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  Dumb & Dumber, effect.




  Dumb & Dumber, effect.

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A fear-stricken teenager Greta Thunberg used by the Globalist Communistic machine to install fear into the mind of a mindless population.

No human being with a reasonably healthy brain can take this stupidity seriously.

I agree that young people can have a revelation, but what this teenager is spewing is the toxic science that is promoted through the schooling system of indoctrination and brainwashing:


Yes, the climate on our planet is changing but those changes are the result of the increased frequency the Universe is exposed to. Every star and planet in the universe is undergoing changes. Are we humans to blame for this? Will increased taxes and pollution reduction stop this process?

Only an idiot can think that humans can influence those changes by killing cows and eating soy.

Our Sun has changed its color from yellow to white. The cows must have been farting extremely hard I'd say.

How unhinged are AOC critics? (Page 9): Lavender Room ...

Although this is all so childish that only a child can believe and become scared of it, this shows us the state of human awareness. Most people are scared children disconnected from reality and only interested in where the next buck is coming from.

The science we are thought in the schools is agenda-driven and it is countering the truth.

This is becoming more and more obvious.

I am pointing to the lies we are told in the medical school. Through my articles and now my videos, I am revealing the truth and the contrast between the truth and what we are being told is the exact opposite.

    Science                                                              Truth

Do not to eat salt                                           Salt is a necessity

Sun creates cancer                                        Sun prevents cancer

Cholesterol causes arteriosclerosis                Cholesterol it heals blood vessels

Meat is a toxic food that acidifies blood           Meat is the healthiest food there is

Carbohydrates are necessary and healthy       Carbohydrates reprogram our genetic expression

                                                                      creating havoc and slow destruction and

                                                                      acidification of the body...

Raw vegetables and fruits are health food       Raw vegetables and fruits cannot be digested

Coffee and chocolate are healthy                    Coffee and chocolate are toxic

Garlic is health-food                                      Garlic is medicinal, neurotoxic plant

We can go on and on. Everything we are being told through our "science" is contrary to the truth.

Where else are we being fed with the opposite of the truth?

Trial for heresy during the Spanish Inquisition Stock ...

How about religion?

God spoke through Moses:                                                       Truth:

An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth                                  Someone hits you on the left cheek, offer the


The Devil in the form of a snake spoked to                      The snake is the promoter of health and wellbeing

Eva. Eat the forbidden fruit

Moses was a man of God                                               Moses stole the Tetragrammaton from Egypt,

no thief is a man of God.

Jericho had to be destroyed and all killed                        God is love. It does not choose a side, cannot

such was the wish of God promote death

The Devil fought with God for power                               The Devil is a product of the human mind. It is not

and lost                                                                         creation so it has no spirit. It depends

                                                                                     on humans to manifest it. Has absolutely no

                                                                                     power over those who do not accept it.

Inquisition Woman On A Stretching Rack Royalty Free Stock ...

What is the source of this misinformation?

Secret societies (the Illuminate, Scull and bones, Vatican...)                                             Truth:

666 is the number of Evil                                                                   666 is the number of carbon, the life source

                                                                                                        6 electron, 6 protons, 6 neutrons

30 genders to identify humans                                                           two genders of the same body, m&f

Matter and anti-matter                                                                       Light and the absence of light (darkness)

The democracy is promoted and millions of rules are restricting what can and what cannot be done.

More rules, more restrictions more slavery = communism.

Why we cannot travel freely?

Why we cannot live where we want to live an do what we want to do?

Are we really free?

Open your eyes, wake up and change your reality.

This final battle cannot be won by force. It can only be won by allowing the change to take place.

Accept the new and let go off the old.

This is not an easy task and help is needed. By allowing, we can absorb the new information and start our brains reprogramming process.

Through the "World Health Organization" we are being informed that 80 million people will be killed when they release the biological weapons:


Do not be afraid.

They are trying to make us manifest death and destruction.

Only you can experience what your brain calculates as the most probable outcome so start using your brain and manifest love and wellbeing for all.

The disease is nothing more than manifestation. If you believe what you are being told, your brain will show it to you as your reality. This is why doctors are the nests of diseases. They create one disease every time they tell you that you have one.

As long as you believe that you are sick, you are. You are what you know you are.

Believe in health and allow it to manifest. Have faith!

You will stop manifesting evil when you stop being programmed for it.

Stop watching movies from Hollywood, stop listening to this new toxic music, stop watching the news. Stop going to schools. They promote evil by programming you for it.

Go to nature, spend time among animals, go within and meditate.

Use your spirit to show you the way.

If you want to do more good, come to Peru and do the reprogramming through the ayahuasca ceremony.

Let go of the old and accept the new.

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