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   Asbestos poisoning




   Asbestos poisoning

Asbestos (chrysotile) — Stock Photo

Asbestos has some amazing properties and this is why it was included in so many different compounds.

After it was discovered that many workers who were handling asbestos fell ill with cancer, the usage of asbestos subsided but it is still being used especially in countries whose government has no regard for its people and cannot be challenged.

Those are socialistic (communistic) governments. This is why China still uses asbestos in a very unsafe way like drywall sheets for example and distribute it all around the world. Here in Peru, they use those asbestos drywall sheets like there is no tomorrow.

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Asbestos occurs naturally as a part of a stone. It is basically silica and oxygen. This means that asbestos is miniature mineral fibers.

Those fibers are very stable and strong although flexible.

Asbestos fibers are stronger than steel and can be woven and remind flexible. This is why there is an indefinite amount of ways it can be used.

Since asbestos is chemically neutral and stable, it is used in chemical filters. No chemical will dissolve it.

Since it naturally exists as the component of rocks, it is present in dust. There is no way to get 100% shielded from it so why is its usage so restricted now?

Our body is designed to cleanse itself. Most of the symptoms that we call disease are nothing more than the symptoms of cleansing. This means that our body will eliminate asbestos but only when it is functioning correctly and if it has what it needs to be able to cleanse correctly.

Because of the lies and fake science we are forced to program our brain with, we disable our body's cleansing abilities and the toxic elements continue to accumulate to the point of causing health issues and death.

Mesothelioma Cancer Disease Concept — Stock Photo

The suggestion not to eat salt is one of those things that limit the body's ability to cleanse itself.

Some asbestos products easily release asbestos in a dust form so handling such asbestos products and working with them exposes the body to high concentrations of asbestos.

Add to it the fact that the body has not enough plasma (water with minerals) so it cannot cleanse itself, and a large amount of asbestos will start to accumulate in the body.

Asbestos is inert and it depowers cells, it strips them from their electric charge.

Those cells that cannot maintain their energy levels will start to proliferate and the end result will be cancer.

The most exposed organs are hands that manipulate asbestos and lungs when the asbestos is inhaled and trapped as it cannot be cleansed.

The followers of my work that practice what they learn have nothing to fear as far as asbestos is concerned. They are all well hydrated and their detox is done on regular bases.

For those of you who are new and do not know a new knowledge, if you want to cleans the best way is to follow the Self Healers Protocol.

Love and light to us all.

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