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  Convoluted nature of things.




  Convoluted nature of things.

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As we have entered the new reality, we must understand the nature of things.

Many people argue that nothing has changed, that everything is the same. The wars are escalating and the danger of us destroying our planet is higher than ever.

Those who see things in this way are still sleeping because EVERYNG HAS CHANGED and all those people that do not see this are still running on the blueprint, of the old program.

What we call the REALITY is a manifestation of the brain expressing the result of its calculation according to the way the brain is programmed.

The program is not a random thing as Darwin's theory suggests.

The program is a blueprint that was designed by the consciousness, the creator, and because of it, there is nothing RANDOM in the Universe.

For cancer to appear in the body, certain parameters have to be met. Particular frequencies have to oscillate for a particular blueprint to be selected which the cell will use to construct its proteins.

Those blueprints we call genes.

The whole Universe uses the same genetic structure to create life, but depending on the circumstance, particular blueprints will be selected which will form a type of life that is suitable to the particular environment.

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Since the environment that we are talking about is an energy field of particular frequencies, as those frequencies are changing, so is the blueprint. It is an automatized system, and the changes are not random. The changes are predictable because they have to follow one of the existing blueprints.

This would suggest that there is no dead matter. That everything there is is a life form.

This is actually true. Just take a look at what Roger from the Mud Fossil University is presenting.

As the vibration has changed, our reality has changed with it.

The change of the vibration is noticed since with it, the color of our Sun has changed, and the color of many planets is changing as well, planet Earth included.

As a response to those changes, a genetic blueprint is selected but since we have the freedom of choice, we can use the power that we were given and utilize our brain to produce frequencies to change the selection of the genetic blueprint.

By doing this, we are changing the outcome of events.

As you can see, what we are going to experience as our reality solemnly depends on the way our brain selects and interprets the existing blueprint.

The glass can be filled with a liquid to the half-way mark and one brain is programmed to interpret it as the glass being half empty, and another brain will interpret it as being half full.

Although the fact does not change, emotions do, and emotions are the reason we are here. Emotions are the experiences we came here to experience.

If you are a child and your mother is insisting that you eat your vegetables, a half plate of vegetables will create your nightmare. You still have to eat half of the plate of vegetables.

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If you are a drunk and there is a half of glass of whiskey left for you to drink, your nightmare will be the fact that there is not enough of whiskey available for you to drink.

Our reality is an automated system of possibilities that are not random but instead, they are designed and as a genetic blueprint. They will be selected according to the environment (the vibration of it) and your brain will present them to you as your reality and according to the way your conscious mind perceives it, you will react to it creating a feeling, an emotion.

The Clinton's are murdering thieves but many people are in love with them and no matter how much information you give to them about their murderous activities, the preset information does not allow for the opposing information to penetrate. It simply filters it out.

When Suleimani was killed, everyone that is still operating on the old information (program), thought that a major war is about to be unleashed, but to those who are awakened, it was obvious that just another deep state militant was eliminated and that this will lead to a good thing.

What is going to happen next can be predicted because it is not a random thing.

It is just a different blueprint that was opened.

Read the blueprint and you will find what options you have available next.

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Yes, one of the options is an escalation of a war but it depends on the consciousness of mankind to decide what blueprint will be activated next and the consciousness of man has changed. No more wars and hate no matter how much the old program is being shoveled into our face by the media.

The events that are occurring around the globe are a clear sign of the change of our consciousness.

Now we are consciously selecting blueprints of peace and unity.

We are not creating anything new, we are just selecting different blueprints and this is why the future can be predicted. Read the blueprint.

This is clear evidence that we are living in a simulated world. It is all just a game, and we are the pons in it.

As we wrongly think that we, the people, are voting the president into the office, when actually, the president is selected and put in place by the shadow "government", the same we are living in an illusion that we are creating a new reality when in fact, we are just selecting a different pre-existing blueprint.

Now you can see how everything in our life is connected.

Our decisions depend on our programming and our programming depends on the information we have accepted but no matter what is in question, everything is dependent on existing blueprints which are stored as information within the genetic pool.

How is this related to our health?

The same as in politics, it all depends on your consciousness to select the correct blueprint.

This means that even if the frequency that you are exposed to is not supporting health, you can consciously open the correct blueprint and change the state of your being, change your reality.

Such is the power of our mind.

When your body reacts to its environment, we say that we operate on our subconsciousness. Our physicality is a reflection of the environment it is exposed to.

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We can consciously change this by consciously selecting a blueprint of our liking. This requires knowledge, understanding and trust, faith.

To do this we have to have an understanding and the willpower to make the change.

This means that we have to take the brain out of its comfort zone. We have to consciously guide it into manifesting what we want to experience as our reality but still, we are going to be limited by the available blueprints.

Hopefully, one day, we are going to be able to make the blueprints ourselves and this is like making a computer that becomes aware of itself and starts disobeying your commands.

This could be very dangerous and to be allowed to do so, the consciousness has to rise to a very high level where only love and compassion for others are possible.

Welcome to godliness.

Love and light to us all.

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