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  Colloidal silver versus antibiotics.




  Colloidal silver versus antibiotics.

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Most people have never heard about the colloidal silver and many that did reject it after investigating about it on the Internet. As soon as you type colloidal silver into a search engine a picture of a blue man shows up insinuating that this is what happens to those who use the colloidal silver.

Among those people who tried to use the colloidal silver, there is a division in opinion.

Some people think that colloidal silver is the best thing since the sliced bread, some people think of it as ok in some circumstances and some claim that no beneficial results have been observed.

Now comes the question, who is correct, and does colloidal silver actually work.

In the first place, it is very interesting that we are not told anything about the colloidal silver during our education.

Why not?

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Are the properties of a colloidal silver a new discovery still being investigated?

Definitely not.

It is a known fact that the Roman legionnaires used silver to prevent water decay during marches and they used silver on their wounds to prevent infection and to speed up the healing process.

Why are we not being told this, and why are scientists not investigating the mysterious power of silver?

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The answer is simple. Disclosing the truth will de-power the pharmaceutical industry but not just the industry, it would cause the collapse of medicine as we know it.

This could cause some other suppressed knowledge to the surface such as the power o copper for example, or the benefits of the monoatomic gold.

The reason we are forced into the schooling system is exactly this. To teach us about the dangers of copper, the dangers of salt, the dangers of heavy metals in general.

We are told that they are all toxic and we have to eliminate them from our diet if we want to be healthy.

Trough my work, I am showing you how misguided we are and what we call the science is nothing more than a misinformation strategy concocted to hide the truth.

I was asked by some of you to present more information about the colloidal silver and how can we make it at home, for ourselves to use and to offer to our family and friends.

Everyone who contributes to my work, has this information and there is plenty of information available on the Internet but unfortunately, there is a lot of wrong information there as well.

One of the most blatant lies about the colloidal silver is that what they call the ionic colloidal silver is a better colloidal solution than the nanoparticle colloidal silver.

All colloids are in an ionic state so differentiate one colloid as ionic and the other as nanoparticle is stupid.

The proponents of the "ionic colloidal silver" are claiming that their colloid contains much smaller particles of silver from the nanosize particle. This makes it easier to penetrate into the cell and such colloid is, therefore, more useful and performs better.

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This is a simple explanation of a simple mind that has only partial knowledge of things so their brain can only calculate by utilizing the information that those people possess.

Let me explain a bit more about the colloidal silver.

In the past, silver colloid was used in film photography.

The colloidal silver was applied onto a cellulose strip and when it was exposed to the light, the silver would oxidize making a photo negative image on the film. The areas of the film that received more light got darker as here, the silver oxidized more.

This means that the silver will oxidize if it is exposed to the light.

Silver is the best electroconductive metal, better than gold but because it oxidizes when it is exposed to the light, gold is being used when a perfect electrical contact has to be made and maintained.

When you expose the nanoparticle silver colloid to the sunlight, the colloid turned from yellow to dark gray. This is to be expected when the silver oxidizes.

When you expose the "ionic" colloidal silver so the sunlight, nothing happens. The colloid was transparent before and stays transparent after the exposure.

Is there any silver at all, you may ask yourself?

Yes, there are very small particles of silver suspended in the water but they did not oxidize. Why not?

Since we are told only about some aspects of science which are then manipulated to keep us in the dark, we are not told a very important aspect of the matter, and that is that the property of the matter depends on its atomic (molecular) grid.

Most elements in their monoatomic state are dots of a white powder.

As you merge more atoms together, you get a grouping that we call a molecule or in the case where only atoms of the same element are included a particle.

Since nothing is casual, the relation between the atoms within the particle is organized and forms a certain grid. Depending on this grid, the molecule gains its properties which will differ in their characteristic depending on the nature of this grid.

I have explained this when I was talking about structured water, but the same is happening to all particles of matter.

By the time the matter is visible, it contains plenty of particles (molecules) and atoms with a clearly identified grid, and the properties they exhibit are strictly related to this grind and not only to the atomic nature of the element in question.

If we change this grid, the characteristic of this element will change as well. This we see clearly when observing a carbon.

The black sud on the skillet is carbon but also a diamond is carbon. Now special carbon grid is manufactured that we call graphene and it has completely new characteristics which we can exploit in electric and light conductivity.

