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  The emotional aspect of our life.




  The emotional aspect of our life.

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More and more healers agree that in order to heal, we have to address the emotional state of the person.

Before we try to explain the connection between emotion and health, first we have to know a bit more about what is emotion.

We can find many definitions explaining what is emotion but none of them touches the core reason, source, and purpose of it.

Emotion is a mind's response to an experience. It is an energy frequency that is formed as a result of experience.

Since our brain can replicate any frequency with which it is familiar, once it had a particular experience, it can replicate the emotional aspect of it in the future without having to go through this experience all over again.

On the other side, if the brain did not have an experience, it cannot create the emotional aspect of it so it cannot replicate it in the future.

I have been mentioning in many of my articles that the reason of our materialistic experience is so that the spirit can experience the emotion.

Since our mind is a product of our brains physicality and the emotion is the product of our mind, emotion cannot be manifested without our physicality.

Like everything else, the emotion is nothing more than an energy in particular frequency but it is not manifested by light so we do not see it as a physical, materialistic thing, but we cannot deny its existence because we are very well aware of it.

We do not cry just because we feel like it. There is an emotional factor behind it as it is behind all the things that we experience.

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Recollecting past experiences will trigger the same emotions to bubble up.

Since emotion is a product of the brain, it is closely related to fear. The brain ( mind) fears every change that it is not familiar with. Anything new scares it.

Since our brain controls all organs in our body, any energetic disturbance of the brain will be reflected on the way the organs will manifest themselves.

Since every emotion is the result of a different experience, different frequency is involved and different organ will be affected by it.

The power of emotion is very well known to the Illuminate and they use it to suppress us and to control us.

They do it by making us aware of tragedy and diseases but they have forgotten that what we did not experience we cannot perceive as an emotion so we do not manifest it easily. This is why they use vaccines to actually spread the diseases and to create the collective manifestation, the 100 monkey effect.

Since through the emotion, we can bring back the experience, and by recollecting the experience we can easily be made to manifest it all over again, it is a great way to keep us locked in the same reality.

Remember that what we visualize and our brain can make sense of, is easy to believe (faith) so it is very easy to manifest as reality because our brain expects it to be this way.

Now you can understand why is the news full of tragedy.

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Open any newspaper and all that you see are negative things.

Diseases are all over the place.

To make more impact, every little outbreak is classified as a pandemic just so that it has a stronger impact on our brain.

Lately, even this is not enough so now we are told that many diseases have no cure as they are antibiotic resistant.

Not just antibiotic resistant but resistant to any medication as it is the case with the new fungus outbreak in hospitals in the USA. A doomsday, the end-times, the inevitable destruction of humans and the entire planet Earth.

The organized religion purpose is to perpetuate such information. All for the reason of manifestation.

We had been told about this through the Bible so our brain is familiar with this concept, it can understand it so it can easily manifest it but it is not happening. Why?

Diseases are spread intentionally so that vaccination can be enforced. Since we are not manifesting we have no further purpose as the Illuminate are concerned so they want us dead. Vaccines are created to make us sick.

People who are vaccinated succumb to the same disease that they were vaccinated against


One toxic jab is not enough to do this job, now we are told that we need two of those. So hurry up, do not wait, get your next "lifesaving" jab!!!

Image result for royalty free images of vaccinated childrenA killer in action.

Everyone has to be jabbed or you cannot be seen in public. If you do, you will be arrested.

A true Gestapo politic which is executed through your elected politicians and it is based on false information we tend to call the science.

Here, I am showing you how the emotion of fear is used to keep us compliant.

Now you can be more aware of the power of emotion and how it influences our lives in a variety of different ways.

First, it draws energy from the brain and causes problems in supplying the energy to the cells of our organs. Creates diseases.

Second, it prevents us from doing things that we would like to experience because it gives us fear.

Third, because it is a vital part of manifestation, it is being used against us, to create fear and keep us compliant.

Fourth, it prevents us to get in contact with the extraterrestrial life because they do not understand this thing we call emotion. They see it as increased radiation of energy and since we are violent race, the extraterrestrials immediately go into defense as we get excited.

For all of the reasons mentioned above, we have to control our emotions but this is easier said than done.

Controlling your emotion= mastering yourself.

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There is one emotion which is not related to the brain and this emotion is called love.

Love is an emotion of the heart and the heart is singularity towards which we all strive.

The time has come my dear family to go back into the heart. It is the time to leave the duality of the brain and all of the emotions that come from it and go back into the oneness of the heart.

Can we do this?

Not only that we can do it, we are doing it right now, slowly step by step and our world is changing with it.

Those who are awake can clearly see it so if you had enough of the lies and deceits, join us. Stop reading the newspapers, watching the Tel a lie Vision, the movies of doom and destruction, the noise that is the modern music with lyrics of hate and division.

We have crossed the bridge, we have made it. Nothing can stop us now.

We are building the new world into an experience of unity and bliss.

To be able to prosper in this new world we have to be able to control our emotions.

We are being shown how we are creating the new life through the instant manifestation and to do this it is crucial that we control our emotions, and to control our thoughts.

Just think, if you can manifest instantly what you think what would be the implication of hearing a sound in the dark?

If whatever first comes to your mind manifests as your reality, what would happen?

When your brain is full of thoughts of disease, of death and suffering, of crime and deceit, the first thing you would think of would be a zombie attacking you. This would become your reality, you would then manifest a gun to defend yourself but the zombie cannot be killed. Your reality would become a hell.

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Stop watching such movies and as you can see, this is all that Hollywood is producing lately. This is all that is broadcasted in the news. Stop complying. Get yourself out of there. It is all fake and untrue.

Since many people are still asleep, we are going to have to use the same methods of the Illuminate to help to awaken those who refuse to change.

There will be more and more articles like this one you are reading now, more and more independent films and broadcasts promoting the new world, harmony, cooperation, and love.

There is plenty of it available now. Just switch the channel, flip the switch and join us.

We are starting to use the same tools of our oppressors but we are going to start broadcasting the truth.

Just look at what is happening in politics. The house of cards is falling down.

Love and light to us all.

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