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I could not resist and put it on the paper.

Today mi darling wife received a message. It was a question directed to me.

"Hilno, can you husband cure bipolar disorder?".

The person asking this question is a young lady from the USA who had learned from a friend about me helping people to heal without medicating my clients.

Hlno sent her a link to my blog site explaining that bipolarity can be easily healed if people stick to the protocol.

Soon after a new message comes.

"the blog is disorganized, is your husband (meaning me) vegan?

Being polite, Hilno answers, "for people to heal, they have to eat some animal fats and proteins like fish, eggs, cheese...".

The reply Hlno received was, "this is an old-fashioned knowledge. Now we know that people are herbivores.

Because we have lost our ways, we have destroyed nature, the forests, the animals and we torture farm animals. We create suffering and pain. We have depleted our seas of the fish and we have become sick. All because we have been eating animals."

Her response is the average snowflake response of the young generation.

They are brainwashed and acid-washed better than Hillary's server and memory drives.

No new information can ever penetrate her filters and unfortunately, there are plenty of people like her right here in Tarapoto. Vegan restaurants are popping up all over the place.

I have seen this lady and as expected, she was skinny and frail.

Although some vegans feel healthy for a while, sooner or later they start suffering from chronic health issues. Sometimes it may take 15 or more years before symptoms pop up but when they do, it is going to be a difficult recovery process because of the level of the cellular dehydration and acidity that is involved.

Where do people find the information that we are herbivores?

This was the dumbest statement that I have heard as of yet.

No human can survive on raw vegetables and fruits only.

For those of you who are convinced that humans can thrive on raw vegetables, give it a try, but do not cheat in the process.

Do not use any cooked or processed fruits or vegetables to supplement your diet.

As soon as you eat a piece of bread, some flour, cooked carbohydrates, and legumes, you are nourishing yourself with dietary glucose. Herbivores cannot use those because they would blow up from the gas this type of food would create in the rumen.

The rumen is the part of a stomach in which fermentation takes place.

Humans do not have it.

Horse and Panda bear do not have it neither but they have a very large stomach where fermentation can take place.

The reason why the horse can eat some grains like oat is because of this. Also by not having the additional fermentation sack, the horse can eat meat and thrive on it.

When the horse eats oats he gets colics from gas overproduction. Not healthy thing but even veterinarians do not know that horses should not be given carbohydrates, no oats or any grain.

Now, because I am "old-fashioned" and I eat meat, I will not be recommended to help another human who can heal by utilizing my information.

Now at this moment, I am helping a friend who was vegetarian and vegan most of his life. Now he is 70 years old and chronic cough started creeping in. His skin is very dry and eczema is showing up. His body is collapsing.

Fortunately, he is open-minded and accepts the necessary change so he will heal but it will take time.

When you feed an omnivore a vegetarian and especially a vegan diet, among the rest, their immune system becomes worthless as I had mentioned in one of my recent articles.

A small infection can turn into an abscess and this abscess can turn into a life-threatening situation as those articles describe:


Some wealthy brainwashed parrots can take it to a completely new level of an eccentric behavior:


Here, the parrot in question is teaching us how to stimulate mitochondria through useless supplements, while stuffing herself with wholegrain bread and spaghetti.

As followers of my work, you know that dietary glucose deactivates mitochondria and no supplement will activate it as long as dietary glucose is in the blood.

Grimes further has her eye mutilated to reduce the effect of the blue light to calm her nerves.

First of all, the blue light elimination will not offset the damage that is done by dietary glucose and no calming effect will be achieved.

Her doctors should know this, but again, they love to make a buck on mindless people.

No matter how much time Grimes spends in the deprivation tank, she will remain disconnected.

We are being so much manipulated that the disconnect is bigger than ever before.

Simple logic does no longer work.

People forgot how to think. All they know is how to follow orders.

Self-mutilation is approaching new heights as this article shows:


The surgeon is cutting his wife. Are they not aware of the consequences?

Meg Ryan - Plastic Surgery Disaster Photos

It is enough to surf the Internet for 5 minutes to see what happens to those that undertook plastic surgery when they get a bit older and not to mention the health hazards these procedures present.

Mindless people are creating a mindless society demanding open borders while the country is under an attack that is orchestrated by the rich globalists who are paying poor people to invade designated countries and the brainwashed snowflakes in congress are too stupid to realize what is happening and instead, are attacking their countryman.

This world is in real chaos, God, help us. Open their eyes so that they can survive this turmoil.

Stop listening to your health gurus. Learn the truth.

Open your eyes.

Smell the coffee.

Do whatever you have to but please WAKE UP!

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek

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