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Knowing this, now we can understand that the characteristics of the "ionic" colloidal silver will be different from what we are expecting to see knowing the characteristics of a metal we call silver.

The silver colloid that was used on film contained mostly large particles of silver and all known characteristics of silver were present there.

The crucial size of the particle where the true characteristics of the known element will present themselves is in the nanoparticle size, which is a thousand times smaller than a millimeter.

Until that size, many of the characteristics of silver will not be present and this is the reason why the "ionic" colloidal silver does not oxidize in sunlight.

This is also the reason why the "ionic" colloidal silver is less potent and inferior when it is used for its disinfectant and healing properties.

This is why, when choosing or making the colloidal silver, chose the nanoparticle colloid all the time.

The nanoparticle has no problem to penetrate any membrane and it is crucial for its properties.

Many people claim that colloidal silver did not help them and the antibiotic did.

First, what type of colloidal silver was used?

Second, we have to have in mind that when we are using antibiotics, we are sick. We have symptoms of a disease which is attributed to some pathogen. Most antibiotics do not kill the pathogen, they only suppress its growth so that the immune system can catch up and do its job.

The symptoms of an infectious disease are fever, muscle ache, diarrhea, vomiting, inflammation, pain...

If you remember, those are the symptoms of cleansing.

Since the antibiotic is a poison, it stops the cleansing process and the symptoms disappear. We feel better and cured, but our body remains toxic and deemed to repeat the cleansing process as soon as possible. We become surprised that the disease has returned.

To delay the cleansing as much as possible, we are told to take the antibiotic for at least 7 days. This will intoxicate our body enough that the cleansing attempt will not be triggered and we will remain "healthy".

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When we use the colloidal silver, the natural blood detoxification will not be disrupted, the pathogen will be destroyed but the cleansing will continue until the blood becomes clean. This may take a couple of days, a week, and longer.

This means that the symptoms will continue for some time and the true healing will result from it, but we think that because the symptoms have not disappeared, the colloidal silver had no effect.

The nanoparticle colloidal silver destroys more than 460 different pathogens including unicellular parasites and eggs of parasites in our body.

Because of the electroconductive properties, it makes cellular energizing faster so it contributes to lowering the inflammation through reinforcing the cellular osmosis. A very natural way to help get rid of the pain that was caused by inflammation.

As you can see, doctors cannot help much because they have been brainwashed. They can be very helpful with managing the symptoms but as far as healing goes, they are lost.

Do not waste your time and money seeking their help.

Here on this site, you have all the information you need to regain your health and to remain healthy forever.

Become part of this family and help us by contributing so that everyone can be helped. This is the best medical policy you can get and really benefit from.

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By contributing, you will be helping others and yourself, you will have permanent access to explanations and the proper guidance for remaining healthy.

If you decide to visit us here in Peru, you will have a 30% discount on your stay including all energy therapies you will be involved in.

It is all about the knowledge and how to implement it.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek




  Candida Auris, a new Boogeyman in town.




  Candida Auris, a new Boogeyman in town.

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It is becoming more and more obvious how we are being manipulated and by whom.

The most obvious manipulation is being done through the scare tactics spread by the media, and here we can easily see who is working for whom.

Those that spread the fear are the one that should not be trusted since everything has a solution and instead of the fear, a solution has to be presented to calm the situation.

For example, there is an article about this terrible, new, drug-resistant disease caused by a fungus called Candida auris.

The danger this Candida presents to humanity is so severe that it is kept a secret so that people do not get into a panic.

Well, how best to keep the secret than publish it through New York Times and Zero Hedge report, oh yes and through the so-called alternative fear monger Alex Johns Prison Planet that has millions of views daily. That will keep the secret sealed preventing the panic.

The "secret" article is mentioning where this fungus originated and how it is spreading worldwide causing death, and the important fact which is that it is resistant to medication.

What do we do?

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Don't panic, the monster is here, we cannot do anything about it. We cannot help you but keep calm because you are not supposed to know about it!

This whole thing looks like a terrible script of a Z rated movie.

I guess those are the desperate measures of the desperate people that are losing the battle.

Let us shine some light on this terrible pathogen.

