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  The easiest way to control your weight.




  The easiest way to control your weight.

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After seeing some articles that were sent to me I decided that I have to address this question again.

Why is losing extra weight such a struggle for the great majority of people?

What is the reason for the extra weight to return and then some?

Why most people become discouraged and never succeed trimming their weigh down?

Those are the most common question I have been asked about weight loss.

One of the most ridiculous weight loss systems that I have ever encounter is, losing weight on a beer diet.


Most diets prohibit beer and alcohol drinking during their program so how can beer make you lose weight? Beer is alcohol and alcohol is fermented sugar, this means it has calories.

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To address this topic properly, first I want to explain again what is making us fat and why.

When we eat correctly, our cells use triglyceride (fat) as their fuel. Since the conversion of fat into ATP (energy unit) is a slow process, every cell depending on its needs for energy will have a large number of mitochondria to be able to supply the necessary amount of energy.

The fat that we eat will be absorbed, repackaged into triglyceride and send to the cells as energy supply. If the cells do not require more energy, the remaining triglyceride will be stored into the adipose tissue to be used as a reserve fuel in times when we do not eat and the energy is necessary.

During the energy production process within the mitochondria, triglyceride is first stripped of the glycerol and only the fatty acids are being used.

Some fatty acids are transformed into ketone bodies because the mitochondria can make energy from ketone much faster. This is why when cells are functioning correctly, ketone bodies are always present within the cells. As less energy is needed, ketone bodies start to accumulate and become expelled into the blood. The more ketone is in the blood, the less we want to eat. Hunger becomes suppressed.

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When we reprogram our cells to use glucose(starch/sugar) as their fuel, things change drastically.

The glucose produces energy in mitochondria very fast so to control the energy production and prevent overcharging, cells are forced to deactivate some mitochondria.

The more glucose becomes available, and more often we eat it, the lesser will be the number of active mitochondria.

This is now becoming a problem because lower is the active mitochondrial count in our cells, the more debilitating is the energy production from fat.

So what happens is that when we eat, our cells become energized and since we eat multiple times a day and we eat more than what the cells require, the sugar level in the blood rises.

Since our body has no sugar storage, something has to be done with this glucose.

Now the liver comes into rescue and converts the glucose into fat and uric acid.

Since there was a lot of glucose, the liver produces a lot of fat and has no time to release it all to be deposited into the adipose tissue so the liver becomes loaded with fat itself. Every obese person has a fatty liver.

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When we eat dietary glucose (starches), we produce fat all the time which our body cannot use when it is adjusted to use glucose so we become fatter and fatter.

Now we will see what dietitians recommend for us to do to lose weight.

Most diets geared for fat-loss are all about calorie counting.

We are being told that to lose weight we have to use more calories than what we eat.

This is very difficult to do when our cells run on glucose.

When you exercise you use energy so your cells have to produce more of it. You are told to eat less but your cells are calibrated for glucose.

You will exercise, your cells spend the energy and have to make new but they are looking for glucose. Your body has no glucose reserves other than glycogen which requires a steroid to activate it. Since you are not in stress, the glucose from the glycogen is not available and your cells have not enough mitochondria active to use triglyceride that is available. What happens is starvation for energy, consequent stress, and glycogen release and state of hypoglycemia but fat deposits are not even touched since there are no mitochondria available to process it.

No wonder that you cannot lose any weight, but what you will lose is the water as you sweat while working out.

The loss of water is what causes the initial weight-loss on which all dieting plans count on and pride themselves on the success of lowering the weight.

Many weight-loss programs include drinks that are toxic and trigger diuretic effect exactly for this purpose.

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Vegetarian weight-loss programs trigger diuretic effect as well through the plant toxicity.

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Now you can understand why if you are drinking and eating nothing but beer, you will lose weight. You will become extremely dehydrated since alcohol is a diuretic.

By losing water, the body cannot cleanse itself so the toxic load starts to increase and our health worsens.

All weight-loss programs that are based on caloric count are actually starving the body and very few people can take it.

This is why, when the food becomes available, our body wants to prepare itself for another starvation and starts to deposit as much fat as possible.

Once the food is not available for 24 hours, cells will start activating more mitochondria and within 72 hours they will be able to produce all of the required energy utilizing fat. By using fat as the energy source, we start to lose weight.

Starving will not reprogram cells, and no benefit is gained by it.

The absence of dietary glucose will do the trick.

This means that there is no need to starve the body in order to lose weight.

All we have to do is to dump dietary glucose from our diet.

This will reprogram our cells and we are going to use the fat for energy production without having to starve ourselves and without having to sweat in the gym.

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This is very simple to understand but it is to difficult to do if you believe that you cannot survive without the consumption of starches which we are constantly being told by our "experts", and our spiritual "gurus" who claim that to raise our energy we have to stop eating meat.

None of those things are true. They are the result of our brains programming through what we hear and are told. Since this is what our brain is familiar with, this is what it will cling onto.

Of course, if you have nothing but beer, first you will dehydrate and as the supply of dietary carbohydrates drops, slowly some of the mitochondria will be activated and the body will start using more fat.

Being tipsy, having the action of neurons suppressed by the alcohol, we do not feel hungry and as we dry out, we also start to use more fat for energy production and finally there will be also some weight-loss but at what cost?

Chronic drunks are often skinny as their hunger is suppressed but they are severely dehydrated and toxic.

Through many of my articles, I explain the dangers of dehydration so using beer for the purpose of weight-loss is a stupid thing to do.

If you are battling with your weight, give me a shout and I will lead you to a new you, rapidly and painlessly.

Love and light to us all.

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