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  Breaking the chains




  Breaking the chains

The past Saturday night a huge event happened and this article is going to reveal the most important information that humanity has to know in this time of the transition.

We are going to be talking about our reality.

What is this reality, what is the freedom to chose, and the mechanism with which we are being controlled and kept prisoners?

In the end, I will relay the message I was given that will help many to save their lives during this event.

If you are wondering what is this event?

The event is the moment when we are going to break the chain of enslavement and regain full control over our brain which means our manifestation which ultimately means our reality.

This is a very complex subject and I was drilled on it the whole night. I hope that I will be able to present it in the way for everyone to understand.

Here we go.

Our brain is designed to create an experience of "reality" through which the spirit (Creator, God, Allah, Jehovah...) can have fun and experience emotions.

Originally, the brain was given a program that was fixed. It was a program of unity and cooperation.

One can look at it as if every brain is a cell of the same body. They have to work in unison so that the body can function properly, and they are controlled from the same center.

The body we can refer to as being the body of our creator.

Then, our creator decided to have more fun and allowed those cells (the brain) to make its own decisions. It gave brain freedom of choice. Now the brain was given its own mind and it was given the choice to follow the program of unity or to follow the individual mind. This mind we call the ego.

In the beginning, it was all good because the mind was connected with the central control of the creator and just experimented in small events but then a huge change has happened.

An extraterrestrial group came and saw the opportunity to corrupt the free mind and use it for their own benefit.

The Bible calls them the Nephilim, the fallen angels, or the gods. We call them the Anunnaki.

Those beings poisoned our brain utilizing the food (glucose) and applied new brain programming through which they created guided manifestation.

Since that time, we have been in a prison, incapable of controlling what we manifest, and our reality gradually became more and more violent and wicked.

Here is how the brain functions and how our "reality" is created.

When we are born, our brain is controlled by the reptilian part which is the basic brain designed as a part of the whole, a unity. The frontal lobe is empty and this is the part that is designed to bring us the freedom of choice but it has to be adjusted first to the existing reality of which it is a part of.

So a baby can live but it needs to be taken care off until the frontal brain installs the programs that will allow it to function in this "reality" in making.

Whatever information the new developing brain absorbs, becomes a filter to the rest because this is what the computer thinks is the truth.

This is how it works.

Everything that you experience is recorded as an image. When we look, our vision is full of details but we remember only what we have been focusing on.

When you look, you see your friend, you see the whole space around you but you remember only the things you've focused on, for example, the eyes, the mouth, the smile of your friend but you cannot remember even if you try, the color of her eyes, or the shoes she wore, or the hairstyle...

When you relax and close your eyes, as soon as you calm down, thoughts start emerging. Those thoughts are actually the imprints of the images you had experienced but again what you are aware of is the parts that you have been focusing on and you do not recall the rest.

Your brain is projecting the images and your mind is creating the desired outcome utilizing the information of your brain through those stored images.

The brain can only project the images it had stored, it calculates the most likely probability and it projects it outwards and this is what we see and call our reality.

Although the brain had captured many details, it only projects those images that stand out and those are the images you have been focusing on, they are the most likely to be used as your reality.

Of course, they have to make sense to your brain's program and the brain has to be convinced in their truthfulness or it will not project them. This is where faith comes in.

If you come to the point in which you have to make a decision to go one way or the other, which way you will experience depends on where you are going to focus. This does not mean that the other option is gone. If the decision was hard to make, you have been focusing on two or more things for some time and finally decided to continue focusing on one of them, the other option or options have been captured through your focus and they continue to unfold.

You have just fractioned your "reality" and now you have another to follow. Since we perceive things in a linear way, we can follow only one experience at the time in a linear fashion, but the other experience is unfolding in what we call the parallel reality.

As we follow one "reality" to the end we cal our death, we become free to put our focus on one of the other realities that we had created and we call that a reincarnation.

If something has happened to us while we were following one course of events that had scarred our body, the parallel reality will carry that mark and we are going to find it on our "reincarnated" body.

