doctors know anything at all that can benefit human health other than drugging and temporary emergency stabilizing treatments?

Well, let us have a brief look at what the top medical scientists have discovered lately through their heavily funded research.

52.000 man from all over the world were included in a study that concluded that problems related to their work are the reason for their impotence.

I do not want to waste my time debunking this garbage study and wasted money, you can read about it here:


This study, just shows you that doctors have no clue about the impact of stress on the cellular dehydration and consequences it brings to the overall health of their patients.

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The estimated morons can now make a worldwide study about diabetics and come to the same conclusion about impotence.

Then they can make a study about smokers and the results will be the same.

Then a worldwide study about alcohol users will bring the same result.

What a disaster.

After all of those studies, they will be more confused than ever before because no "prominent" scientist, and prominent means the one that is heavily advertised to the public and the scientific catedra of ego inflated baboons, have no capacity to think and connect the dots.

If it is not spelled to them, they do not understand it.

Such behavior is a product of the indoctrination we call the schooling system.

The more "educated" one is, the more false information it possesses but the ego grows exponentially.

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How about this jewel?


The Gods of the scientific world are on the brink of discovering the cause of insomnia.

It is a gene-related, they say.

What a discovery.

Everyone familiar with my work or the work of a genius Bruce Lipton understands that every aspect of our health is genetically influenced.

No cellular action is performed without the genetic input and the gene action that scientists call the genetic expression or genome changes a billion times a second with every minor change of the environment.

It is to be expected that the people who are living in the same environment will have the same genome and that-fore the same health issues.

This is just to difficult for a brainwashed scientist to understand.

And if you think that there's an end to stupidity, this will convince you otherwise:


The prominent baboons are blaming the heart disease on the evolution of mankind.

Ain't that something.

The Evolution On UnderwearsHeart attack

This is worth the Nobel Price from the same committee that gave one to Obamer.

People involved in those studies are the "cream de la cream" of the scientific world, according to the media because they do important work to save lives.

Articles about important discoveries are flooding the News.

New York Times is loaded with such important information. No wonder they are going under.

Fortunately, people are waking up.

Those of us who know less, are more likely to chose a better solution.

This is demonstrated by a surfer who after he was bitten by a shark, instead of going to the doctor, went to a bar.


He had realized that getting drunk will lower his pain and create less damage to his health than the doctor would ever do.

We are witnessing the destruction of the medical/pharmaceutical industry.

All systems and by this I mean the political, the financial and the medical/pharmaceutical systems are crumbling at the same time.

What a wonderful time to be alive.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek