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   DISEASE, the great deception.




   DISEASE, the great deception.

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There is nothing that parents fear more than their child catching some disease.

For many people, the fear of becoming sick prevents them from doing many things just because they are not "safe".

When the child is borne, we are instructed to bundle it well so that it remains in a warm environment.

We are instructed to wash it frequently so that it does not get in touch with pathogens and does not "catch" some disease.

Mothers are instructed to disinfect their nipples before breastfeeding their children.

Children are instructed to wash their hands frequently, especially before they eat to prevent contact with germs.

On the other side, mothers are instructed to use the baby formula to supplement the mother's milk.

As soon as the teeth start to emerge, mothers start introducing their babies to dietary starches which nowadays does not create so much problem with diarrhea as it did in the past.

The reason for this is the introduction of babies to starch through the baby formula.

Young children are given cooked and processed foods and instead of water, they are given juices and flavored toxic beverages.

Their bodies cannot cleanse properly and they start becoming toxic.

What we have achieved is a new breed of human that has become dependent on comfort and had lost the innate ability to adapt to their environment.

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Instead of allowing the body to adjust to the changes in the weather, we try to maintain the same environment by dressing up, putting warmer clothes.

This makes our body lazy, and it stops adapting. Then we are surprised that we become sick when we fail in time to counter the environmental change and we "catch" a disease.

We get caught in the rain without a raincoat, we are caught in a cold wind without a sweater, or we eat a sandwich without washing our hands, and what happens?

We catch a disease. Why?

Animals do not react to those changes the way we do because they do not disable their program of adaptation the way we do.

Now as people have started to dress-up their pets, and to feed them with processed food from the "stupidmarket", their pets are coming down with the same problems as their owners are.

What is happening?

As the change in the environment happens, our body does not respond by adapting to it because it is accustomed to being taken care of by us.

The initial reaction is a shock/stress which creates a surge of additional energy from the glycogen. This will maintain the body warm giving it a chance to adapt. Since it is used to be taken care of, it does not react, it waits for us to react.

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If we do not protect it in time, the drop of the energy caused by the initial stress, weakens the vibrational field of the cells making them susceptible to change. The cellular vibration is being altered and our brain is presenting this as a change of our reality.

We are becoming sick.

While resisting this new energy, cells start eliminating toxins, and the more toxic they are, the more polluted the blood becomes and the more complicated symptoms we are going to experience.

We call this dis-ease the flu, and we blame an invisible/non-existing organism for it.

We have named this nonexistent organism, a virus.

The change of the environment can affect the whole body or just some parts of it.

When there is a change of frequency in one tissue, the change of our reality will be presented in that particular tissue.

Since the virus has no physicality, it does not have genes.

This means that the virus cannot adjust to any other frequency. For this reason, the virus will always affect the same type of tissue/cells that resign in the same environment/frequency, and it will not be able to affect other tissues in the body.

If you have experienced herpes on your lip, every time your energy is low or you have experienced a stressful situation, herpes will re-emerge but in the exactly same spot.

You can transfer it onto another person but again it will emerge in the same place as it emerges on your lip. It can only affect the same frequency, the same tissue, and the severity of the manifestation/disease will depend on the level of the toxicity of the cells in this tissue.

The higher is the toxicity, the bigger will be the blisters.

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I have proven the fact that when we cleanse the affected cells, the manifestation of the virus disappears.

The electromagnetic imprint of the false energy/virus is remaining but no symptoms of the disease occur.

If we pollute those cells again, the manifestation of the disease returns.

We can sponge out the electromagnetic imprint of the virus so that this deviation of energy stops affecting these cells. This can be done by using electromagnetic waves o a particular frequency. Sophisticated instruments can be used or we can instruct our brain to take care of it.

Dr. Keshe's "one cup" plasma also changes the field of energy and disarms the virus. I have tested it and it worked well.

Whenever there is a strong eruption of viral disease, you can be sure that the person that is affected is very toxic on the cellular level of this particular tissue.

When it comes to bacteria and fungus, things are different.

Bacteria and fungus do posses a material form, they do have their proteins, and they do have the genes.

This makes them adaptable to changes in the environment.

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Since there are different types of environments in the body since every organ and every tissue has its particular frequency, the virus cannot spread around but the bacteria and fungus can.

Through their genetic system, they can adjust to other frequencies and survive in every organ and tissue of our body.

For the bacteria and fungus to be able to survive, they have to have food available.

Since every living organism is positively charged on the outside, it is radiating a positive magnetic charge.

Our cells are also positively charged which prevents fungus and bacteria to feed on them, they are dependent on debris which we call the toxic cellular garbage.

The more toxic garbage our cells contain, the more bacteria and fungus will be produced to deal with this garbage.

The high electromagnetic potential will create a strong magnetic field over the toxins as well and the multiplication of the pathogen organisms will be slowed down.

The same as with the virus, stress will lower the electromagnetic potential, lowering the magnetic field and allowing the pathogen organisms to reach their food.

The pathogen organisms also produce toxic acids that will induce the affected cells to "vomit". The same as it is with the virus, the more polluted are the cells, the more toxic material will end up in the blood causing the symptoms of a blood's cleansing. Now when we can isolate what pathogen organism is involved, we name the symptoms by the name of the pathogen we had isolated, or we give it some other name. For example the brucellosis we have named the Malta fever or the Mediterranean fever.

As you can see, no pathogen organism creates symptoms that are specific just for it.

The symptoms are related to the type and the amount of toxicity of the body, and the pathogen organisms are just an instrument that triggers the cellular cleansing to which the symptoms that we experience are related to.


Once we understand this, we also realize that we can stop the symptoms from occurring by having our cells and our blood clean, by preventing our body to react to the changing environment and to change our environment and match it to the new environment to prevent the genetic adaptation and the consequent cellular cleansing respond.

In the following article, I will explain the different ways we can implement to prevent the symptoms of a disease to manifest themselves.

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Love and light to us all.

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