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Most people as they age become forgetful. Our medical science has accepted that fact as something normal, something to be expected as a part of our aging process. Our science takes in the consideration of statistics as the norm and any deviation from this norm is considered an extraordinary circumstance. So if you happen to be 100 years old and you still have a good memory and clarity of thoughts you are considered to be lucky or a miracle.

The question is are those old and sane people lucky or miracles of nature, or are the rest of us having a health issue expressed in dementia?
If in doubt, we can always look to nature and observe wild animals.

What do we notice when observing animals in their natural environment?

First, we cannot distinguish the old animal from the younger one. As the herd goes, all the animals look to be healthy. They are alert and respond to their environment the same way. They all run at the same speed. There are no differences in their agility and endurance. They have no problem in determining what their food is, where to find their water and how to sense danger.  They do not get lost. The old birds just the same as the young ones will follow magnetic impulses during their migration and will get to the same place regardless of their age. It seems that the only animal that has a problem with memory, orientation and recognition as they age are humans.

This is why we have to reject the “scientifically established medical norm” we are labelled with by our health “experts”. Losing our marbles is not a normal thing that happens as we age.

Dementia cartoons, Dementia cartoon, funny, Dementia picture, Dementia pictures, Dementia image, Dementia images, Dementia illustration, Dementia illustrations

Immediately the question springs to mind – so why are the great majority of people suffering from deteriorating mental health as they age?
The answer is very simple for everyone who is following this blog site. It all comes down to the wrong food and toxicity.

We must not forget that neurons are nerve cells. Since they are cells of our body, they will be affected by the environment of our body in the same way as our muscles, blood vessels or cells of our organs will. The same things that dehydrate and acidify those cells will dehydrate and acidify neurons as well.  So why are we even surprised when we become forgetful or lose concentration? Our eyesight has deteriorated, our joints ache, we have indigestion and hypertension, so why are we surprised that we cannot remember what we ate yesterday?

Many alternative medicine sites have just the thing you need to help your brain to remember and stay alert and focused. Just drink this juice, or take this supplement and you will be fine. That is a crock of s##t if you ask me!  If we do not change our diet and detoxify our blood, we cannot achieve any improvement as far as brain health is concerned.

For the brain to function normally, energy has to be readily available since the brain uses a lot of it to be able to transmit thoughts. In addition to this, the brain supplies energy to other organs and in this way coordinates their action.  Any lack of energy will have a wide range of consequences and the way that we are told to eat makes a steady energy supply to the brain an impossibility.

Yes, most of the energy the brain uses comes from the heart but because of the program, we must obey we still need 30 % of the energy to be supplied through the food we eat. If this food is saturated fat and protein there is no problem. Neurons will maintain great numbers of mitochondria active and the supply of energy will not be interrupted no matter if we had the time to eat or not.  Our fat will provide the necessary triglyceride the mitochondria need to produce the required energy.
The same as in the cells of other organs and tissues, the problem starts when the body is flooded with glucose.
When neurons are exposed to glucose they will do the same as the cells in the rest of the body. They will start to deactivate mitochondria to protect neurons from overcharging. The more we are glucose dependent, the less active the mitochondria remain within each neuron.

A neuron with a small number of active mitochondria will produce an adequate amount of energy when glucose is supplied, but this only happens during and immediately after we eat since our body cannot store glucose and release it when glucose is needed.  This also means that our brain will have plenty of energy during our meal and about one hour from the time we ate.

If we do not eat again after an hour and a half, the neuron has depleted the energy and the only fuel the body can send is triglyceride.  Since there is a small number of active mitochondria remaining in the neurons they cannot produce a sufficient amount of energy and the brain starts starving for energy.  We lose concentration, we become tired, exhausted and headaches may occur. Everybody has experienced those symptoms as we all eat the wrong foods.

Now if you add to this a low-fat diet and statin drugs that prevent cholesterol formation, the neurons cannot repair their membranes and their myelin so their electrical insulation gets thin causing the electric leaks that express themselves in some people as the tremors we call Parkinson’s disease.

Under the influence of constant insulin irritation and inability to reinforce their membranes, or simply by making their membranes too dense, neurons become deprived of insulin and now they cannot even produce energy from glucose. This can result in Alzheimer’s disease, but there are many other aspects that contribute to this disease.  In any case, glucose creates tremendous problems to the proper functioning of the brain.

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This constant lack of energy in the brain makes us moody, irritable and unstable on the one hand and drowsy and depressed on the other.  Lately, the scientists are pointing to the small active mitochondria within the neurons and agree that there lies the answer for many problems related to the brain activity and they are trying to figure out how to stimulate mitochondrial activation. Scientists simply cannot believe that dietary glucose is connected to this problem. I have proven this on many clients and there is no doubt that dietary glucose is the culprit.

Since animals in the wild do not have access to dietary carbohydrates, they do not show any problems related to dementia.
So if you have been told that you have age-related dementia problems just read my book and follow the Self Healer’s Protocol and you will heal yourself. If you are presently on some medical poisons (medication) then contact me first before you start the protocol because there is no health recovery if medicaments are being used.

Love and light to us all.

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