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  Is margarine a healthy choice?




  Is margarine a healthy choice?

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Margarine must be healthy. It is on a whole-grain bread!

I am sure that every one of us remembers the days when animal fat was bashed and margarine was promoted as the healthy choice.

Unfortunately, many doctors are still promoting vegetable oils as a healthy choice over animal-based saturated fats.

Although some articles have popped up revealing that animal fats are actually the healthy choice, the medical/pharmaceutical mafia is still holding onto promoting plant-based oils and products as a healthy choice.

Every article that says otherwise quickly disappears from the public view.

This is the reason why I have decided to react immediately to the article that Peter had sent to me which suggests that vegetable oils can be associated with some health issues, macular degeneration in this case.


Unfortunately for those "experts", again they are barking at the wrong tree.

This article proves again how little do doctors understand the human body.

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I am not suggesting that they are wrong in their observation that vegetable oils are not healthy for the human body. They most certainly are unhealthy and they become outright toxic when they are manipulated and saturated the artificial way.

I wrote about this many times so here is one of the articles on vegetable oils


When margarine is synthesized from vegetable oils, its polarity is changed and when it is digested it has difficulty to be absorbed. Many intestinal problems may occur including a change in intestinal micro-flora.

Once it finds itself inside the intestinal wall as a fatty acid, it will be used and some of it will be incorporated into the cholesterol production.

A fatty acid with changed polarity will create many problems if it becomes a structural part of the cellular membrane.

This may affect any organ and has no specific influence on the eye.

In the past, macular degeneration was blamed on the old age as only the elderly were suffering from it.

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Since the ever-younger generation is now being affected by this health issue, doctors are trying to find a new culprit and this is where their science is pointing to.

What doctors call science is searching for the statistic of the occurrence and as people are discouraged from using animal-based fats, more and more people are using vegetable oils.

I guess, doctors will star blaming more and more "diseases" on vegetable oils since they do not have the permission to put the blame on GM foods, or glucose, or the insufficiency of minerals in the body...

Gradually the culprit of maculate degeneration has been broadened from the age factor to smoking, eating incorrectly, and now margarine.

Toxic blood is never mentioned, why?

Well, if they mention toxic blood than a question will be asked, "how to make blood clean"?

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This would be like opening a can of worms so the toxic blood is never mentioned and if you ask your good doctor, he will explain that blood's toxicity increases during the lifetime and older you are, the more toxic it will be your blood. This is how it is and nothing can be done.

There is no surprise when a doctor tells us that diseases are incurable. If they do not know how to cleanse the blood, how can they stimulate the healing process? It simply cannot be done as far as their knowledge goes.

Yes, I have received a medical diploma but I do not call myself a doctor.

I do not follow the guidelines one has to if they want to be licensed and now, as I see what is going on, the doctor's title is a synonym for the one who is mislead and knows nothing of value to help the ailing body.

Please, colleagues, wake up and learn the truth.

Healers are needed so open your eyes and join us. You will lose your license but who cares, you will finally be doing what you have always wanted to do, you will be healing people.

Love and light to us all.

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