This is why when Dalai Lama dies, the priests search for a newborn child with the same marks that the Dalai Lama had because this is the same spirit on a point in which a different focus had created a new line of events and a different line of experiences is unfolding.

The mind is going to follow the most probable events shown by our brain in the form of images.

This is why the frequent presentation of particular images is going to be most likely projected by the brain and accepted by our mind and as such it will be projected and viewed as our reality.

Creating a line of repetitions is time-consuming scientists have found out that by intensifying an image, the brain immediately selects it as if it was an image on which the brain was focusing for a while.

The original design of this was intended for our spirit to introduce to us something new, or to put our focus on something that may save our lives.

You may be walking engulfed in some thought and just as you were about to step in front of a passing car, something told you to stop and to look to the left.

This something was accentuated image that your brain projected for your mind to notice and it changes the events in your life. This was a message from your spirit to save your life and allow you to continue with the current line of manifestation, but it could also start another parallel experience.

Now, scientists are using this program to change what you will manifest. They call it the flash-point imaging.

This is done by emphasizing particular things within the image you are experiencing which then will stand out and be depicted by your brain as the most bright, the most noticeable, ad the most likely thing for your brain to manifest.

Through the flash-point imaging, people are manifesting (doing) things that they would otherwise not do.

To be certain in the success of this programming, people who are predisposed and prone to this particular line of thoughts are selected and used as human robots to kill someone, to cause a disaster, or whatever they are programmed to do through this flash-point technology.

This is why we are constantly being monitored and recorded. Our images are then selected, intensified and injected into a particular situation where we are then being used as executioners and creators of events.

To be able to manifest a reality that Cabal wants us to experience, we are shown their desired reality through the movies, teachings in schools, and information through the media.

Our brain is collecting images and when we calm down, those images come in a way of thoughts that our brain manifests and those accentuated ones (through our focus, or repetition, or flash-point technology) are then projected outwards as our reality.

We are being programmed all the time and I was shown that it is impossible to come out of this situation. Many times I was put in a situation that I can change only by letting go and this is hard to do especially when you are in pain.

Letting go means to recognize your shortcomings and allow your spirit to take over.

Since everything that we call our reality is just the projection of your brain, by letting go you stop the advance of imaging in a linear fashion and allow for a change to take place.

Since our brain is bombarded by images that are controlled by someone else we cannot make conscious decision to change. The brain is designed to select from the accentuated images and the only way to stop it is by letting go.

This is why people that had an incurable disease and accepted their situation, cashed everything and decided to spend their last three months of their lives doing what they were dying to do but could not, after three months of living happily and joyfully, found themselves to be healthy again. No trace of the disease that was supposed to kill them. They have let go and changed their imaging. The new images had nothing to do with any disease and they stopped manifesting it.

Everything there is is a product of imagination, belief, and faith manifested through our brain as our reality.

There are two ways we can change this and free our minds from outside interference.

One is to shut down everything for 72 hours. This clears the brain so that it can start over from scratch.

In the past, there were 3 days of darkness where the brain was shut down and when it was restarted, a new program was used. Humanity started from scratch, stone-age.

This time we had woken up sufficiently that it would be a big waste to clear it all out so another option is given to us.

To continue without a restart, we just have to clear our brain from the interference that we are subjected to constantly. For this to happen, a total electric blackout for 72 hours has to be orchestrated.

This way, our brains will have the time to clear the implanted images without destroying the progress that we made lately and consciously we can enter the new "World" we have started to create.

Knowing this will make it easier and less scary when this blackout happens and it is very near.

You can help yourselves by stopping watching the television and advertisings. Stop watching the News and spend more time in nature observing. If you have to watch something, watch comedies but without the economic program of advertising because they are full of flash-points to control you.

Please take this seriously and save your lives. The blackout is unavoidable because a great majority of people is incapable to resist the programming. It is to far gone.

I am sorry that this article is so long but there is much more I want to disclose only it has to wait otherwise this will be a book and not an article.

Please take a moment and send love to Christine, Andrew, William&William, Werner, Patricia, and Elsa because they had to go through terrible experiences with me as this truth was revealed.

Love and light to us all

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