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  The medicine has become the modern day's parody.




  The medicine has become the modern day's parody.

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Maybe the title of this article should be "The end days syndrome" because everything that we are being told is the opposite of the truth and nowhere is it more pronounced than in the field of medicine, and politics.
As the number of doctors is increasing, so is the number of sick people but what is more important and what actually reveals why is all of this happening is the number of new diseases that are flooding the "market".
Almost daily I am encountering some name of a disease I had never heard off before.
To cover up their incompetence, doctors are directing the blame in all possible directions. From blaming them to be of a genetic origin, or caused by the autoimmune reaction, to blaming the old age and ever-increasing lifespan due to medical interventions.
This means that doctors are priding themselves of extending the human lifespan which allows more diseases to appear while the obvious truth that comes from basic statistics is showing us that the average age of a person is in decline and this is especially affecting our doctors whose lifespan has dropped to 66 years of age.
Many of the chronic health problems are being blamed lately on the "fact" that we live longer and the disease is simply the result of us not wanting to die sooner.

medical diagnosis cartoon

I guess, the scientific solution to eradicating chronic diseases is to die in our thirties. This way there will be no chance for the chronic ailment to manifest itself.

Isn't this how we are dealing with all medical problems already?

Swine flu, kill all the pigs.

Avian flu, kill all the chickens.

Foot and mouth disease, kill all the cows...

As always, we start first with the animals and then we extend the same "science" onto humans.

First, we vaccinated animals, then humans.

First, we have chipped animals and then humans.

First, we cloned an animal and then the human...

What triggered me into writing this article is seeing this News:


Twenty-five-year-old man, apparently very healthy, drops dead for no apparent reason.

The cause of the death, "The sudden death syndrome".

I think, we have entered the new age of STUPID, where stupidity is no longer camouflaged by an excuse.

medical diagnosis cartoon

I guess, now an all-new array of diseases will start springing up like:

The sudden cough syndrome

The sudden eye teardrop syndrome.

The sudden bone-breaking syndrome.

The sudden losing its mind syndrome.

Wait a minute, this one has already occurred recently and not surprisingly, in England:


Here a sudden strep throat syndrome has evolved into a sudden PANDAS, or pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome.

Ain't it a mouthful of medical terminology that signifies absolutely NOTHING.

One cannot make this crap up. This is actually a professional medical diagnosis.

Does anyone remember the sudden infant death syndrome where a young child is found dead in the crib and no cause could be identified?

This was the precursor of what's to come.

The sudden infant death syndrome did not exist until vaccines showed up.

Any relation there?

The medical establishment is urging older people to have their checkups done regularly.

First, people in their sixties were the ones, then the recommendation went to those in their fifties, then to those in their forties.

I guess the time has come for people in their twenties to start with their regular checkups as the chronic health issues that used to affect only those of "old" age is now affecting the young.

Smart Diagnosis Humor – Fun Friday | Healthcare IT Today

On the other hand, why to do those checkups at all?

Do our doctors heal us after the health problem is discovered?

Obviously not. If they would, no chronic problem would ever develop.

Doctors are so brainwashed that they do not realize that age has nothing to do with the disease.

All chronic ailments are symptoms of bodies difficulty to perform in a toxic environment.

Since our environment is rapidly becoming more and more toxic, the symptoms of our bodies toxicity develop faster and we manifest them in ever younger age.

Since the misinformation is being spread through popular science, our "experts" in the field and the media, today is no brainer to recognize what not to do. Simply do the opposite of what they tell you and you will be doing things correctly.

So what are the recommendations as far as the diet goes?

Eat a lot of vegetables

Avoid milk and dairy

Avoid red meat and pork

Avoid salt and sugar

Avoid saturated fats from animals and plants (do not consume the coconut oil)

Eat whole-grain bread

Drink soy milk

Drink almond milk

Eat peanut-butter

Substitute animal fats with vegetable oils

Use vitamins and supplements

Use sunscreen and protect your eyes with sunglasses

Do not expose your skin to direct sunlight

Vaccinate yourself and your children

Do colonoscopy and mammogram...

Every single recommendation is actually what you should never do and actually, by doing the opposite of what is recommended, you will become healthy and live along and happy life.

medical diagnosis cartoon

No more evidence is needed. We are in the End Times.

We have opened our eyes and can no longer be fooled so the age of darkness is behind us and the beginning of the new is starting to creep in.

It is time for us to celebrate our victory!

Love and light to us all.

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