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   The misconceptions about the immune system




   The misconceptions about the immune system

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Whenever scientists try to resolve a problem, they use the knowledge provided to them through the indoctrination centers we call schools.

The knowledge that is available to us is censored the same way as what we call the News is.

As we are more and more aware of the fact that what we are being told by our trusted news provider is actually scripted information that is provided to us so that we form a particular opinion, the same way the schools are used to lead us in the desired direction of those who provide the "scientific" information.

What is this desired direction as far as medicine is concerned? Isn't it supposed to be healing?

Actually, what we learn in schools is controlled by individuals who profit from the general public.

As far as our health goes, those who benefit from the general public are the pharmaceutical and medical corporations.

They profit from human diseases and suffering.

The more people are suffering, the more money those corporations are making so the obvious question pops up.

Is it in the interest of those corporations to heal people and diminish their suffering?

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Obviously not, but the knowledge of health professionals depends on the information that those corporations provide.

The obvious conflict of interest, but who's counting?

To be able to have total control over the medical industry, the medicine has to become centralized so that the information that is provided can be controlled.

This is why there is a push to eliminate all "alternatives" to this centralized medical manipulation.

Only the licensed doctors "know" the true science and can provide curing solutions "safely".

A bunch of lies is being implanted into a licensed physician's brains that make it impossible for them to see the truth so that they can actively contribute to increased health demise and peoples suffering and in this way increase the profits of the corporations that they serve.

This is becoming more and more visible as corporate greed increases.

Just look at Dr. Fauci, he is directly involved in the COVID-19 scheme that resulted in worldwide destruction of the economy that was planned for the purpose of a worldwide depopulation.

The human body, the same as the body of any animal, has a very strong immune system that protects it. To make someone susceptible to diseases, this system has to be weakened.

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For this purpose, doctors are being presented a bunch of lies as being truths which makes it impossible for a doctor not just to improve the immune system of the body, but to further undermine it.

The basic poisoning of the immune system is being done through food recommendations.

When we eat toxic food, no amount of antidote (vitamins, antioxidants, supplements..) can nullify it.

Incorrect food is lowering our immune system in various ways.

Some toxins bring toxic frequencies which trigger our genes to change their expression, and some toxins simply lower our energy making our body an easy target for pathogens.

In our medical books, the immune system is all about the neutrophils, macrophages, and killer cells.

It is all about the fight, and the winner takes it all when in fact, energy and magnetism is the basic instrument of our immune system.

Macrophage and the killer cells can deal with bacteria and proteins but those are insignificant in the scope of our ailments.

Only a few health problems are caused by them.

A great majority of health problems are caused by acidity and general toxicity which creates a problem of energy manipulation within our body.

We can only fully understand this by approaching it from the view of quantum mechanics.

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A healthy cell, tissue, and the body as a whole vibrate with a healthy frequency.

The stronger is the energy of this frequency, the more stable it will be this vibration and more difficult it is to make changes to this frequency.

On a level of matter and the Newtonian physics this is explained that every cell, tissue, organ, and the body as a whole have a magnetic field that protects them from other frequencies (organisms) since every organism radiates a positive magnetic charge.

The stronger is the energy (electricity), the stronger is the magnetic field, and the result of it is a strong repelling field that keeps the intruder on a distance.

The weaker is the energy (electric charge), the weaker is the magnetic field which results in weaker repelling force and the distance between the cell and the intruder diminishes.

We know that the more acidic is the cell, the lesser electric charge it can hold. This makes it more likely to be approached by a pathogen.

Looking at the immune system from this point of view, the principal force behind our immune system response is the level of our energy.

The more energy we have (the higher is the electromagnetic potential of our cells), the stronger is the immune reaction of our body.

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Is there any proof for this "theory", you may ask?

First, we are all aware that the elderly and those with chronic health issues are more prone to the flu. They are more toxic, acidic, and they are lower on energy (electricity), their flu symptoms are stronger and even resulting in death. Their immune system is weak, we say.

Other than increased acidity in the body, energy can be depleted by the fear factor.

Fear is a product of our brain. The fearful brain soaks energy like a dry sponge.

You may feel healthy and after being frightened you come down with the flu, or some other health issue. This has been seen in many cases of "diseases".

There is also proof that a surge of energy can dramatically increase the body's immune defense. Resistance to change its vibration.

Empowering the body with a surge of extra energy through your belief system and completely eliminating the fear you can expose your body to harmful toxins of any kind including radiation, and the strong energetic field (magnetism) will repel it and your health will be none-affected.

Many people have proved that their faith is so strong that they can drink poison and not be affected by it.

They explain that the faith of God protects them.

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Yes, their faith energizes them and strips the fear away making a strong magnetic field that protects them.

This just shows you that you can be acidic and toxic but your faith may protect you.

It is all about the vibration and the strength of the energetic field, which is the "immune system" that sustains the energy and prevents it from changing.

Now you see why fear is the principal weapon of the Cabal and the means of application are the religion, schools, media, and the entertainment industry.

Learn who you are.

Learn about the power you possess.

Letting go of the fear will make you free and untouchable.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek

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