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   LOST IN SCIENCE-does milk make our bones stronger?




   LOST IN SCIENCE-does milk make our bones stronger?


Recently, Mark sent me an article which elaborates about whether the milk benefits the strength of our bones, or not. It even questions if there is any benefit to drinking milk?


This does not surprise me at all.

In the matter of fact, no stupidity coming out of our "cherished science" surprises me.

I am sure that such stupidity does not surprise any member of my family who follows my work.

The more awake we become, the more obvious is the infantile thinking and reasoning of those acknowledged scientists we are supposed to trust.

For example, in the article, they have mentioned a study where they follow the progress of nurses who had more than a glass of milk a day versus those who did not.

Now, based on the observation, it was concluded that no apparent difference was noticed.

It was not taken in the consideration of what eating and drinking habit those nurses had.

Did they drink coffee?

Did they drink alcohol and how much?

Did they consume carbohydrates and how many?

How much stress have they been exposed to?

Did they consume salt and what type of salt they have been using?

Have they been medicated or have they been using drugs?

What type of milk they have been consuming?.....

This is like having a bunch of cars tested which type of gasoline will make their engines last longer but their oil and coolant were never changed or revised.

When a damage to the engine occurs, there is no clear sign that will point to a particular type of gasoline because the damage was not caused by the impure fuel but by the old oil which did not lubricate the engine well, or by the lack of coolant that was never revised so the engine was running too hot.


How can you expect proper reading if the sample is compromised?

This is the problem with gathering statistics and basing our conclusion on them, and most "scientific" decisions are made in this way.

It is like blind leading a blind and proudly declaring that it did not see anything.

The milk has all the ingredients necessary for the body to grow, from the fats and sugar to the proteins, minerals, salts, enzyme, and vitamins.

Yes, I said minerals and salts.

Most people are deficient on minerals and salts and the strength of bones depends on them.

Our body needs calcium for variety of functions and the bone strength is one of them, but for the bone strength, there also have to be other minerals which mostly come into the body in the form of salts. The milk has them all.

For the calcium to be able to sediment around the collagen bone fibers, the area has to be alkalized. This job is done by the osteoblast which poor alkaline phosphatase in this spot.

People who eat a lot of carbohydrates, drink coffee or alcohol are acidifying the blood. Since the blood has to maintain its alkalinity, those buffers are commissioned from the liver and bones to neutralize the acidic effect of the food. Now there is no alkaline buffer left in the bone and the bone cannot sediment the calcium and salts making it brittle (osteopenia, osteoporosis).

Acid cartoons, Acid cartoon, funny, Acid picture, Acid pictures, Acid image, Acid images, Acid illustration, Acid illustrations

As you can see, no matter how much milk or how much calcium supplement you are going to use, it cannot be sedimented and your blood calcium level exceeds its limit and the body will excrete it out. This is why the majority of people with osteoporosis have calcium in their urine.

Here again, you can see that all studies are performed on faulty specimens so it is to be expected for the results to be inconclusive.

Although the laboratory animals also are fed the wrong diet, they are less affected with other toxic elements such as are caffeine, alcohol, medicinal remedies, and stress during experimentation so results achieved on them are different from those observed in people.

We just consume too many toxic things daily.

Here, I can also mention the alternative view pushed on us by the alternative medicine mostly related to vegetarianism that milk creates mucous in the body, and that's why it is not healthy to consume it.


Here we have a special case of mental block related to childish reasoning. I drink milk, I feel congested with a loose stool so the milk is unhealthy and bad for us to consume.

When does body produce mucus?

In the time when the blood toxicity is elevated above what the kidneys can handle so the mucous tissue takes over cleansing the blood. The blood's toxins become dissolved in mucous and expelled into the stomach, the intestine, or the respiratory tract, to then cause irritation which we call a symptom which further stimulates the body to eliminate it.

The bodies of vegetarians and vegans are very toxic on the cellular level and because those people are following the baloney science and firmly believe in it, they do not consume salt and use medicinal herbs which prevent the cellular hydration.

The toxins stay trapped within their cells, and those that are in their blood cannot be expelled since there is a lack of salts (ions). No cleansing symptoms, no signs of disease. They are "healthy" but just until the body receives what it is desperately missing and starts to cleanse.

The milk is one of those things that will trigger the cleansing process as it brings the salts and the water into their blood.

Since their blood is toxic over the limit of their kidney's ability to cleanse it, the mucous tissue is activated to do the cleansing and the toxic mucous start pouring out of them.


Welcome to the awakening, my family. Open your eyes and your brain to this new knowledge and help yourselves.

What are the signs of disease?

They are the signs of blood's cleansing.

We are living in a very toxic environment. If you do not experience the symptoms of flu occasionally, then you are not cleansing, which means that you are becoming more and more toxic as time goes on. The day will come when the toxic load becomes critical and your body will collapse.

Please, read this once more carefully and think about what I am saying.

Unfortunately, the brainwashing of our schools did a great job and vegans and vegetarians are similarly to progressive socialists and Democrats, incapable of reasoning.

Image result for funny cartoon oh lost scientist

It is on us my awakened family to spread the truth and open their eyes. Where we fail, our extraterrestrial family will help otherwise many lives will be lost to ignorance.

Now for those who are ready for some quantum science.

My frequency of consciousness represented in the alpha brain-waves frequency is rising. First went from 7.83 Hz to 8 then 13, then 15 and now is peeking to 20 Hz but not anchored there yet.

The frequency of 20 Hz is indicating the fourth density but to reach the fifth density and the ability of the instant manifestation we have to reach a frequency of 40 Hz.

With this, we are going to be assisted by our extraterrestrial family in the form of white light.

Check the Earths Schuman frequency daily and you will notice that we are receiving very strong impulses these days.


We are getting zapped. Nothing can stop us now.

Love and "light" for us all.

I love you unconditionally.

By darkovelcek




   The treatments are improving while doctors knowledge remains in the darkness.




   The treatments are improving while doctors knowledge remains in the darkness.

Adhd cartoons, Adhd cartoon, funny, Adhd picture, Adhd pictures, Adhd image, Adhd images, Adhd illustration, Adhd illustrations

FDA has just approved an electronic device to be used in the treatment of hyperactive children who suffer from ADHD syndrome.

CBS jumps on the information with sensational headlines, "FDA Approves New Treatment For ADHD Using Electrical Shocks To The Forehead"

Remembering how the electroshock was used in the post WW II era, I immediately responded saying "middle ages tactics", but is it really so or is this treatment more than just brain frying?


The article explains how the brain is stimulated overnight and the symptoms of ADHD decrease for most of the children who are exposed to this treatment.

Surprisingly, not a single doctor or scientists behind it do not understand what is exactly happening and why does electrostimulation suppress ADHD symptoms.

This is not surprising because if doctors would understand the human body they would not need this device in the first place.

Adhd cartoons, Adhd cartoon, funny, Adhd picture, Adhd pictures, Adhd image, Adhd images, Adhd illustration, Adhd illustrations

To shed some light on this, we first have to know what ADHD is and how it develops.

I wrote about it several times in the past so here is a link to one of those articles


As I have explained in my article, the diet is directly related to the way our brain responds to its environment.

If the brain is starving we feel tired, nervous, we react explosively because we have no patience. The brain goes into a stress mode and sinks into the fight and flight state of self-preservation.

We start to behave like animals, nervously and aggressively.

When we are given some sugar (chocolate or piece of bread) our brain receives instant energy and our mood changes.

The behavior of children with ADHD is such that after they eat, they are hipper-active and this slowly turns into annoying and capricious behavior as the brain loses energy and goes into the starvation mode.

Since the base of children's diet is carbohydrates (sugars), their brain gets overexcited during the meal while the energy is being produced but within an hour their mood starts to change.

Image result for royalty free images of crying children

In grownups, we call such behavior bipolar. It is the same thing.

Children who eat more animal-based products like meat, eggs, cheese, milk...have better food delivery system and they do not present such problems.

The only time that brain cells have enough energy supply all the time is when they are programmed to utilize fat (triglycerides) as their energy sours. The fat is available all the time even when we sleep and the brain functions without the stress.

When the brain becomes reprogrammed to use glucose as its primary fuel, our entire body runs into problems and our behavior is a clear sign of this.