To grow, fungus requires a slightly acidic medium with a PH between 5-6 being optimal.

For energy, the fungus depends on the decay of organic matter.

It prospers the best in a warm and wet environment.

It reproduces through spores.

Spores have a shell, a membrane made of polysaccharides Chitin and Glucan which resembles the cellulose and are none-digestible.

Those are the most important characteristic we have to know about fungus.

Through our "educational" system we are being told that eating meat acidifies our body and this is why we should not eat meat but instead we should eat vegetables, grains, legumes, and other starch rich vegetables.

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This is contrary to the truth.

The starch is glucose. The glucose is sugar. The excess of sugar in our blood is converted by the liver into fat and uric acid.

Every person that eats dietary starches is acidic.

The acidic body has a problem keeping a strong electric charge. As the electric charge diminishes, our energy goes down.

As the energy weakens, so does the immune system.

This means that the acidic body will be low on energy with a low immune system and the perfect PH to grow the fungus. (bravo vegans and vegetarians, are you listening?)

Now you have an environment that is warm with a PH of about 6 and full of partially digested elements which serve as the perfect nutrition for fungus.

The most common infections from which vegans and vegetarians suffer are fungal infections.

Since vegetable loaded diet is what is being recommended to us by our "experts" there is no wonder that as more and more people are becoming dependent on carbohydrates (sugars) their bodies are becoming acidic, low on energy and fungal problems are taking over.

This is not happening just with humans.

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Our nature is becoming acidic. From the soil to our forests and waters, it is all increasing its acidity.

The chemical pollutants are causing this. Some are the industrial by-products and some are spread intentionally for the purpose of crop destruction with the aim to starve the population.

Of course, the activists to protest this are nowhere to be found. They are stuck with cows and farts.

The carbon tax will save the world!!!

Here, I am pointing to the stupidity and the lies we are being exposed too daily.

This is the article from the New York Times


There is a misconception when the word "drug-resistant" is mentioned.

The drug-resistant means that it cannot be killed with the drugs that are being used but it does not mean that it cannot be killed at all.

As I am writing this article I see that Mike Adams has just posted an article on this same thematic and again, panic, terrible uncontrollable stuff. Is it really so?

There is not a single pathogen that can resist nanoparticle colloidal silver.

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The nanoparticle colloidal silver destroys fungus, virus, bacteria including the all mighty Pseudomonas and jet some "experts" are infecting a patient with the virus to combat the pseudomonas in the body. How ridiculous is this, and it is true and celebrated? Here you can see it for yourself


The nanoparticle colloidal silver can be successfully used on the Pseudomonas, the Candida Auris, and any virus but when a big cleanup is desired, we can use a sound frequency to burst any of those pathogens.

Dr. Royal Rife has demonstrated this and many people are using the sound modulators (Rife machine) for this purpose, why hospitals do not do the same?

I have warned you in the past that more and more laboratory-created pathogens will be released into the public in the attempt to scare the population to accept vaccination, and scientists will claim that they have a vaccine for just about anything there is which can prevent the disease and save your health.

The truth is that we do not need any vaccine or drug to be healthy.

What we need is to know the truth and I am doing the best I can to provide it.

It is very easy to recover your immune system so that your body becomes resilient to any pathogen.

As simple and easy as it is to strengthen our immune system, at the same time it is so difficult since what has to be done is deemed by our science to be toxic and dangerous to our body.

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This is exactly the reason why we are forced to go to school.

Those false truths have to be implanted and sealed into our brain so that our reality can be manipulated.

Do not get sucked into this.

If you are eating and drinking correctly, your immune system is bulletproof and you have nothing to fear.

For those of you who are new to this site, do the Self Healers Protocol and you have nothing to worry about.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek




  Are your muscles the cause of your pain and suffering?




  Are your muscles the cause of your pain and suffering?

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I often write about the health issues caused by dehydration. When we think of the pain, we usually think of inflammation but we seldom think about the mechanics behind it.

I have a friend who is very young, in his twenties but his health is constantly worsening. Being paramedic, he is constantly in touch with doctors and listens to their recommendations.

What started as a mild erectile problem, progressed into the muscular problem and soon it will become a neurological problem before it becomes labeled as an autoimmune reaction.

