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   What is the relation between the frequency, thought, faith, symbol, manifestation, and health? Part 3




   What is the relation between the frequency, thought, faith, symbol, manifestation, and health? Part 3

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By utilizing the results of the double slit experiment, I have explained how what we call our reality is nothing more than a brain's construct.

Depending of the information that the brain receives and the programming that it has accepted, our brain will calculate the most probable outcome and it will present it to us through the light (a hologram) which we accept as being our reality.

The logical question pops up, why does our reality not change if we accept a theory and decide to change something in our life?

For example, since I am so convinced that this is how our reality is formed and my brain is loaded with all the necessary programs, why can't I instantly change my reality and walk on the water or fly?

Here comes the crucial ingredient of manifestation which is the faith.
The believe system and the faith behind it are the crucial components of manifestation.

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One can have all the knowledge necessary and really believe that things work a certain way but it is unable to manifest just because there is a sliver of doubt.

This is why the message of Jesus Christ is so important as it is unbelievable at the same time.

“If you believe (have faith) you can move the mountains”.

Why is it so difficult for us to have an unconditional trust?

Why can we just decide to believe something and then do it unconditionally?

Some people truly believe that they cannot manifest.

Well if that would have been so, then they could not have the experience of life because what we call our reality is nothing else than a manifestation but we are deeply convinced that what we experience is a solid truth.

When you drop a stone on your toe, you expect it to hurt.

When you jump into the water, you expect to become wet.

When you miss a step, you expect to fall.

As you can see, our reality depends on expectation. Your brain has a program how to process certain frequencies and when it receives additional information, it calculates and the result of this calculation becomes the expected reality.

Once the brain programs are set and accepted, the information is processed by them and it is extremely difficult to change the expected outcome. The only way this can be achieved is by taking the old program out and replacing it by another.

You can see someone walking on water and you can be told that you can do it as well. All you have to do is to have the faith that you can do it.

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So you see that it can be done, you have the information how this can be achieved and still you will fail.


Because the old program that tells you that it cannot be done is in place.

A sliver of doubt will prevent you from manifesting.

Expectation is the clue.

How can we overcome our brains programming?

To change the program is very difficult because every new information will be dissected by the accepted program and if it does not support it, it will be discarded.

Even a simple information as the one of a religious character show us how difficult it is for most people to accept a change.

The more you believe, the more difficult it is to change. For the Catholic it will be easier to accept Hinduism or some other religion than for the Muslim

.faith cartoon

The deeper is the belief set in, the more difficult it is to let go and change, so what do you think, how difficult is to accept a belief that human can fly?

The easiest way to go about changing our belief system is by tapping into our third eye.
Once we experience things with our third eye, it becomes easier to convince our brain that the same can be replicated through our eyes.

Once we have our third eye experience, we can see ourselves healthy, we can feel the result of this experience and easily we can transfer this experience through our eyes into what we call our real world.

Dr. Joe Dispenza is teaching people the mechanics of how to get to the third eye consciousness in the fastest way possible.
I have just started to implement this technique and cannot comment on it from my experience but if you want to give it a try, here is a video about it.


Here is a practical demonstration of the same.


The first step in anything we do is always the most difficult and time consuming.
Once we experience some change, brain will start accepting contradicting information easier and easier, and its reprogramming will accelerate.

The basic programs of our brain that we are born with, are all about survival. They are the most difficult to change and this is why we are convinced that we have to eat to be able to survive.

By changing the program, we are going to change all aspects of our reality that we want to be different.

As long as you believe that you have to eat, you have to kill to be able to obtain your food.
Killing an animal or plant makes not a big difference. You are destroying to survive.

This is why reprogramming this part of our belief system is already going on and soon we are going to manifest the food so that we do not have to kill, and then many of us are going to stop eating all together.

Our entire life experience is based on our brain's programming and its expectations.
The time has come for us to understand the mechanics behind it so that we can consciously redesign the program.

Do you want a world without a disease?
So. let's get on with it.

Welcome to the New World.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek

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