During the day, we can compensate and eat more often to supply the brain with enough energy, but during the night when we are asleep, this is not possible and this leads to broken sleep and exhaustion which is often expressed as a crankiness in the morning and no energy to start the new day until carbohydrates are consumed and the excitement and the hyperactivity starts.

Our false science is teaching us that our brain needs sugar to be able to function properly.

This is a blatant lie but it is the truth for those whose cellular structure is doped by sugar.

Image result for royalty free images of people eating chocolate

How does this electrostimulation work and why does it calm children's mind?

This is easily understood once you know what is this thing we call energy?

The thing we call energy is an electric charge.

The followers of my work are very well aware of this and I am sure that they already have an idea of how this electric stimulation helps to calm the brain down.

If not during the day then at least during the night the brain is provided with constant energy supply. This energy is not coming from the food but from the electric stimulator. A low electric impulse is enough to provide the brain with the necessary energy.

Having this energy available during the night, the brain cells can hydrate, detoxify and repair themselves so when the child wakes up, it feels rested and charged with no need to stuff itself with carbohydrates and even if the carbs come, the brain is not starving and it processes the food calmly.

There is not a big jump of energy and the brain's reaction is different from what it would be if the brain cells would be starved of energy.

Sweet Dreams cartoons, Sweet Dreams cartoon, funny, Sweet Dreams picture, Sweet Dreams pictures, Sweet Dreams image, Sweet Dreams images, Sweet Dreams illustration, Sweet Dreams illustrations

I specifically emphasize the word carbohydrates and not sugar or glucose because carbohydrates are the source of the sugar we are talking about.

Once we grasp the truth, we can understand how lost are vegans and vegetarians in their beliefs as far as the nutrition goes.

The body that is programmed to work on carbohydrates develops over 2000 genetic glitches and the health of such persons becomes compromised.

The electric stimulator is being used only during the night so during the day the brain goes again into the self-preservation mode but by having the chance to recover and recharge during the night, the brain can adjust in time to compensate a bit and the behavior of the child becomes more stable.

Now when you have all the necessary and correct information, you can make your decision.

You can decide to either by the eTNS electric stimulator for one thousand dollars, or you can start eating correctly and allow your body to correctly program its cells and start utilizing fat as the cellular energy source.

I highly recommend the second option.

If you are new to this site and you do not know what is the correct human diet, read my book The Owners Manual For The Human Body or the Resonance of Nutrition and learn the truth, or simply follow the Self Healers Protocol.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek




  The emotional aspect of our life.




  The emotional aspect of our life.

Outburst cartoons, Outburst cartoon, funny, Outburst picture, Outburst pictures, Outburst image, Outburst images, Outburst illustration, Outburst illustrations

More and more healers agree that in order to heal, we have to address the emotional state of the person.

Before we try to explain the connection between emotion and health, first we have to know a bit more about what is emotion.

We can find many definitions explaining what is emotion but none of them touches the core reason, source, and purpose of it.

Emotion is a mind's response to an experience. It is an energy frequency that is formed as a result of experience.

Since our brain can replicate any frequency with which it is familiar, once it had a particular experience, it can replicate the emotional aspect of it in the future without having to go through this experience all over again.

On the other side, if the brain did not have an experience, it cannot create the emotional aspect of it so it cannot replicate it in the future.

I have been mentioning in many of my articles that the reason of our materialistic experience is so that the spirit can experience the emotion.

Since our mind is a product of our brains physicality and the emotion is the product of our mind, emotion cannot be manifested without our physicality.

Like everything else, the emotion is nothing more than an energy in particular frequency but it is not manifested by light so we do not see it as a physical, materialistic thing, but we cannot deny its existence because we are very well aware of it.

We do not cry just because we feel like it. There is an emotional factor behind it as it is behind all the things that we experience.

Image result for royalty free images of emotional people

Recollecting past experiences will trigger the same emotions to bubble up.

Since emotion is a product of the brain, it is closely related to fear. The brain ( mind) fears every change that it is not familiar with. Anything new scares it.

Since our brain controls all organs in our body, any energetic disturbance of the brain will be reflected on the way the organs will manifest themselves.

Since every emotion is the result of a different experience, different frequency is involved and different organ will be affected by it.

The power of emotion is very well known to the Illuminate and they use it to suppress us and to control us.

