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  Can our immune system be used to combat cancer?




  Can our immune system be used to combat cancer?

A BBC article had exposed a scientific breakthrough.

There is a newly discovered immune pathway pointing to the realization that a T-call can actually be used to destroy cancer!

Ain't this something, hot water was just rediscovered. Let's get the steam engine going.


Reading this article, one would think that discovering that T-cells will attack and destroy cancer in the body is a new discovery.

In fact, this is a known fact for at least as long as I am alive since this is what I was told when I was studying medicine some 40 years ago.

Those fake studies that we are being bombarded with are designed to further confuse doctors while at the same time nothing of value is presented.

This "scientific" article of misinformation is suggesting that the patient's blood would have to be taken so that T-cells can be isolated, genetically modified and returned into the body so that the healing effect can be achieved.

This reminds me of the mother cell therapy sham.

High cost and no beneficial results to speak of. A washout.

stem cell research cartoon

If there is an emphasis to heal cancer patients, why were all the GcMAF laboratories destroyed and 200 health practitioners suicided that were using GcMAF in cancer therapies?

Wasn't that counterproductive saying the least?

Simple observation shows us that the immune system of wild animals protects them from cancer.

Shouldn't this be a trigger to investigate?

For many years I am showing the relationship between the dietary glucose and our nonfunctional immune system.

The higher is the glucose level in our body, the more enzyme nagalase is produced by our cells and the levels of GcMAF drops.

GcMAF is a biological marker that is designed to mark everything that is destined for destruction by our immune system.

Neither macrophage or T-cell will attack and destroy anything that was not previously marked for destruction by the GcMAF protein.

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Somehow, GcMAF protein is never being mentioned by the scientific circles. Isn't that strange?

Maybe tempering with T-cells is not what needs to b done after all.

Just maybe, the solution is to introduce the GcMAF marker into the body.

This would allow the body to mark what has to be destroyed and our immune system would take care of it.

This would have saved the patient a lot of money. No necessity for costly T-cell manipulation but there is more.

Why not stimulate the body to produce its own GcMAF marker?

This is not difficult to do.

All that has to be done is to eliminate or greatly reduce dietary glucose intake and increase animal-based food consumption.

This would mean that what doctors are suggesting, which is to switch their patient's diet to vegetable-based foods is contrary to what actually has to be done.

Are we being surprised?

Not me. I am expecting from our prominent scientists to suggest wrong things as they have been doing this for a long time.

Our schoolbooks are loaded with such information.

Pas Saturday, during the ayahuasca ceremony, the spirit told me to share the information that everything we have been told is corrupted and we should stop trying to learn using someone else's information.

We should observe, think about things and the necessary missing link will be revealed to us.

Well, this is exactly what I was doing in the last 20 years. No wonder that I see things completely differently from what we are being told.

To help the body to heal is no brainer.

This is why we need years of brainwashing and an elaborate system of the hierarchy so that we unconditionally accept nonsense as our truth and disregard what is obvious.

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This is how we are turned into mindless robots incapable of thinking and making our own decisions. Instead, we are trained to follow orders and accept medals for our great deeds of servitude.

Doctors, my colleagues, please snap out of it.

If you simply cannot handle the pressure, give me a call. I will help you.

Love and light to us all.

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