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  Do rebounding exercises stimulate the lymphatic flow?




  Do rebounding exercises stimulate the lymphatic flow?

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Recently my friend Becky asked me about my opinion on rebound exercises. Does bouncing strengthen our cells and improve the lymphatic circulation the way we are being told?

Many doctors and especially those in alternative medicine are promoting this type of exercising and of course, the equipment for those exercises is being offered together with the "science" behind it. I guess, even the sports equipment sells better if the salesman wears a white coat and has a stethoscope around its neck.

Becky was skeptical as she was asking me this question and rightfully so. She has read many of my articles so she understands the body pretty well.

Our cellular health depends on its environment, the frequency of the environment and bouncing does contribute to this frequency but in a very subtle way.

Exercising of any kind creates a beneficial effect because it speeds the blood's circulation, it increases oxygen blood levels, it increases the electromagnetic potential and magnetic field of every cell, every organ, and the body in general.

Bouncing is, therefore, one of the exercises that can benefit your health but contrary to what we are being told, bouncing is really a lazy-man/woman excuse because the more sophisticated the bouncing equipment gets, the less work one has to do and lesser health benefits will be experienced.

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The best way to bounce is to go for a run. Especially when we do peek-running where we randomly accelerate the speed forcing deep breathing.

Bouncing or judging in place is less demanding and less beneficial.

Bouncing on a trampoline is even less beneficial since the spring of the trampoline does some of the work your muscles have to do when the trampoline is not present.

Then we go into some electronic bouncing machines where you do even less of the work and ultimately we go into complex stuff like what Dr. Mercola is promoting where you do not do anything. The machine does the work and the results are great only on the paper that comes with the machine you have been sucked into buying.

The medical books are teaching students of medicine that the lymphatic system is propelled into motion by contraction of lymphatic vessels and the "extrinsic" movement of organs those vessels come in contact with.

Well, you stop the heart from beating and the lymph stops immediately with it. So what we are being told in the medical school is pure nonsense as usual.

Scientists cannot believe that the lymph can be propelled through our body without some kind of a pump so they invent lymphatic circulation the way it suits them.

This is nothing new in our science. Physics and biology are loaded with this type of science, they make up the science as they go.

The reason for the misunderstanding is the lack of electromagnetic field incorporation to the workings of our body. Scientists simply ignore the electric charge and the consequent magnetic field.

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If you have an electric field generator and wires connected to it, the electrons will flow in only one direction and this is towards the consumer of energy, an electro-motor or a heating element.

Within the body, lymph moves in only one direction. No matter where the lymph originates, its flow will be directed to the heart. Why is this happening if the heart has nothing to do with the lymphatic circulation?

Obviously, it does. Actually, the heart is the engine that creates and stimulates the lymphatic movement. It does it by creating a suction that can figuratively represent an electro-motor that sucks the electrons.

The sucking element does not have to be strong because we are talking about a perfect electric conduction which allows the blood elements to move through the blood vessels without any friction and because of their electromagnetic action, as they repel each other, as soon as a free space is available, the blood elements will fill it.

As lymph is being collected it traverses through the lymphatic system of blood vessels which resemble veins because they possess the same valve system that prevents the lymph to backtrack.

Finally, lymph joins vena cava just before vena cava merges with the heart. It is a descending part of vena cava where blood acceleration occurs and the suction effect is the strongest.

Obviously, faster is the heartbeat, faster is blood circulation and lymph circulation as well.

Every time a heart accelerates its rhythm, something in the body has happened and a request for faster blood-flow was demanded by the cellular structure. One of the reasons could have been congestion of lymph in a part of the body. So whenever we intentionally suppress tachycardia to "normalize" hearts rhythm, we are actually working against our body and its attempt to better itself.

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When it comes to rebound exercises, I am not saying that they do not help to increase the lymphatic flow, I am just saying that by using complex rebound machinery we are actually having lesser benefits, and as far as the cellular benefits go, it is the same story.

Cellular health depends on the environment. This means the cleaner is the environment, the more beneficial it will be to the cellular structure.

Remember, blood is not water, blood is plasma which means ionized water. These ions are composed of about 80 minerals and not just chlorine, sodium and potassium as we are being told.

This is why consuming fresh not processed sea salt is crucial to our health.

Here again, we have caught science in a lie.

We are being told to avoid using salt as much as possible when in fact, without salt our blood cannot be cleansed.

Knowing that dirty blood is one of the causes of chronic diseases, we know now that medical schools are institutions of misinformation for the purpose of depopulation.

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Since today on December 12th, 2019 at 12h and 12 minutes we have closed the program of our past under the influence of the Full Moon, we should make a conscious decision to immerse ourselves into a new program of our making. A program of Heaven on Earth.

To do so, we have to stop recalling our past. This means no watching TV programming, no movies of the past or new movies with the old motifs.

To explain this better for a better understanding, I will write an article on a quantum level so that it is easier to understand.

Love and light to us all.

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