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  Are food supplements good for you?




  Are food supplements good for you?

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God bless Mark. He sends me so many great articles giving me ideas on topics I should write about.

The last one was about the push of the "health industry" to take over the control of the supplement industry.

We are all aware that the food we are eating these days is a far cry from the food our parents were nourished by. This is why people instinctively search for the ways to replenish their bodies with what they are told are the missing ingredients.

Yes, we are told that ingredients are missing from our food and that we should be looking for the ways of how to replenish them.

This has created a whole new industry. The Internet is buzzing with sites that offer the best "necessary" supplements and guidance on the supplement based living.

Many people are making big bucks selling something that nobody needs and many people actually harm themselves by following this type of "science".

The supplement theories are just that, theories which are based on fake science in the first place. All of the supplement pushers are using the information provided by the approved science promoted by our schools. This is the best junk science ever concocted.

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We were never told that our tissues are reactors that produce most of what the body needs and that the only thing that is necessary to do this job is plasma.

The sea water is plasma. It contains all of the minerals that we encounter in our body.

Very often, when the blood levels of some elements increase or are dwindling, the reason for this is not their deficiency but errors in the bodies response caused by the "errors" in gene activation.

Scientists have discovered that the human body produces more than 2000 genetic errors. Why.

What is causing those errors?

The toxic environment of the body and the space around it is the reason.

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So are those changes in gene activity really errors?

Of course not. We are designed as perfect beings so how could we have errors?

What we are told are errors, is nothing else than the gene response to its environment.

Instead of searching for the triggers, scientists are comfortable in researching how to deal with those errors.

Here in this article, it is mentioned how harmful it is for many people to take supplements.


Yes, they are correct about supplements creating more harm than good but do they talk about it so that the truth is revealed?

The pharmaceutical industry is not protesting the use of supplements, they are just protesting the fact that someone else has their hand on a product and getting all of the dough and not them.

This is why they demand that the supplements be restricted, tested and approved by the Mafia organization called the government or the FDA in this case.

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It will be all ok once we (the doctors) will be in charge of prescribing the supplements because we are the authority on health. We know what we are doing.

This is right out laughable, but on the other hand, those so-called experts in charge of the supplement industry have no more knowledge about the human body then the MD's do.

Everyone suffering from osteopenia or osteoporosis has their personal experience with doctors. No matter if their health care advice came from an MD, or an alternative medicine expert, patients were prescribed calcium supplements.

I mean, it is so obvious. If bone density is weak, calcium is missing, stuff the patient with calcium and the problem is resolved.

The fact that those patients have calcium in the urine, phases neither of them.

The body is calibrated and if the blood levels of some element rise above the designated limit, the body will eliminate it. So if the body is eliminating calcium, it must be easily understood that a lack of calcium is not what causes osteoporosis. This is simple logic but if the brain was given information that calcium has to be supplied when the bone is weak, and if the thinking and reasoning are suppressed, the response of the doctor will come from the subconscious mind.

We are trained to follow instructions and not to think and reason. The one who does a good job at it is rewarded with a title. It is very difficult for those people to make any changes.

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I just yesterday received a letter from my friend who is involved with an internationally acknowledged expert on Alzheimer's disease.

This doctor is a firm believer that insulin resistance is the cause of Alzheimer's disease.

Mi friend who is familiar with my work suggested to him that "maybe, eliminating sugar from the diet could solve the problem?"

She told me that he appeared stunt with this suggestion and after processing it he replied, that a certain amount of sugar in the food is necessary for the body to work properly.

What the good Dr. and professor said is a total lie. Now just imagine, this professor and "experts" like him are the people that are teaching the young generation of doctors.

Those are the experts that demand to have the ultimate say on what you have to do to be healthy.

And as they bicker about who should have the right to prescribe you your supplements, a construction project is stopped because the businessman has to take an action which should be dealt by those health "experts" I am talking about.


Just imagine how dangerous it is for everyone concerned to work in the presence of a medicated person. I am talking about the crane operator, truck driver, and any other heavy equipment operator could create a disaster, and those disasters are happening all the time, but the blame is put elsewhere.

As far as the supplements go, be very careful. I wrote about this topic several times. Here is one of the articles on the topic of supplementation:


Please absorb this information and use your brain and think about it.

Nothing is the way we have been told.

We are awakening now to the truth and for many people the information is  unbelievable.

The only way for us to change this world is by changing the way we think.

Love and light to us all

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2019-06-09 09:22:18
Well, the Alzheimer doctor was technically correct... But the "certain amount of sugar in the food" should be 0.

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