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   Coping with doldrums




   Coping with doldrums

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Stagnation creates the worst problems in our life.

Humans are inquisitive, active, and social animals. If we are not busy, we invent things to do.

We are never fully satisfied and this is why we always think of change.

We are so busy all of the time that we have stopped paying attention to what we are experiencing.

We want more before we even try to use what we already have, and all of the sudden, we are forced to stay put and deal with what we got.

What a disaster, but is it a disaster or is it the necessary step to awakening?

Now we have the chance to calm down.

As soon as we calm down, thoughts start to appear. We start analyzing our situation. This is what meditation is all about.

Calm your brain and what happens?

The thoughts come to the surface of experiences that made the most impact on your life.

The brain becomes very busy analyzing what has happened and how to resolve the situation.

We become more aware, and often, this is when solutions present themselves.

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We are learning from books and often there is so much we have to memorize that we do not have the time to think about what we are being told.

We do not analyze things, we just blatantly accept them, store them, so that we can use them in future calculations not recognizing that most of the things we are being told make absolutely no sense.

Now as we have the time to think and analyze what we have been told, completely different picture starts to form in front of our eyes.

My awakening started many years ago while sailing by myself. Nothing else to do but think and search my soul for the missing answers.

All of a sudden, I have started to realize the absurdities in medical science that I was made to swallow during my studies.

Many health professionals are awakening now when they have the opportunity to think calmly.

The world we have been living in was becoming increasingly polluted, twisted, where the positive things were accepted as negative and the negative were accepted as being positive.

Doctors, instead of healing their patients, became the source of more health problems. Today doctors are the leading cause of human death and suffering.

The same thing is happening in the religion.

The Pope has become the Devil himself and the catacombs of Vatican became the Hell.

The politicians that we have voted into power, are now depriving us of liberty and are becoming our executioners.

Is this what the world has become?

No, this is how the world was for many years without us knowing because we were to busy to notice.

The German people are being blamed for the suffering of Jewish people while the most atrocities against the Jews were done by Jews themselves.

Hitler was a Jew,

Who was the one that had send the most Jews to the concentration camps so that he can plunder their wealth?

George Soros, a Jew himself.

The German people are still being blamed and Hitler was allowed to live calmly in Argentina and Soros is allowed to promote socialism and continues poisoning young minds through the indoctrination system of schooling.

Soros continues financing social arrest and brainwashing, and together with the Rothschild's plotting the Biblical prophecy of Jewish triumph over the Goyim (a worthless eaters, lower than animals), yes you and me my friends and family, we are goyim.

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Are you awakening now?

How many Soros, Schumer's, Kissinger's, Levey's, Shapiro's, Lieberman's, Blumenthal's, Rosenblum's, Goldberg's, Goodman's, Steinberg's, Feinstein's, Biden's, Cohen's, Levi's, Chertoff's, Mnuchin's, Spitzer's, Ginsburg's, Schiff's, … do we need before we open our eyes?

What we needed this calm.

Everything we have been told was manipulated the same way as the News is being manipulated now.

Journalists are script readers and actors. They are to convince us that what we see is not what is happening. What is happening is what we are being told by them.

The same as in the science, we are being told what to think and how to respond.

Less people has died recently than before but we are all told to barricade ourselves to be safe.

Doctors are not allowed to “help” anybody else but COVID-19 patients.

Is this the reason why less people are dying?

The less doctors are involved, the less health problem arise.

All of the sudden, people become healthier.

I am sure that the followers of my work are not surprised at all.

Everything is changing. Nothing will ever be the way it was so do not expect to return to your past life as usual.

Do not panic, because everything will be better, much better than it was before.

Adam And Eve In The Garden Of Eden - Austrian Art

The light will make everything transparent for all to see.

No more secrets, lies, and deceits. Remember, we see because of the light.

The light creates our reality.

A true knowledge is pouring in and it will be to much for the brain to bare.

The brain fears every change, being it bad or good.

We have to overcome this fear.

Brain's reprogramming has to take place so that the fear can be overcommed.

Yes, many jobs will be lost, but many more will emerge as a result of the new understanding.

Do not fear, rejoice.

Take the time and twice a day heal yourself by irradiating yourself with a violet light.

No equipment is necessary.

The brain is the most potent frequency emitter, so use it.

Do a guided meditations like this one:


Our future looks brilliant.

Love and light to us all.

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