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  Arming your immune system to the fullest.




  Arming your immune system to the fullest.

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Since we are in this battle, it is important to understand how we can best protect ourselves.

To protect yourself, you have to know your enemy.

So, who is our enemy?

Who is feeding us the information that makes us fearful?

The media. It is the Major media and most of the so-called alternative media.

I just saw an article from Mike Adams. Many people follow him as the health guru (and he is just a supplement pusher), and all his articles spread fear the same as this one:


Please stop watching the “Tel a lie Vision”, stop reading the newspapers and stop searching the net for horror stories.

If you want to know what is going on, watch BCP (The Black Conservative Patriot), or “And we know”, or “Report 22, or RedPill78”. There are more sites that are well informed but these are some that I go to when I want to see what's going on.

Also “Benjamin Fulford Report” comes on every Monday and it is excellent and “Jim Willies Newsletter” is packed with a good information as well.

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The fear can lower your immune response because it robs your body of energy. This disarms the immune system.

The fear together with the information of a very bad symptoms that you are being bombarded with and the massive deaths blamed on the “incredibly dangerous virus”, can trigger manifestation of those bad symptoms and the death itself.

Do not forget what I was talking about how the nocebo effect is as real and powerful as the placebo effect.

Your belief can cure you but it can also cause your disease and your death.

This is the reason why we are bombarded with those horrific reports which are totally manufactured and false.

Yes, people may be dying but from what?

Definitely not from the corona COVID-19 or the COVID-400 that those who drank laced adrenochrome were marked with.

This is a weak virus and only the extremely toxic people have strong symptoms and are possibly dying from it. People with the highest toxicity are the old and those with a chronic respiratory problems.

Keep in mind that the dark “scum” is everywhere and many of them will be eliminated. Their death will be blamed on the Corona virus as well.

Eye Of Providence, Eye Pyramid Symbol Made Of Hands And ...

This is already happening in Italy where 60 Priests in Vatican were eliminated as the plague they are.

The culmination will be from March 31st to April 11th, and blackout of the Internet may occur during those days.

Knowing what's going on will help you to control your fear. Instead celebrate in your home, sing, dance, and laugh.

This is the best way to raise your energy to the maximum and with it you will be making your immune response strong.

Drink water with sea salt so that your body can keep itself clean.

Do not accept any vaccination and if they are trying to fumigate your home, do not open the door. Do not let them into your house. Those fumes are toxic and will provoke your body to go into cleansing of your lungs creating a flu-like symptoms which will be then misinterpreted as corona virus infection.

All lies and deceits and now the attack of the misinformation is worse than ever before.

On the other hand, we are daily being fumigated with toxic fumes supposedly to protect us from mosquitoes while the hospitals are overcrowded with people that are experiencing respiratory problems like never before.

Because of the misinformation, the young and brainwashed people are throwing stones on the buss carrying elderly to a safer location in Spain.

In Peru local brainwashed idiots have burned 500 bats in a cave to protect themselves from the virus.

Brainvashed and fearfull people present a danger to themselves and others.

My friend Jad who lives in Dubai told me today that they are being informed that the houses will be fumigated.

We are all attacked at the same time and we are fighting back and winning.

If you have symptoms of cold, do not worry. Drink nanoparticle colloidal silver if you can get it, use anti malaria medication chloroquin, and if none is available, steam your respiratory system with chamomile tea or simply with water vapors.

Hot steam destroys virus.

Just a bit more patience. Hopefully, on 12th of April we will celebrate.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek

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