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His case is a perfect example of how the body deteriorates on the cellular level when it becomes dehydrated. Almost all chronic health problems can be attributed to the cellular dehydration and pain is often the only tell that alerts us to this problem.

This is why Dr. Batmanghelidj calls his book, " Your Body's Many Cries For Water".

By doing certain exercises, my friend irritated his penis and suffered problems in erection. Being young and unable to perform, he felt ashamed. This created stress which became the reason of his bodies cellular dehydration. This stress was further magnified as his father's cancer started to enlarge.

Constant worry, the permanent state of stress, depleted his body of energy needed to run the cellular osmotic pump and symptoms of chronic ailments started popping up.

Erection was not improving much and constant tiredness was present. Being paramedic with an ambulance, he had to do the heavy lifting. The muscles that have to work hard and cannot hydrate become acidic faster.

Dehydrated and acidic muscles lose tension, become mushy, break easily, but what alerts us to this condition is the pain that is caused as a result of the forced cellular hydration we call the inflammation.

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What has started as a pain caused by a "pulled muscle", has evolved into constant back pain, and now this pain is spreading throughout his body and includes headaches as well.

It is incredible to see the speed of his bodies deterioration.

I am using him as an example bu many people are suffering from the same problem and are convinced by their doctors that they have muscular sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, inflammatory myopathy, neuromuscular disease, and we can go on forever as far as the labels go.

Since muscles have many different functions in our body, the symptoms caused by dehydrated, acidic muscles will be different in different parts of the body.

Dehydrated muscles of the blood vessels will make the blood vessels lose their elasticity which will contribute to the symptom of hypertension. This can also be one of the reasons varicoses and aneurysm.

Dehydrated muscle of sphincters will prevent them to contract properly which will produce symptoms such as, shortsightedness, acid reflux, uncontrollable urination and defecation to mention some.

Dehydrated and acidic skeletal muscles will contribute to lose joints and frequent dislocations, easy muscle tears, and problems in a posture such as are scoliosis and spondylitis or as it is labeled Ankylosing spondylitis AS, from which the singer Dan Reynolds is suffering


A hernia is just another example of a dehydrated and acidic muscle problem.

All these chronic muscle problems involve dehydrated and acidic cells. Those muscle cells are not hydrating because the blood is toxic or there is a lack of energy due to stress.

Since the body wants to help the cells to rid themselves of some acid, it triggers an inflammation. This increases the pressure on the sensory nerves which causes the pain.

All that we receive from our doctors is what they call the pain management. The medication further increases the toxic load of our blood and consequently of our cells which causes further deterioration of our health.

Hernia cartoons, Hernia cartoon, funny, Hernia picture, Hernia pictures, Hernia image, Hernia images, Hernia illustration, Hernia illustrations

Have been mentioning only the symptoms caused by muscle dehydration but we have to be aware that the same culprit that dehydrates our muscles, at the same time dehydrate every cell in our body.

This means that as the toxicity continues to increase, many seemingly none related symptoms start to show up.

For example, Cataract has nothing to do with damage caused by the UV light from the Sun. It is simply a symptom of dehydration of the eye lens.

When the heart muscle becomes weak, we are told that it is because the heart is enlarged or the blood supply is inadequate when in fact the problem is dehydrated and acidic cells of the heart muscle.

Here, you can have a pretty good idea how chronic "diseases" really evolve, and how easy it is to prevent them, stop them for worsening or even allowing them to heal.

To do this, the first step is the most important one and this is the hydration.

I have mentioned that hydration is a two-step process. First comes the hydration of the blood and then comes the cellular hydration.

Both of them require a substantial increase in ionic value which is achieved through the ingestion of sea salt.

Water with a strong ionic action is called plasma.

The plasma is the key to hydration.

I wrote many articles on hydration and it is explained in my book The Owner's Manual For The Human Body".

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The knowledge that is given to us through the medical university is false and this is why doctors are so lost.

Because of the false science, they cannot see what is poking them right in the eye. Everyone is aware of it but still, people value doctor's opinion and come back for some more no matter how many times they got hurt before.

People prefer to pay a lot of money for health insurance where only allopathic (modern medicine) treatments are permissible., such as chemotherapy, radiation, mind-altering drugs...are used.

