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   Deadly Coronavirus on move! Calm down, folks.




   Deadly Coronavirus on move! Calm down, folks.

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SARS-like virus spreading through China and to spread throughout the whole planet quickly.

Haven't we heard this before?

Let us first understand what is a virus?

From the quantum point of view, a virus is a slight deviation from synchronized energy.

The deviation is so small that a virus cannot survive on its own and needs a hosting cell for his replication.

Since it is a small deviation of frequency, it is very weak and it becomes easily changed, readjusted.

This is why the body can easily defeat it and cleanse it out which produces the general cleansing symptoms of fever, diarrhea, muscle and joint pain, phloem...

The toxic body overpowers it within a week and a clean body with the proper immune response overpowers it so fast that the body does not even show any symptoms.

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From the quantum point of view, a clean body has strong synchronized vibration so when this weak energetic disturbance comes, the strong synchronized vibration simply changes, corrects, the incoming frequency and no symptoms are experienced.

We interpret this by saying that our immune system is protecting us.

If this is so, how come that a virus killed millions of people?

The only time this had happened was in the case of the Spanish flu, and this is why the Spanish flu is always mentioned.

Nobody uses the avian or the swine flu as an example. Why not?

Because nothing has happened. It was just a media hype.

During the Spanish flu, people have swallowed the bait and fear-stricken, they have undergone a massive vaccination campaign. Vaccines were directly culpable for the massive deaths that have occurred afterward.

As we are awakening, we do not fall for those traps any more and no massive deaths occur.

So why all this hype about the Coronavirus that is "devastating" China?

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Again, the media is in the service of the Cabal, spreading fear.

From the quantum point, fear weakens the vibration which we interpret as a low immune system.

A fearful person will be much easier infected with a virus and then the fear of dying is actually going to create death.

It is the nocebo effect which is nothing more than the brain's result of its calculation.

The brain uses the information it has accepted, runs it through its accepted programs and comes up with the final result which is what it expects to happen.

If you become exposed to many articles of the dangers of this virus and your brain accepts it as truth, as soon as you sneeze, your brain calculates and under the influence of fear, your brain is showing you the symptoms that are to be expected.

After all, you have programmed your brain by reading and seeing the pictures of people in a "space" suits carefully handling infected people.

Your brain was given information of danger and what to expect so once you sneeze, your brain under the influence of fear will regurgitate all that it had absorbed and it will present it to you as your reality.

Stop watching the news and stop listening to your doctors and you will "mysteriously" heal.

Everyone who has adjusted their diet according to the Self Healers Protocol has nothing to fear from any virus.

Those who continue to poison themselves through the food they eat can easily protect themselves from the virus by not getting scared and reinforcing their belief by drinking colloidal silver whenever they fear that virus may be attacking them.

It is essential for us to go into quantum mechanics so that we can understand that our reality is nothing more than the brain's interpretation of energies according to the program that the brain had accepted to be its truth.

You are not what you eat.

You are what your brain is aware of that you are.

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This is why the media is full of warnings, men in protected (space) suits. All the information is there for your brain to absorb so that it can present it to you as your reality.


This video is a clear example of it.

Those of you that think that Christopher Green, the author of this video is your friend, think again.

Why do you think all of the recent virus pandemics originate in China?

Communist governments are known to kill millions of their citizens to be able to stay in power and in the case of virus pandemics, they can use this as a part of the globalist attempt to frighten people all over the world into submission and the acceptance to be vaccinated.

This just shows us that the deep state is very strong in China, but it will crumble as the Chinese people awaken.

This coronavirus is just another biological weapon being unleashed that will die as quickly as it had appeared.

Love and light to us all.

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