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  Our body's response to the change in frequency




  Our body's response to the change in frequency

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Many people worldwide are lately experiencing symptoms that are usually related to some kind of sickness.

I am going to use my own experience to explain what is going on since my body is fairly clean on the cellular level and I do not have any chronic health issues that our "madsin" would recognize.

Before I start with the symptoms, I want to remind you that in our essence we are conscious energy in a spectrum of synchronized vibrations.

This spectrum of frequencies is part of a common energetic field which we call the environment.

Every move of our energetic body leaves a disturbance in its environment, and so does every change in vibration of our environment affect the frequencies of our energetic body.

By placing the observer/creator into this, a program is utilized that converts some of the frequencies into particles and some into emotions.

Now we are experiencing these energies as our physicality, and our reality.

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Since our physicality depends on the frequencies of our energetic body, every change in the frequency of our environment will create a reaction in our body as the frequencies act one upon the other.

So that our physicality does not change with every minor vibratory change of our environment, a system of genes was introduced that instructs our cells how to behave in the changing environment.

I see this as a computer update so that the brain does not show those changes as blemishes or diseases.

Sometimes, if the vibrational shift is stronger and persists, the genetic blueprint that is being read will actually manifest visible changes in accordance with the basic brain's programming and animals will show changes that we call adaptations like for example they will grow a thicker fur, or lose some of their furs.

Most of the genes we possess are not being used. Actually, in our reality only proximately 3% of the available genes are active because this is what is required in this energetic field to present our present reality.

In my previous articles, I have been mentioning that our environment is rapidly changing. The frequencies are increasing. In particular, what is important to us is the Earth's vibration we call the Schuman frequency because this frequency is directly stimulating our genes.

The Schuman frequency is replicated by our brain and we call it the alpha brain wave.

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Our cells are responding genetically to the increased Alpha brain waves and our body has started to mutate.

Any cellular adaptation is energy-hungry because one type of frequency is being transformed into another type of frequency which on the level of our reality requires tearing things apart and rebuilding them.

This is similar to what we call disease and healing.

So what symptoms do we experience when we are sick and healing?

Tiredness. We want to be left alone and sleep.

Headache, and muscle aches.

As we start eliminating the discarded cellular material/garbage, we may get nausea and diarrhea. Smelly urine, fever, sweats...

Depending on the severity of the cleansing that is taking place, symptoms may vary, especially if the cells also release toxins that they have been accumulating during a longer period of time.

Lately, I was feeling tired. In the morning I felt more tired than I was at night before getting into bed.

I felt pressure in my forehead.

A couple of days ago I felt shivers like if I was catching a cold so I bundled myself to preserve energy which would have been lost in heat production.

This has maintained my cellular voltage/immunity high enough so that my cellular vibration does not shift (I do not get sick), still, my body continued to cleanse and a slight increase in my body temperature occurred, and after that, the runs have started.

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This was a cleansing event, my physical experience of an energetic shift as my body is mutating into a different type of being.

Any suppression of those symptoms would make it more difficult to adjust to the high frequencies of our changing environment.

Modern medicine was concocted to brainwash us into believing that what are the cleansing symptoms, are symptoms of a disease that have to be stopped.

This actually prevents us from evolving.

Those who are brainwashed in believing that we have to eat carbohydrates/cooked vegetables to be able to ascend have it all wrong. This type of food is the Biblical "forbidden fruit" that took us out of Eden and now in this world of lies, we are being convinced that this is good for us.

It really does not make any difference if the symptoms that you are experiencing are the symptoms of a "disease" or the symptoms of elimination of the cellular discarded matter as a result of the reprogramming of your body.

We should help our body to deal with them and not to suppress what the body wants to do.

The essential ingredients our body needs in this process are structured water and minerals in the form of salts (sea salt).

When you feel hungry, eat your food with a minimal amount of heating so that you do not alter its frequency. What you cannot eat in a raw state, is not your food.

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The reason why I had experienced strong cleansing symptoms was the fact that last week I ate the wrong food. I had a pizza and ice-cream. Then, instead of cleansing the following day, I had chocolate and nuts.

On the third day, my body reacted to this abuse and went into cleansing mode.

Now, after the cleanse is done, I feel great again.

If I would have been strict with my diet, I am sure that the symptoms of changes in my biology would stay on the level of tiredness since there would have been way less toxic material to eliminate and my kidneys would be sufficient to do the job. No cleansing/symptoms of a disease would have occurred.

This is another proof that the more toxic we are, the strongest symptoms we will experience when the detox starts.

If I would go to see the doctor (depending on a current agenda), I would have been diagnosed with COVID, or Dengue, or Zika, or HIV, or any other none existent virus because my genetic material would have been detected in my blood.

As you can see, everything that we are told are a bunch of lies designed to lead us on the wrong path, to make us sick/misinformed, and dependent.

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We are all going to experience cleansing symptoms in this time of evolution and the cleaner we are on the cellular level, the easier symptoms we are going to experience.

Those people with the most toxicity already suffer from symptoms this toxicity creates (chronic diseases), and when the additional toxicity hits (caused by the vibratory shift), they will have a hard time to cleanse and adjust, especially if they trust the wisdom of their brainwashed doctors who have helped them to create those chronic diseases in the first place.

Use the SHP and cleanse. It may save your life, and if you do not feel sick, it will make your mutation/evolution easier.

Are you awakening?

Can you handle the truth or are you stuck hopelessly in the world of lies?

Love and light to us all.

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