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  Screaming sex is not necessarily the result of ecstasy.




  Screaming sex is not necessarily the result of ecstasy.

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"It seems it's just a sex headache", replies doctor.


What is referred to as "just a sex headache", is a very serious problem for many people.

Man often joke about their wives, "you have the headache again, love? I guess no sex tonight".

Since guys are always ready for sex they think that if the woman says that she has a headache, this is just an excuse for not wanting to have sex.

Well, some women do use headache as an excuse but it is surprising to see the number of women that actually suffer from pain during lovemaking and especially during the orgasm.

The pain can be located in their head but very often, it is located in the vulva.

The sex triggered headaches are actually more common in men than in women but men are usually so eager for sex that they do not refuse sex even knowing that they will suffer during the orgasm.

The same way as a headache can be persistent and last for a long time seemingly never going away, the same can be happening with the vulva as well.

When vulva is in question, women seem to hide this feeling of pain as long as possible and this is why many cases of a painful sensation in the vulva are not even reported.

The research shows that upward of 14 million women suffer from pain in vulva which is now classified as a disease, called vulvodynia.

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When it comes to the causes of sex triggered pain, not surprisingly, doctors are at loss.

If no defect is found like a ruptured blood vessel, aneurysm, muscle tear, abnormality of arteries or veins in the area of pain, then migraine headaches are being blamed as the trigger of sex headaches.

Why are migraine headaches being blamed as triggers of a sex headache?

Because a great majority of man and woman suffering from sex headaches also suffer from migraine headaches.

Since the headache occurs during the sex and especially orgasm, a label is given to this symptom so to look knowledgeable, doctors spill the scientific label calling this type of headache coital cephalalgia.

Another common blame to triggering sex pains, coital cephalalgia and vulvodynia are allergies and autoimmune diseases.

Am I great?

I am using "big words" to describe simple things, something doctors do not understand but then again, I have mentioned that if doctors would understand the body, people would never develop chronic health issues, to begin with.

When it comes to vulvodynia, symptoms are itchiness, sensitivity, burning and pain of vulva.

Although these symptoms will increase during the intercourse and culminate during orgasm, which is the same for sex triggered headaches, those symptoms may remain long after the sex is over and may last for weeks, months, even years.

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Many women have a hard time sitting and walking from the discomfort this skin irritation causes.

What are we being told by our health gurus, how to alleviate this pain?

When I say "this pain" I am simultaneously referring to both the headaches and the discomfort of the vulva.

Go easy when having sex, stop before you reach orgasm, take pain killers or anti-inflammatory remedies.

Take a cold shower.

Those are the solutions we are given by our doctors, and of course, there are the always available drugs like analgesics and steroids.

Can we eliminate sex pains?

Well, what causes any chronic pain?


What causes any chronic inflammation?

Cellular acidity.

What causes cellular acidity?

Cellular dehydration.

What causes cellular dehydration?

Toxic blood and stress.


Toxic blood and stress prevent cellular hydration and cells that are forced to work hard in a toxic environment become more acidic than other cells which are less active.

So if your work demands you to concentrate and then you love to have sex when you come home, your sex organs and your brain are working more than other organs.

You are becoming acidic in all of your cells but more so in those that work more.

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As the membrane around your brain becomes acidic on the cellular level and your blood vessels in your body become acidic, here will start the appearance of inflammation.

When the meninges is slightly inflamed and you have sex, your heart rhythm increases. This raises your blood pressure.

Increased blood pressure increases the pressure in the already slightly inflamed meninges. This increase in pressure on the sensory nerve and at first causes a feeling of pressure in your head and then slowly changes into the sensation of pain.

The more excited you get the faster your heart beats and the blood pressure increases. With it, increases the sensation of pain. As you climax, the blood pressure is highest and so is the pain.

If your blood vessels are inflamed, they are harder and the veins do not close under the pressure of the fascia and the erection is weak or absent even when the blood pressure increases. This is why men with erectile multifunction often suffer from headaches. They are inflamed to begin with, and the increased blood pressure will cause pain and erectile dysfunction.

Yes, more blood is pushed into the penis but veins cannot be squeezed because they are inflamed and hard so as the blood enters the penis so it goes out without achieving the desired erection.

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On the other hand, already stiff veins and arteries increase their volume under an increased flow of blood causing pressure on sensory nerves causing pain in the head.

Exactly the same process goes on in vulva.

Already slightly inflamed vulva inflames further under the increased pressure of sexual activity causing pain.

What are the symptoms of vulvodynia?

Itchiness, sensitivity, pain. Those are symptoms of inflammation that were there to begin with, so when the blood pressure rises, so does the pressure on sensory nerves and those symptoms change into symptoms of pain.

Since acidic cells remain acidic after the sex is over, the inflammation will persist but the blood pressure diminishes and with it drops the intensity of the pain. If cells of the tissue in the vulva are very acidic, the inflammation may remain and so does the pressure and the consequential pain.

You see, no MD title is needed to solve the problem although I was given one which I do not use.

All we need is the knowledge and clear thinking and the problem is solved.

Again, the Self Healers Protocol will resolve the health issue unless stress or strong emotional energies are involved which will need further support.

Soon I will write an article again on the quantum understanding. It will be more profound since we are more awake.

Ultimately everything is just an energy and we are the energy masters who can mould it to our liking.

Love and light to us all.

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