They do it by making us aware of tragedy and diseases but they have forgotten that what we did not experience we cannot perceive as an emotion so we do not manifest it easily. This is why they use vaccines to actually spread the diseases and to create the collective manifestation, the 100 monkey effect.

Since through the emotion, we can bring back the experience, and by recollecting the experience we can easily be made to manifest it all over again, it is a great way to keep us locked in the same reality.

Remember that what we visualize and our brain can make sense of, is easy to believe (faith) so it is very easy to manifest as reality because our brain expects it to be this way.

Now you can understand why is the news full of tragedy.

Image result for royalty free images of newspapers with tragic news

Open any newspaper and all that you see are negative things.

Diseases are all over the place.

To make more impact, every little outbreak is classified as a pandemic just so that it has a stronger impact on our brain.

Lately, even this is not enough so now we are told that many diseases have no cure as they are antibiotic resistant.

Not just antibiotic resistant but resistant to any medication as it is the case with the new fungus outbreak in hospitals in the USA. A doomsday, the end-times, the inevitable destruction of humans and the entire planet Earth.

The organized religion purpose is to perpetuate such information. All for the reason of manifestation.

We had been told about this through the Bible so our brain is familiar with this concept, it can understand it so it can easily manifest it but it is not happening. Why?

Diseases are spread intentionally so that vaccination can be enforced. Since we are not manifesting we have no further purpose as the Illuminate are concerned so they want us dead. Vaccines are created to make us sick.

People who are vaccinated succumb to the same disease that they were vaccinated against


One toxic jab is not enough to do this job, now we are told that we need two of those. So hurry up, do not wait, get your next "lifesaving" jab!!!

Image result for royalty free images of vaccinated childrenA killer in action.

Everyone has to be jabbed or you cannot be seen in public. If you do, you will be arrested.

A true Gestapo politic which is executed through your elected politicians and it is based on false information we tend to call the science.

Here, I am showing you how the emotion of fear is used to keep us compliant.

Now you can be more aware of the power of emotion and how it influences our lives in a variety of different ways.

First, it draws energy from the brain and causes problems in supplying the energy to the cells of our organs. Creates diseases.

Second, it prevents us from doing things that we would like to experience because it gives us fear.

Third, because it is a vital part of manifestation, it is being used against us, to create fear and keep us compliant.

Fourth, it prevents us to get in contact with the extraterrestrial life because they do not understand this thing we call emotion. They see it as increased radiation of energy and since we are violent race, the extraterrestrials immediately go into defense as we get excited.

For all of the reasons mentioned above, we have to control our emotions but this is easier said than done.

Controlling your emotion= mastering yourself.

Outburst cartoons, Outburst cartoon, funny, Outburst picture, Outburst pictures, Outburst image, Outburst images, Outburst illustration, Outburst illustrations

There is one emotion which is not related to the brain and this emotion is called love.

Love is an emotion of the heart and the heart is singularity towards which we all strive.

The time has come my dear family to go back into the heart. It is the time to leave the duality of the brain and all of the emotions that come from it and go back into the oneness of the heart.

Can we do this?

Not only that we can do it, we are doing it right now, slowly step by step and our world is changing with it.

Those who are awake can clearly see it so if you had enough of the lies and deceits, join us. Stop reading the newspapers, watching the Tel a lie Vision, the movies of doom and destruction, the noise that is the modern music with lyrics of hate and division.

We have crossed the bridge, we have made it. Nothing can stop us now.

We are building the new world into an experience of unity and bliss.

To be able to prosper in this new world we have to be able to control our emotions.

We are being shown how we are creating the new life through the instant manifestation and to do this it is crucial that we control our emotions, and to control our thoughts.

Just think, if you can manifest instantly what you think what would be the implication of hearing a sound in the dark?

If whatever first comes to your mind manifests as your reality, what would happen?

When your brain is full of thoughts of disease, of death and suffering, of crime and deceit, the first thing you would think of would be a zombie attacking you. This would become your reality, you would then manifest a gun to defend yourself but the zombie cannot be killed. Your reality would become a hell.

Bad Day cartoons, Bad Day cartoon, funny, Bad Day picture, Bad Day pictures, Bad Day image, Bad Day images, Bad Day illustration, Bad Day illustrations

Stop watching such movies and as you can see, this is all that Hollywood is producing lately. This is all that is broadcasted in the news. Stop complying. Get yourself out of there. It is all fake and untrue.

Since many people are still asleep, we are going to have to use the same methods of the Illuminate to help to awaken those who refuse to change.

There will be more and more articles like this one you are reading now, more and more independent films and broadcasts promoting the new world, harmony, cooperation, and love.

There is plenty of it available now. Just switch the channel, flip the switch and join us.

We are starting to use the same tools of our oppressors but we are going to start broadcasting the truth.

Just look at what is happening in politics. The house of cards is falling down.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek




  The easiest way to control your weight.




  The easiest way to control your weight.

Image result for royalty free images of people who had lost weight

After seeing some articles that were sent to me I decided that I have to address this question again.

Why is losing extra weight such a struggle for the great majority of people?

What is the reason for the extra weight to return and then some?

Why most people become discouraged and never succeed trimming their weigh down?

Those are the most common question I have been asked about weight loss.

One of the most ridiculous weight loss systems that I have ever encounter is, losing weight on a beer diet.


Most diets prohibit beer and alcohol drinking during their program so how can beer make you lose weight? Beer is alcohol and alcohol is fermented sugar, this means it has calories.

Image result for royalty free images of beer belly

To address this topic properly, first I want to explain again what is making us fat and why.

When we eat correctly, our cells use triglyceride (fat) as their fuel. Since the conversion of fat into ATP (energy unit) is a slow process, every cell depending on its needs for energy will have a large number of mitochondria to be able to supply the necessary amount of energy.

The fat that we eat will be absorbed, repackaged into triglyceride and send to the cells as energy supply. If the cells do not require more energy, the remaining triglyceride will be stored into the adipose tissue to be used as a reserve fuel in times when we do not eat and the energy is necessary.

During the energy production process within the mitochondria, triglyceride is first stripped of the glycerol and only the fatty acids are being used.

Some fatty acids are transformed into ketone bodies because the mitochondria can make energy from ketone much faster. This is why when cells are functioning correctly, ketone bodies are always present within the cells. As less energy is needed, ketone bodies start to accumulate and become expelled into the blood. The more ketone is in the blood, the less we want to eat. Hunger becomes suppressed.

Image result for royalty free images of mitochondria

When we reprogram our cells to use glucose(starch/sugar) as their fuel, things change drastically.

The glucose produces energy in mitochondria very fast so to control the energy production and prevent overcharging, cells are forced to deactivate some mitochondria.

The more glucose becomes available, and more often we eat it, the lesser will be the number of active mitochondria.

This is now becoming a problem because lower is the active mitochondrial count in our cells, the more debilitating is the energy production from fat.

So what happens is that when we eat, our cells become energized and since we eat multiple times a day and we eat more than what the cells require, the sugar level in the blood rises.

Since our body has no sugar storage, something has to be done with this glucose.

Now the liver comes into rescue and converts the glucose into fat and uric acid.

Since there was a lot of glucose, the liver produces a lot of fat and has no time to release it all to be deposited into the adipose tissue so the liver becomes loaded with fat itself. Every obese person has a fatty liver.

Image result for royalty free images of fatty liver

When we eat dietary glucose (starches), we produce fat all the time which our body cannot use when it is adjusted to use glucose so we become fatter and fatter.

Now we will see what dietitians recommend for us to do to lose weight.

Most diets geared for fat-loss are all about calorie counting.

We are being told that to lose weight we have to use more calories than what we eat.

This is very difficult to do when our cells run on glucose.

When you exercise you use energy so your cells have to produce more of it. You are told to eat less but your cells are calibrated for glucose.

You will exercise, your cells spend the energy and have to make new but they are looking for glucose. Your body has no glucose reserves other than glycogen which requires a steroid to activate it. Since you are not in stress, the glucose from the glycogen is not available and your cells have not enough mitochondria active to use triglyceride that is available. What happens is starvation for energy, consequent stress, and glycogen release and state of hypoglycemia but fat deposits are not even touched since there are no mitochondria available to process it.

No wonder that you cannot lose any weight, but what you will lose is the water as you sweat while working out.

The loss of water is what causes the initial weight-loss on which all dieting plans count on and pride themselves on the success of lowering the weight.

Many weight-loss programs include drinks that are toxic and trigger diuretic effect exactly for this purpose.

Image result for royalty free images of slimming beverages

Vegetarian weight-loss programs trigger diuretic effect as well through the plant toxicity.

Image result for royalty free images of slimming beverages

Now you can understand why if you are drinking and eating nothing but beer, you will lose weight. You will become extremely dehydrated since alcohol is a diuretic.

By losing water, the body cannot cleanse itself so the toxic load starts to increase and our health worsens.

All weight-loss programs that are based on caloric count are actually starving the body and very few people can take it.

This is why, when the food becomes available, our body wants to prepare itself for another starvation and starts to deposit as much fat as possible.

Once the food is not available for 24 hours, cells will start activating more mitochondria and within 72 hours they will be able to produce all of the required energy utilizing fat. By using fat as the energy source, we start to lose weight.

Starving will not reprogram cells, and no benefit is gained by it.

The absence of dietary glucose will do the trick.

This means that there is no need to starve the body in order to lose weight.

All we have to do is to dump dietary glucose from our diet.

This will reprogram our cells and we are going to use the fat for energy production without having to starve ourselves and without having to sweat in the gym.

Weight Loss cartoons, Weight Loss cartoon, funny, Weight Loss picture, Weight Loss pictures, Weight Loss image, Weight Loss images, Weight Loss illustration, Weight Loss illustrations

This is very simple to understand but it is to difficult to do if you believe that you cannot survive without the consumption of starches which we are constantly being told by our "experts", and our spiritual "gurus" who claim that to raise our energy we have to stop eating meat.

None of those things are true. They are the result of our brains programming through what we hear and are told. Since this is what our brain is familiar with, this is what it will cling onto.

Of course, if you have nothing but beer, first you will dehydrate and as the supply of dietary carbohydrates drops, slowly some of the mitochondria will be activated and the body will start using more fat.

Being tipsy, having the action of neurons suppressed by the alcohol, we do not feel hungry and as we dry out, we also start to use more fat for energy production and finally there will be also some weight-loss but at what cost?

Chronic drunks are often skinny as their hunger is suppressed but they are severely dehydrated and toxic.

Through many of my articles, I explain the dangers of dehydration so using beer for the purpose of weight-loss is a stupid thing to do.

If you are battling with your weight, give me a shout and I will lead you to a new you, rapidly and painlessly.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek




  ET to Parkinson's disease progression.




  ET to Parkinson's disease progression.

Image result for royalty free images of people with Parkinson's disease

This article I will start using my experience as an example.

I was born in Czechoslovakia after WWII in time when the living was hard, especially in a communistic country which was governed by USSR.

When I was about 4 years old, massive poisoning of the population has started and as a part of this, I was vaccinated.

Soon after my health problems started. I was getting frequent colds (as my body tried to detoxify itself) and chronic bronchitis set in. With it, another previously unknown problem showed up and this was later labelled as dyslexia.

Since my father was a very smart man, he managed to earn quite a good amount of money so my family was privileged and could afford anything that was available, which was not much, but since I became sickly, my mother was pampering me and feeding me with my favorite foods which in Czechoslovakia were mostly dumplings and crapes (palacinke).

Since I was eating predominantly sugars, my immune system was not functioning and I had frequent problems with sties as I was rubbing my eyes with dirty hands.

I was 7 years old when we finally got permission to move back to Yugoslavia (Jugoslavia) where my parents and my older brother were from originally.

Changing not just school and friends but a country with a different language and eagerness to catch up with my education without missing a year was a pressure which has added to my ill health and toxic body and I started as an eight-year-old child experiencing tremor in my left eyelid.

This tremor has been given a label ET (essential tremor).

Parkinsons cartoons, Parkinsons cartoon, funny, Parkinsons picture, Parkinsons pictures, Parkinsons image, Parkinsons images, Parkinsons illustration, Parkinsons illustrations

I know how afraid I was that this will become a permanent problem but I have noticed that whenever I am under a stress, ET occurs.

Realizing this, I started to take it easy and not worry so much about my grades but spend more time relaxing and doing things of my interest.

Of course, my grades plummeted but I did not care, my ET had stopped. I have made the necessary change, and I have controlled my stress by not taking things so seriously.

I went from being an excellent student to a mediocre one but I always wanted to know and understand how things work and not just memorize what I was being told to memorize.

This helped me to realize that life is a game and it depends on you how you are going to play it.

My health was steadily worsening with flu-like symptoms being triggered very easily and with high fever and a bad cough which I thought that one day will kill me.

Now I understand exactly what was happening and that if I did not change my ways I would be dead by now or at least incapacitated with Parkinson's disease.

Why am I so sure of this?

Parkinsons cartoons, Parkinsons cartoon, funny, Parkinsons picture, Parkinsons pictures, Parkinsons image, Parkinsons images, Parkinsons illustration, Parkinsons illustrations

Everything that we call a chronic health problem is triggered by a toxic body and this toxicity comes through the food we eat, the liquids we drink and the stress we are exposed to. Now to this I have to add the "medicinal" remedies we ingest or are inoculated with will speed up our health demise tremendously and unless it is a real moron, every doctor is aware of it.

This is why it is very surprising to me when some doctors claim that ET is not related to Parkinson's disease.

For the involuntary movements to occur, the body has to be very intoxicated.

The myelin coating around nerve axon has to be damaged and the electrical impulse elevated (through stress for example).

By lowering the electric impulse (by controlling our excitement or stress) ET stops but the weak spot created by inadequate layer of myelin remains and can cause a problem in the future.

Image result for royalty free images of axon

If the deterioration of the myelin continues, then even the regular nerve signaling may escape through the unprotected axon and affect a nerve which will create involuntary movement.

This clearly shows how one small problem gradually transforms into a large problem which is then given a different label and from ET it graduates into a full-blown chronic health problem we call Parkinson's disease.

Read this article and you will see how wasteful it is to ask a doctor for health advice.


A young woman in her twenties started with ET and because her doctors had no clue how the body works, she was not guided to heal herself. Instead, she was labeled as sick with progressive neurological disease and given medicinal remedies to "control her condition".

Instead of hydrating and cleansing, she was being further poisoned and as expected, her condition had progressed from ET to full-blown Parkinson's in just a couple of years.

Image result for royalty free images of people with Parkinson's disease

This is a clear example of how increased toxicity in the body, reinforces the symptoms of ill health and gradually destroys human life.

Doctors explain the gradual deterioration of the body on the muscular level, the loss of energy and the pain and aches as the loss of neurons and insufficient dopamine production because they do not know that energy is actually electricity.

More toxic the body becomes, the more acidic it is. Increased acidity interferes with the capacity of cells to hold an electric charge. The body becomes low on electricity and we feel it as a loss of energy.

When the body is low on energy, all the systems suffer. Ho hydration is possible and this further increases the toxic buildup.

The deterioration of the myelin layer will cause a permanent electrical escape and consequent ET movements.

The "modern" die is loaded with dietary carbohydrates (sugars), and low on animal saturated fats, greatly contributes to this problem.

Now you have a toxic body producing a new life. What do you expect will happen?

Image result for royalty free images of children in incubator

The toxic and dehydrated mother will have not enough milk production and the baby will be stabbed with multiple toxic vaccines and raised on carbohydrate saturated artificial concoction we call the baby formula. Soon after it is going to be given a sugar loaded compote, then pudding...

It is no wonder why young babies these days succumb to diabetes and other chronic diseases that were attributed only to older people in the past.

This is why younger and younger people suffer from chronic health issues such as is Parkinson's disease.

The fake knowledge of medicine and especially the nutrition is causing obesity and acidic bodies so there is no surprise when a young athlete dies in his prime and a young gymnast breaks her both legs while lending a perfectly executed jump.


The medicine we are being taught in medical school is useless and the sooner we do something about it the better.

If you are waiting for your doctor to change, I wish you good luck. His ego is attached to the title of "Doctor".

He is not just Jacob, he is Dr. Jacob and don't you forget it!

Do not waste your time by waiting for a miracle. You can heal right now and you can rejuvenate yourself simply by understanding your body and by supplying it with what it needs.

If you do not know how to do things correctly, follow the Self Healers Protocol.

If you are afraid because it requires you to do things contrary to everything you have ever been told, then get my book The Owners Manual For The Human Body and learn the truth. Learn how the body really works and stop poisoning it with the politically correct diet.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek