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  Are you confused enough? Snap out of it!




  Are you confused enough? Snap out of it!

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Everyone who is following any mainstream information has to be scared out of its mind.

Information such as WWIII unleashed, Ebola mules entering through the southern border into the USA, pandemic of variety of infectious diseases occurring around the world, forced vaccinations everywhere where the deep state has its tentacles, Australia burning, and let us not forget the pearls like the Biblical Armageddon unfolding, having sexual life after the age of 60 leads to cancer, doctors promoting the vegan diet as their solution to eradicating chronic diseases...and we can go on and on.

I strongly suggest for everyone to stop monitoring mainstream information. It is there to mislead us and to install fear and chaos.

The essence of our well being is clean blood and clean mind.

"Keep your temple clean".

Why are doctors suggesting that sex causes cancer in elderly people, and those of the age of over 60 should refrain from it?

The Eco - Senior: Cartoons for young Seniors

Because doctors, not knowing the truth, are relying on statistics as a form of a "scientific explanation". Then, not knowing how to interpret their findings, such stupidities are coming out of their mouths.

The older people get, the more toxic they become. Toxic blood becomes a problem for an active organ. I have explained this so many times.

The problem is not the age, the problem is the toxicity.

This is why ever younger people are succumbing to diseases that were previously associated only with older people.

Doctors' misinformation is causing misery to many people.

A couple of days ago I have received a phone call from a client whose daughter got a baby.

When the baby was vaccinated, it broke out with fever, diarrhea and skin rash, and the mother was being told that the vaccine has to be repeated to make sure it takes its hold. She was told that it will be dangerous if the vaccine is not repeated.

This is why her mother contacted me because it is obvious to them that the vaccine caused harm but they were under the impression that it will be worse if they do not repeat the vaccination.

Why are doctors lying and forcing poisonous vaccines on those who do not want them?

They are worried not to lose their license and their income.

What a sad excuse to justify their actions.

Am I glad that I am not bound to this fraudulent practice and I can actually do the right thing and help.

What I do is not lucrative and I do ask for your support, but it is extremely rewarding. Every life I save gives me the power to continue on my quest for medical liberation and total disclosure of the truth and the real science of healing.

Plasma machines are being designed which will help us to reprogram our brain and do instant healing, rejuvenation, and physical changes if we desire them, but to use them, we have to be prepared and have the necessary knowledge because we need to use our mind and thoughts to do the reprogramming.

This is one of the reasons I write about quantum mechanics and the reality from the quantum point of understanding.

I highly recommend to those who are interested to have a jump-start, to take a spiritual, healing, and reprogramming vacation here with us in Peru.

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You will get your body aligned, chakras opened, brain loaded with new information for reprogramming and quantum healing experience.

You will be set so that you can easily continue when you return home again and you will understand what is truly going on with no doubt in your mind.

Something to think about.

Some incredible people are working here, ready to guide and assist you.

Only through knowledge, one can conquer its fears.

Getting rid of fear is the essential step towards the liberation of the mind.

Why do you think they are trying to scare you so much?

Through the fear, you are being controlled in every aspect of your life.

As you have noticed, I always point to the fact that there is a solution to everything and we should not fear things.

Fear prevents people to follow their dreams and their lives become wasted in expectation of things that they will never do because their fear will not allow them to go on.

We have to get rid of the fear so stop buying into it.

Remember that what your brain is focusing on, it will most likely present to you as your reality.

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This is what we have been doing for many years, we have been manifesting our fears and finally, there are enough of us who have stopped to manifest fear and allowed for a change to take place.

Come and join us.

You will get there no matter what, but why to be passive and wait when you can be an active and participant of the change.

This is why you are here at this time of the global awakening and change of consciousness.

Love and light to us all. It is time to celebrate!!!

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