In the meantime, some people have decided to support my work and consult me about their health problems. They are healthy and free of medications. Could there be any better health insurance than this?

Take a good look at the top photograph of this article.

The lady on the image is happy and thinks that she is healthy because she is exercising, but her body shows how much starved it is for water.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek




  Where have all the roosters gone?




  Where have all the roosters gone?

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Christopher Ingraham from the Washington Post mentions the fact that "The share of U.S. adults reporting no sex in the past year reached an all-time high in 2018, underscoring a three-decade trend line marked by an aging population and higher numbers of unattached people."

Is this surprising to anyone?

I remember when I was young, girls were making themselves pretty, accentuating their femininity, and the boys were the peacocks, lifting weights, wanting to be the next Schwarzenegger or Frank Zane. and then, all of the sudden in the nineties everything has changed.

The girls started to wear ugly, black shoes and putting black lipstick and masculine clothes. To me, it seemed as if they wanted to repel boys with the way they looked.

At that time I did not understand it but it definitely surprised me. I had even asked my niece if she wants t

scare off the guys with the way she dressed?

She replied, "no, you are silly, this is the fashion today".

Since that time, everything has dramatically changed. The girls act more like the boys and the boys behave like the girls used to behave in the past.

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This type of behavior is promoted and pushed on the young people through the film industry, the fashion magazines, and of course the media and advertising.

Although it seems that this is based on free choice, this is mind control in the action. It is done through the standard brainwashing techniques of our handlers who want a 90% reduction in the world's population.

Of course, the transformation of gender does not stop there.

Many chemicals are used to alter the physiology of mankind and unfortunately, they seep into the nature in

fluencing the same changes on wild animals.

Some of those gender-bending chemicals are fire retardants, pesticides, organochlorines, dioxins, and one of the prevalent is the bisphenol A used in many plastics.

One country that is an especially strong user of such chemicals is the People's Republic of China.

Their products are loaded with those chemicals so much that children in the USA and Canada were becoming sick playing with Chinese made toys.

Another source of reminiscing agents comes from the food we eat. The cans of the canned food are laced with plastic that leaks Bisphenol A which mimics estrogen.

Young boys that eat a lot of canned food grow feminine looking breast and lose their masculinity.

Image result for royalty free images of fat boys

Today, here in Tarapoto Peru I see many more women bodybuilders than man.

Women stick to the program and sweat it out while the young man comes, look at the weights, and become intimidated by the women and never come back.

To make the matter worst, the feminist movement has evolved into man-hating movement and it is saturated with fat, unattractive butch type "things" (I do not want to misrepresent gender from the dozens of genders thy now recognized by them) who promote sloppiness and snobbism as their virtue.

Related image

Now, if we add to this the push of the white male privilege narrative, and when you behave correctly and you are black, immediately other black people call you an Uncle Tom, the choice of people that can get together becomes very small.

Now, do we really have to ask ourselves, "why are there fewer couples in love than they were before?

There are not many normal people left out here and those who are, are reluctant to approach each other in the fear not to be smeared, laughed at, or simply misunderstood.

Since there is free access to pornography, many young people find it more comfortable to shy away from physical contact and rather do electronic communication and virtual sex.

Between the lousy food, the toxins in their environment, and inactivity, many young man and young women became lazy, do not take care of themselves letting themselves go.

When I see the young generation I remember telling my friends when I was young how surprised I am at my father and some other "old" man, how active and vigorous they are, often surpassing my energetic capacity.

Today, this is even more pronounced. Many young men look like mush-mellows, a couch-potatoes with big bellies and a chest that resembles more women breasts than true man's pectorals.

I would pity the women if the same was not happening with them. Many young women start gaining weight and soon after the puberty start ballooning and yes, fat people are not sexy or good looking, they are fat. Fat people all look alike since the fat deforms their natural features.

Because we are told lies about the nutrition, it is very difficult for the great majority of people to control their weight but for everyone who is familiar with my work and still remains fat, there is no excuse for it. Being a slob is not a virtue, and it is unhealthy saying the least.

As people get older, they find less and fewer reasons why to change but for young people, there is no excuse.

With the incorrect diet comes the obesity, the health problems, the sexual problems and this leads to depression and suicides which are on the rise.

It is the time for the roosters to return and for the nymphs to seduce them again.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek