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  How can you protect yourself from the biological and chemical assault that was launched on the human race?




  How can you protect yourself from the biological and chemical assault that was launched on the human race?

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Frequently I am being asked a question that seemingly has no positive answer.

"Darko, you have shown us how to cleanse our blood, our cells, and our emotions, but how can we protect ourselves from biological warfare, from radiation, from microwave energy especially the 5G disaster?"

The news is full of tragedy.

On top of all of this comes the uncontrollable migration. Migrants are being used as guinea pigs to spread diseases. They are being paid and encouraged to enter developed countries so that the destruction of the advanced society can be achieved.

New vaccines are manufactured and people are being influenced by their doctors, the media, through movies, and above all the "miseducational" schooling system to line up and take them.

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I always point that as long as there is plenty of water and minerals in the body, the body will cleanse itself, but there is another way more powerful way we can cleanse and block those bad energies from affecting us.

This is done through the placebo effect.

Schools, media, and the medical system are using the nocebo effect. Buy scaring us into submission and also as soon as we feel something wrong with our body, and we did not do what the doctor has said, we feel that by not listening and obeying, we have endangered our health.

We actually manifest the problem we have been told that will happen if we do not follow the instructions. We become so preoccupied with the guilt of not following the instruction that we influence the manifestation of what we fear.

Doctors are instructed to tell you right of bath that the growth you have could be cancer. No wonder that we manifest it.

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This is the reason why news is full of negativity. It is working on our mind to manifest disease.

Stop reading the newspaper and stop watching Tel a lie Vision and very quickly you will notice that the world is not such a bad place after all.

I have mentioned in my book and in some of my articles that when a test was done with people of various health issues being divided into two groups. One was given it prescription medication and the other group was given a placebo pill.

The group that was unknowing to them using the placebo pills had a better rate of health improvement than the group that was actually medicated.

This should tell us that the medication is toxic and does not contribute to the healing process in most cases.

Now how does this placebo effect really works?

When we are given the medicine, we are explained why we need it and what it will do.

Since medicinal elements are toxic, often no improvement can be achieved and we end up consuming painkillers since the heavily toxic body starts crying for water and minerals so that it can cleanse itself.

When we are given the non-medicinal bogus pill but we are being told what this pill will do for us, we start manifesting haling since we are expecting for the healing to take the place.

Since we are not being poisoned with medicinal toxins, our body can actually do its work and heal itself.

The more we believe, the faster we heal.

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Very often, just stopping being preoccupied with a disease we were told we have, is enough for the healing to take the place.

There are numerous examples of people with stage four cancer who were given four months to live, they decided to cash everything and for the rest of their life do what they have always wanted to do.

After four months, they were cancer free.

Now how does this actually work?

Our manipulated science does not understand it. The reason for this is the separation of the spirit, the mind, and the body.

I was told that I am losing readers when I start mumbling about the quantum mechanics, but without it, the nocebo and the placebo effects cannot be explained.

Last night I could not sleep. I was being drilled by my spirit about the message that I have to give because there are some people that have to hear it from me.

This knowledge is necessary because as we can use it to heal ourselves, we can prevent harmful elements from destroying our body

Since I am too tired now, I will write about it next time.

For those of you who do not want to hear it, skip the next article.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek