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   Weaponized biology




   Weaponized biology

My friend Robert sent me this video of Dr. Mercola interviewing Dr. Francis A. Boyle.


Dr. Boyle is revealing the fact that a Nazi operated biological weapon laboratories exist and are in full use.
Those of you following my work are very well aware of this.

As I have explained in my previous articles and videos, this Wuhan corona virus is a biological weapon that was manufactured in Wuhan, China, and it was put into the use there as well.

Dr. Boyle said that the virus had escaped and this is what started the global shutdown.

coronavirus cartoon

Let me be clear on this.

No virus ever escaped from a biological weapon laboratory, ever.

There are two ways how biological virus spreads into the population.

One is an intentional infestation with the purpose of creating a data of its efficacy, which was the case of the Lyme disease and first HIV cases in Los Angeles on the gay community before it was intentionally used in Africa.

The other way that the bio-weapon spreads into the population is an intentional attack which was the case of AIDS spreading through Africa, the Spanish flu, the avian flu...and now the corona virus “pandemic”.

How do we know when the biological weapon is used as an attack and when it is releases as an experiment?

If the bio-weapon was released quietly with nobody being aware of it, then this is a part of an experiment.

If the release of a bio-weapon is heavily publicized, this is an deliberate attack for which this bio-weapon was created.

coronavirus cartoon

In the year of 1920, Geneva Protocol was signed which prohibits the use and the manufacturing of biological and chemical weapons, so why are such weapons still being manufactured?

Bacteria and virus are very difficult to contain in one area so once released, they will affect also those who had released it.

This is not smart way of resolving a conflict, wouldn't you say?

Those bio-weapons were never created to be used in a conflict of one country against another. As you can see for yourself, they are used to create a general, universal, panic.

The whole planet is in a lock-down.

Who controls the release of those bio-weapons?

The shadow, unelected government which has no country and no border.

Wherever you have a “World Organization” such as the United Nations, the World Bank, the World Health Organization...they are all facades of this Illuminate or Cabal evil that is enslaving the humanity.

Malum Nalu: 50 days on, World Health Organisation ...

Spreading HIV, for example

Since this Evil is spread through the entire planet, only a worldwide assault can be used to deal with it and this is what we are witnessing at this moment.

The focus is diverted on the corona virus while the battle is raging.

In the past, this were the tactics of Cabal. Now, the good forces have kidnapped their setup and are using it against them.

The statistics are showing that this version of corona virus is weak and only very toxic people are dying from it.

As I have pointed out in my video, a special strain of this corona virus was created (most likely by Bill Gates) and was used as a bio-marker in adrenochrome. Everyone who had lately used adrenochrome from Wuhan is now infected and better yet, marked with this virus for everyone to see.

They cannot hide. Do you agree Mr. Hanks?

The Armageddon that the “chosen ones” were planing for us, is coming down on them.

Stop listening to the news. All you are hearing are lies and decoys.

Coronavirus Fears

It is time to go within, search your soul. Meditate, pray and above all celebrate.

The light is starting to shine on humanity as the evil is being rounded up and destroyed.

The corona virus is easily fought with nanoparticle colloidal silver but also with Chloroquine so no vaccine is necessary and do not even think of getting jabbed as this is how the diseases are spread.

Those of us who follow Q, are well informed of what is going on.

No panic my brothers and sisters. WWG1WGA

These boys and girls are coming for you, you self righteous hypocrites.

Love and light to us all.

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