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  The fear factor & Health




  The fear factor & Health

In the case you wonder why is there so much tragedy in the news daily, this article will open your eyes and provide answers to many questions you may have related to what is happening right now.

I personally cannot watch any new movie that come from Hollywood.

It is all about a senseless killings, senseless wars, and pushing globalist agenda of Armageddon and suffering.

The News is all about negativity, shootings, accidents, and political fraud.

It is impossible to find an article that talks about a bright future, about positive achievements unless there is a downside to it just in the next sentence.

Did you ever wonder why?

They say that this is what sells the News.

This may be the truth but did you ever wonder why are people so fascinated with terror and death?

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What did your parents tell you when they wanted you to stay away from something?

The bogeyman will get you, or something of that character.

To keep us in fear, the church has invented the Hell, and the Devil.

In the school, the fear comes from the grades with which we are judged, at work we are in the fear of loosing the job, in love we are in the fear of loosing the loved-one, and ultimate fear comes from the though off death.

The source of all fear is the brain itself.

I have explained before that the brain is just a sophisticated computer so how can it produce fear?

The brain is part of our physicality and its purpose is to convert energy into an experience of a multidimensional sensation we call our reality.

The brain is loaded with the original program of the necessary information for survival, and during the life, every information gathered is stored in the frontal lobe of the brain making us more and more knowledgeable.

Since the basic information is about the survival, children do cruel things without perceiving it to be cruel. If they remain in an environment that is geared on survival, they remain tough. Killing is not a problem, it is a necessity and it is acceptable.

Humility, forgiveness, compassion, and submission are not part of this experience. Those emotions develop later in the life, usually after we experience the emotion of loss, or we are guided in this direction. The message of Moses was “a tooth for a tooth, and an eye for an eye”.

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The message from Jesus Christ was “if someone hits you on the right cheek, offer the left one”.

They are clearly a two very different ideologies where the second one is the same as in Hinduism.

The fear is reinforced into our consciousness at the moment of birth. Doctors are instructed to shake the baby and spank it after it is born so that it takes its first breath. This is totally unnecessary and what this does to the newborn baby is it creates pain and fear.

What does pain and fear do in relation to our health?

The brain is a central controller of our body which is composed of trillion cells that work synchronized as one through a group consciousness.

Those cells do not have brain like we do so they do not perceive things, they sense everything as energy and they react to it.

If the energy is in a harmonic scale the cells accept it and if it is not, the cells reject it.

Dr. Bruce Lipton made an experiment placing good nutrients close to the cells and the cells moved closer to those nutrients.

When he placed toxic elements near them, all the cells moved as far as they could from those toxins.

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Since cells perceive everything as fields of energy, they will make the body to move towards or away of the toxic elements including the toxic thoughts since the thoughts are also just energy of various frequencies.

We can easily confirm this by standing and closing our eyes. Then start thinking on something that is positive, that makes you happy, or just think of the word YES.

You will notice that your body will start leaning forward and you will have to counterbalance so that you do not fall.

Then change your thought to a negative one and the opposite will happen. Your body will start leaning backward, away from where you would see this if you open your eyes.

Here you can see how big influence on your cellular structure a simple thought has.

When the environment is positive, the cells will hydrate and prosper, when the environment is negative, the cells will go into a state of alertness which Dr. Lipton calls the flight and fright mode.

Basically the cells have two states. One is the state of growth in a positive environment and the other is the state of stress in the negative environment.

Our cells can never be in both states at the same time, and as you can see from the balancing experiment, it does not take much to put the cells into the stress mode.

The longer we are kept in toxic environment, the more dehydrated our cells become, and the acidity of the body rises.

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Now you have a better idea about what is achieved by keeping us in the state of fear and sadness.

Not only that we are being poisoned through the food, we are also being poisoned through the emotions of fear, sorrow, anger, envy...we are being bombarded daily with through the media, entertainment industry and our own reaction to what is happening around us.

Daily we are being “informed” about deadly diseases, toxins in our food and water, violence on the streets, mass shootings...

All of this contributes to keeping our cells in a stress mode and it is making us toxic.

For example, just read this article that Mark sent me:


Through the article we are being informed how the meat we are eating is polluted and by reading this, we automatically feel anger towards the industry, the fear of eating such food and the consequences that this will make.

Now even if the meat does not have those toxins, we are already polluted by the emotions we produce as the reaction to this information and our cells are in the stress mode.

The same reaction your cells will have towards the information about the poisonous vaccines, the GMO foods, but also towards your emotional reaction towards some unfavourable politician or real estate developer.

We are being bombarded with negativity everywhere we go so is it surprising why there are so many people with chronic health problems these days?

Our cells will easily adopt to their environment and they will be able to deal with poisons but they cannot overcome the influence of our emotions. In time,the fear of GMO foods will affect you more that the GMO food itself. This is something that not many people are aware of and no importance is given to this fact.

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The same goes for the “awareness” about the bad influence of the white light, the 5G radiation, Nuclear radiation from Fukushima, global warming...

We have to learn about ourselves, our reality, and above all about the power we posses.

Our bodies have power of multiple nuclear reactors and once we learn how to use it correctly, we will be invincible.

Before we are going to be allowed to tap into this ocean of power, we have to learn the truth and be able to control our emotions. The first thing we have to learn is to overcome the emotion of fear.

To be able to do this, we have to connect our mind with our heart.

Love will set us free.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek

    One comment on "The fear factor & Health"

2019-06-04 23:17:14
Darko I have a question about potassium. How do you explain “potassium poisoning”? I understand our cells cannot absorb potassium through food, but I’m guessing foods like bananas can still increase the levels of potassium in the blood, correct?
2019-06-06 00:48:02

  Bigwave, the problem is created from the way we reason. We do not think, we repeat what we have been told. For this reason we think that excess of some element in the blood is created from to much of it being in the food and insufficiency, that not enough is provided. None of it is true. This is not what happens at all. As the environment of the body changes, gene reprogram the cells and the values of the blood change. The intracellular plasma is loaded with potassium so if the cellular membrane looses its tension, the potassium may be spilled into the blood in higher quantity. This has nothing to do with the food you eat in the moment. It is caused by genetic shift caused by the change in the environment. We have to locate the cause of this change. Toxicity is the first thing that come to mind, brother.

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