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  Are there benefit in drinking carbonated water?




  Are there benefit in drinking carbonated water?

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Several people have asked me lately if there are any benefits in drinking carbonated water?

My family and friends who regularly follow my work should have a pretty good idea about it but like in anything else, it is easy to be fooled by our experts and their scientific research based on some patched up studies.

Only people who have absolutely no clue about how our body works will do such a thing as dipping a tooth enamel in carbonated water to see if increased acidity created by the higher concentration of carbon dioxide will destroy it.

Right of the bat, without any hesitation, we can say that drinking carbonated water is detrimental to our health simply because it makes it more acidic.

By following my work, you have realized that the increased toxicity of our cells makes our body more acidic.

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Increased cellular acidity lowers the cellular ability to maintain the proper electric charge. CO2 has to be eliminated from our cells because its increased accumulation contributes to the cellular acidity. As our electric charge diminishes, we become more tired since the electric potential is what we call our energy level.

For the CO2 to be eliminated from our cells, the relative pressure of oxygen in our blood has to be significantly higher than the relative pressure of CO2.

One of the reasons why oxygen saturation is a beneficial therapy is the fact that higher is the relative pressure of oxygen, the more CO2 will be eliminated from our cells leaving them less acidic.

The fact is that drinking carbonated water will not make our cells more acidic by the carbonated water entering our cells directly.

The mechanism is a different one.

By drinking carbonated water, we are actually increasing the relative pressure of CO2 in the blood. You can call it a CO2 therapy.

So what is achieved by implementing CO2 therapy?

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CO2 relative pressure has increased which makes it difficult for the oxygen to push it out and replace it. This is how our cells become more acidic.

Now the so-called scientists claim that there are certain benefits from consuming carbonated water and those mentioned benefits are:

1 Helps you consume more water.

2 It can help you swallow

3 Can increase the feeling of fullness

4 May relieve constipation and indigestion

5 May improve heart health.

This are conclusions based on observation and those honorable "scientists" have no clue why are those symptoms occurring.

So let us help them out, and you will see that not one of those symptoms is actually causing any health benefit. They are all simply symptoms of our body eliminating the toxic CO2 load.

Why do people drink higher volume of carbonated drinks than not carbonated ones?

Simply, because carbonated drinks make them thirstier.

Peoples thirst increase when they drink carbonated drinks because they trigger a diuretic effect.

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The increased relative pressure of CO2 in the blood makes it more difficult of blood oxygenation to take place so the cleansing organs go into action to eliminate as much CO2 as possible utilizing blood cleansing organs.

Since increased blood toxicity puts in the action also the mucous tissue because the kidneys cannot handle such high CO2 toxic load, a lot of carbonated water will be cleansed out of the blood through the mucous tissue.

This cleansing action of the body explains several other symptoms which are referred to as the beneficial effects of drinking carbonated water, like for example "it can help you swallowing" effect.

Since the mouth and throat are part of the mucous membrane digestive tract which does the blood cleansing, more mucus is produced through which the CO2 is eliminated. This makes swallowing easier.

Since intestines are also part of the mucous digestive tract, as more mucus is created from the blood to eliminate the CO2, the more hydrated the feces become and since it holds more water, the feces become softer and easier to eliminate.

As the amount of the CO2 filled mucous increases within the digestive tract, we tend to be less hungry.

As far as the heart benefits go, one study showed that post-menopausal women who drunk sodium-rich carbonated water had a drop of cholesterol and improved heart health.

Well, the trick here is the "sodium-rich" water. As you all know by now that salt is the most important mineral source that enables blood cleansing. So the benefit is not created from carbonated water but from the high levels of sodium in it.

Doctors suffering from salt phobia would never even think of giving the benefit to the sodium when heart health is in question. They blame sodium for hypertension, water retention, and heart problems. It is the villain that has to be eliminated. There is no way to even consider it to be healthy!!! Brainwashed bozos, all I can say.

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I hope that I have explained the health "benefits" of carbonated water well enough so that you will never ever go and drink that sh** again.

Many so-called scientists say that there is no evidence that carbonated water interferes with bone health.

Increased blood acidity requires buffers to neutralize it. Those buffers come partially from bones which then are missing there when minerals have to be sedimented. This will make bones brittle.

Fortunately, not many people drink so much carbonated water that their bones will be in jeopardy but if you are one of those who do, be careful, now you know the truth so it is your call my sister/brother.

Nothing is hidden that shall not be brought to light.

Love and light to us all.

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