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  God bless the surgeon! REALLY?




  God bless the surgeon! REALLY?

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As far as medical treatments go, surgery is considered as the top brass. Surgeons are highly respected and looked upon as gods of medicine.

Is this true? Is surgery unavoidable as far as some health problems are concerned?

Why do doctors cut people open? Because they do not know how to heal them so taking away diseased organs is considered to be a medical triumph.

The most common surgical procedures are related to the female reproductive system, heart and circulatory system, digestive problems, and cancer.

More and more people depend on organ transplants, and women are being discouraged from having a natural birth and instead cesarean section is being implemented.

I am not even mentioning cosmetic surgery which is the ultimate sham.

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People argue that without surgery, many lives would have been lost.

Actually, it is the other way around.

What the surgeon touches, the body cannot repair afterward.

Some people say that hart valves have to be replaced when they deteriorate, or kidney has to be replaced, or gallbladder was taken out when it becomes full of stones...

None of it is true.

The heart can be made to heal, so are the kidneys and the gallbladder.

Cancer cures are known and they were always available but suppressed and lately the natural healers whose healing abilities wear attracting more public attention are being ridiculed and suicided.

We have been so misled that we gladly pay a top buck to be butchered and we refuse to pay those who are offering to heal.

We are being convinced that healing is impossible and only drugging and cutting can "improve" our health.

Do you see how ridiculous this sounds? Health through mutilation. How inspiring.

plastic surgery cartoon

Everyone who is following my work is aware that health problems are related to toxic overload and what we call diseases are just symptoms of a toxic body.

This means that cleansing the body will eliminate the symptoms (diseases) and this means that no cutting of the body is necessary.

Doctors argue that chronic diseases cannot be cured.

This is because the knowledge that they possess is false.

Doctors are not educated correctly and most of their beliefs are contrary to the truth. They simply do not know what causes symptoms (diseases) to manifest themselves so how could they do anything of value to heal the body? Doctors blame one symptom to be the cause of the other symptom which is an impossibility.

The best example of this is the fact that every medical specialist suffers from the very same disease it supposedly knows everything there is about.

I have been visited by a diabetologist who was suffering from diabetes, by heart surgeon who had hypertension and varicose veins, most ophthalmologists were reading glasses, most nutritionists are overweight and suffer from a variety of digestive disorders...

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We can go on and on mentioning each group of health practitioners and we are going to encounter the same.

Everyone is aware of this fact but people still go to visit them and do what they are being told having fear of trying something else.

This shows the depth of our deception and the disconnect from rational thinking.

We chose not to think. We prefer to be told what to do. This is the result of our educational system. Becoming one of the sheep in the flock.

Even if every disease can be healed without surgery, what about trauma and broken bones?

How can we tackle this problem without a surgical intervention some people have asked me?

If we would have been told the truth from the start, we would have developed the ability of self-healing through manifestation and through evoking a placebo effect.

Bones would be healing very fast and painlessly.

Now is the time to start learning the truth because the time of instant manifestation is approaching and we are going to heal and change our bodies to our liking instantly.

Do not procrastinate. Wake up and start absorbing the new information.

When I was 28 years old I had a serious motorcycle accident but what almost killed me was the surgeon that did the exploratory surgery with an intern who wanted to practice on me.

The anesthesiologist was a junkie and gave me spasmolytic with distilled water and used the sedative so he can get hi.

I felt everything and I listened to all the conversation.

Extra manipulation was done so the Intern can practice and then the intern wanted to open my thorax. Fortunately, the surgeon said no.

Can you imagine, the as-holes are practicing on the mutilated body from an accident and I was dying of pain.

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So much for the glory of surgery. May it be gone forever.

Runaway from it as if it was a plague.

Hydrate, cleanse, and heal yourself.

Love and light to us all.

Please if you can, support my work through donations.

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