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   LOST IN SCIENCE-does milk make our bones stronger?




   LOST IN SCIENCE-does milk make our bones stronger?


Recently, Mark sent me an article which elaborates about whether the milk benefits the strength of our bones, or not. It even questions if there is any benefit to drinking milk?


This does not surprise me at all.

In the matter of fact, no stupidity coming out of our "cherished science" surprises me.

I am sure that such stupidity does not surprise any member of my family who follows my work.

The more awake we become, the more obvious is the infantile thinking and reasoning of those acknowledged scientists we are supposed to trust.

For example, in the article, they have mentioned a study where they follow the progress of nurses who had more than a glass of milk a day versus those who did not.

Now, based on the observation, it was concluded that no apparent difference was noticed.

It was not taken in the consideration of what eating and drinking habit those nurses had.

Did they drink coffee?

Did they drink alcohol and how much?

Did they consume carbohydrates and how many?

How much stress have they been exposed to?

Did they consume salt and what type of salt they have been using?

Have they been medicated or have they been using drugs?

What type of milk they have been consuming?.....

This is like having a bunch of cars tested which type of gasoline will make their engines last longer but their oil and coolant were never changed or revised.

When a damage to the engine occurs, there is no clear sign that will point to a particular type of gasoline because the damage was not caused by the impure fuel but by the old oil which did not lubricate the engine well, or by the lack of coolant that was never revised so the engine was running too hot.


How can you expect proper reading if the sample is compromised?

This is the problem with gathering statistics and basing our conclusion on them, and most "scientific" decisions are made in this way.

It is like blind leading a blind and proudly declaring that it did not see anything.

The milk has all the ingredients necessary for the body to grow, from the fats and sugar to the proteins, minerals, salts, enzyme, and vitamins.

Yes, I said minerals and salts.

Most people are deficient on minerals and salts and the strength of bones depends on them.

Our body needs calcium for variety of functions and the bone strength is one of them, but for the bone strength, there also have to be other minerals which mostly come into the body in the form of salts. The milk has them all.

For the calcium to be able to sediment around the collagen bone fibers, the area has to be alkalized. This job is done by the osteoblast which poor alkaline phosphatase in this spot.

People who eat a lot of carbohydrates, drink coffee or alcohol are acidifying the blood. Since the blood has to maintain its alkalinity, those buffers are commissioned from the liver and bones to neutralize the acidic effect of the food. Now there is no alkaline buffer left in the bone and the bone cannot sediment the calcium and salts making it brittle (osteopenia, osteoporosis).

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As you can see, no matter how much milk or how much calcium supplement you are going to use, it cannot be sedimented and your blood calcium level exceeds its limit and the body will excrete it out. This is why the majority of people with osteoporosis have calcium in their urine.

Here again, you can see that all studies are performed on faulty specimens so it is to be expected for the results to be inconclusive.

Although the laboratory animals also are fed the wrong diet, they are less affected with other toxic elements such as are caffeine, alcohol, medicinal remedies, and stress during experimentation so results achieved on them are different from those observed in people.

We just consume too many toxic things daily.

Here, I can also mention the alternative view pushed on us by the alternative medicine mostly related to vegetarianism that milk creates mucous in the body, and that's why it is not healthy to consume it.


Here we have a special case of mental block related to childish reasoning. I drink milk, I feel congested with a loose stool so the milk is unhealthy and bad for us to consume.

When does body produce mucus?

In the time when the blood toxicity is elevated above what the kidneys can handle so the mucous tissue takes over cleansing the blood. The blood's toxins become dissolved in mucous and expelled into the stomach, the intestine, or the respiratory tract, to then cause irritation which we call a symptom which further stimulates the body to eliminate it.

The bodies of vegetarians and vegans are very toxic on the cellular level and because those people are following the baloney science and firmly believe in it, they do not consume salt and use medicinal herbs which prevent the cellular hydration.

The toxins stay trapped within their cells, and those that are in their blood cannot be expelled since there is a lack of salts (ions). No cleansing symptoms, no signs of disease. They are "healthy" but just until the body receives what it is desperately missing and starts to cleanse.

The milk is one of those things that will trigger the cleansing process as it brings the salts and the water into their blood.

Since their blood is toxic over the limit of their kidney's ability to cleanse it, the mucous tissue is activated to do the cleansing and the toxic mucous start pouring out of them.


Welcome to the awakening, my family. Open your eyes and your brain to this new knowledge and help yourselves.

What are the signs of disease?

They are the signs of blood's cleansing.

We are living in a very toxic environment. If you do not experience the symptoms of flu occasionally, then you are not cleansing, which means that you are becoming more and more toxic as time goes on. The day will come when the toxic load becomes critical and your body will collapse.

Please, read this once more carefully and think about what I am saying.

Unfortunately, the brainwashing of our schools did a great job and vegans and vegetarians are similarly to progressive socialists and Democrats, incapable of reasoning.

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It is on us my awakened family to spread the truth and open their eyes. Where we fail, our extraterrestrial family will help otherwise many lives will be lost to ignorance.

Now for those who are ready for some quantum science.

My frequency of consciousness represented in the alpha brain-waves frequency is rising. First went from 7.83 Hz to 8 then 13, then 15 and now is peeking to 20 Hz but not anchored there yet.

The frequency of 20 Hz is indicating the fourth density but to reach the fifth density and the ability of the instant manifestation we have to reach a frequency of 40 Hz.

With this, we are going to be assisted by our extraterrestrial family in the form of white light.

Check the Earths Schuman frequency daily and you will notice that we are receiving very strong impulses these days.


We are getting zapped. Nothing can stop us now.

Love and "light" for us all.

I love you unconditionally.

By darkovelcek

    One comment on " LOST IN SCIENCE-does milk make our bones stronger?"

Simon de Boer
2019-04-30 21:29:59
Brother Darko I must be missing something , how do you measure this frequency or is this faith in quantum understanding, truth be told I feel great and am dreaming more than in the past but dont know if that has anything to do with this . you sta
2019-05-01 00:04:04

  Simon, your innate know your frequency so ask and it will tell you. Since I still cannot communicate directly with my innate, I use muscle tension and dousing to extract the answer from my innate. Write on a piece of paper frequencies 7.83, 13, 15, 20, 24, 30, 35 and 40. Imagine that those numbers represent the alpha brain waves of your brain and ask, am I resonating in 7.83 Hz. Place pendulum above this number and see in which direction is the pendulum moving. Repeat this until you reach the number where the pendulum does not react or it swings in the opposite direction. Before you start, hold the pendulum above your palm and ask, give me my yes. Se in which direction the pendulum swings. Then repeat the same asking for no. When you know on what side the pendulum swings when the answer is yes, you can proceed with your task, brother.

2019-05-01 00:06:16

  Simon, and yes. Dreaming more and having more vivid dreams is one of the sighs that you are changing and raising your frequency.

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