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   Do we have to be vaccinated to prevent the lock-down of the economy?




   Do we have to be vaccinated to prevent the lock-down of the economy?

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Many countries around the world are closing down as the second wave of the corona-virus is intensifying, as a new scare of a third, extremely deadly, wave of the corona-virus is predicted to hit our planet in February of 2021.

Even the most indoctrinated people have to realize that those are not predictions. Those are planned events.

We are going to be bombarded with the "news" about an epidemic whenever the Cabal/Deep-state wants to push an issue.

How is it possible that the entire planet goes into a lock-down at the exact same time when it takes the disease some time to spread around?

This what is happening has nothing to do with any virus, it is a planned destruction of the global economy and President Trump with the Alliance/White Hats is in the way.

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All global organizations are involved in this.

This means that every multinational corporation, the United Nations, the World Health Organization, religious organizations, the World monetary Fond...are involved in this shame.

The CEOs and selected members of those organizations hold meetings in DEVOS to synchronize their attacks.

Their planes are executed in every country exactly the same way.

In Germany, Profesor Christian Drosten a chief virologist in Berlin was selected/paid off to become the government consultant on COVID whose lies about the virus are going to be promoted as the truth.

Lothan Weiler a government health chief was bribed to support those lies.

Every opposition has been neglected or suppressed so that all that the German people can hear are those lies.

German hospitals were bribed with a lot of money for every diagnosed COVID death, so they keep on lying.

The media is spreading and amplifying those lies.

The political accomplices enforce masks and vaccination and shutdowns as the fooled population bows helpless.

In the USA, the scientific expert was Dr. A. Fauci, and the scientific political push was Deborah Brix.

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Every country on this planet that is a member of any global organization is following the same script.

Fortunately, people are awakening and lawsuits are springing up.


For this plan of Cabal/Depp-state to go forward, President Donald J. Trump had to be stopped. This is why a huge deep-state sham was concocted to steal the US presidential election so that the power comes back to the deep-state players.

There is no battle between the Democrats and the Republicans. There are a few good people on both sides of the aisle, but the scum is rampant everywhere.

Stealing elections was a long-time practice and the reason why Trump has won in the 2016th election was that the steal was prevented by the Alliance.

This time around, it was not. Instead, the stealing of the election was monitored and recorded so that it can be exposed for everyone to see.

Only after being exposed, people will wake up to reality.

Now the question that bothers most of those who are awakening is if this is true and the COVID virus does not exist, why was Trump sick, and why is he mentioning the vaccine and the military involvement in the vaccination?

Well, President Trump and his family were "sick" only a couple of days before miraculously emerging "stronger than ever".

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I bet that most of you who are familiar with my work and my teaching on the virus are still uncomfortable in the presence of a "sick" person and most likely will put on a mask, "just in the case", not to catch the bug.

Trump is being attacked as being an irresponsible lunatic. He has to play the role.

Almost everyone believes that there is this microorganism called Coronavirus so having masks is protecting them from it. This is why you can see so many masked people and no law is there to force them to use masks.

Since the President wants to maintain the economy opened and going, the people have to be reassured that it is safe for them to go out and to work and socialize.

This is why, in my opinion, a colored placebo/vaccine that is more than 94% effective is made available in a record time.

Those who are scared and wish to use it, can and their fear of contracting this nonexistent virus will disappear.


Those of you who know the truth and do not have fear of the virus, do not need the placebo/vaccine.

The B. Gates toxic COVID vaccine was ready to be used since 2018th and it is being implemented now on the unsuspected population in Peru and most likely elsewhere. People are dying from it, especially the elderly.

President Trump is not going to touch this poison, instead, a placebo is made available. Still, there is no way I am going to allow anything to be injected into my body, and I urge you to do the same.

Those of you who are still in doubt and in fear of D. J. Trump losing the election read this letter that Archbishop Carlo Vigano letter to President Trump


If you need more convincing, watch this video:


Nothing can stop what is happening, nothing!


Love and light to us all.

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