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  Cleansing of the body through hydration and medicinal remedies. The symptoms and signs of changes in bodies toxicity.




  Cleansing of the body through hydration and medicinal remedies. The symptoms and signs of changes in bodies toxicity.

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Very often I am being reminded that there are other great ways to cleanse our body.

Recently I was asked if I knew that dandelion root is used for blood cleansing and what is my opinion about it.

Before that, I was asked about all different ways to cleanse the liver and kidneys utilizing natural remedies.

A part of this, Many people are asking why I do not write about natural cleansing and healing properties of plants since I promote natural healing?

There was also a lot of confusion about the hydration, the symptoms of hydrated and the symptoms of the dehydrated body?

This is why I am writing this article to clarify as many things as possible with one article.

The type of natural healing that I am promoting is exactly what the word natural means. I promote healing that is achieved by our bodies own program.

This healing program is done through the innate wisdom of our cells.

Our cells know from the first moment when a pathogen has entered our body or when one cell started to misbehave. Our cells are aware of this because they never broke the group consciousness and they act as one.

The same when you see a flock of birds swirling in the air, as one makes a turn, all other birds react at the same moment. The birds are connected as a group with the innate consciousness and they act as one.

The same is happening with all animals in the nature that lives in a herd.

If one animal becomes agitated, all of the other animals of the herd react simultaneously.

The reason why animals can react so fast is not that they have fast reflexes.

No reflex can travel that fast as their reaction is because the message would have to be passed from one animal to the other in a chain reaction and this would take some time and the reaction will be much slower.

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Animals are always connected with their innate self and their consciousness.

This is why when one cell experiences a problem, the animals know immediately that there is a problem. Then the animal goes and sniffs plants and its innate consciousness advice it which plant it has to eat to offset the change in their body.

You will notice that animals use plants basically only to help them cleanse their stomach. They do not seek medicinal remedies for internal organs and there is a reason for that.

Animals eat the food of God (the way they found it in nature) and this is why they do not experience organ failures.

Contrary to the wild animals, domestic animals will also sniff and eat the medicinal plant to cleanse their intestines but they will not do this when they have organ failure, why?

They are perfectly aware of what is happening in their body but they do not seek a remedy. Isn't that strange?

Not really. Animals know that every so-called medicinal remedy which enters their blood is toxic to the cellular structure so they do not consume it.

Since we, humans, decided to sever the connection with our innate consciousness, we have no clue about what is happening in our body and we do not know when we are poisoning ourselves unless the harm is done and symptom of health problem appears.

No matter if we use burdock, dandelion, red clover, echinacea, or a pokeroot, we are closing the cellular hydration because all those plants are toxic and the body reacts to them by protecting itself.

First, it will prevent those toxins from entering the cells so the hydration is stopped.

Then the body will try to eliminate those toxic things by engaging a diuretic effect.

Whenever we notice increased urination we automatically think that the blood is getting cleansed, or the kidneys are being cleaned.

When we notice green stuff in our feces we automatically think that our liver or the gall bladder is being cleansed and yes there are plants that can do this but on what expense to the cellular structure?

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Of course, doing those cleanses once or twice a year will not harm us and it will be beneficial but many people understand this in a different way and they start using those medicinal plants on a daily basis just to keep their organs healthy.

How many people eat garlic and ginger daily?

How many people drink green tea and use CBD oil daily?

I have a friend that was on the Self Healing Protocol but used cannabis often and his health was not improving. Now he is back on the plant food claiming that he feels better on it.

This does not surprise me at all.

The nutritional typing is a result of our body adaptation to a particularly toxic element, trying to work the best it can in those circumstances.

Any change will reflect in discomfort as a new adaptation has to occur. No change, no adaptation necessary and we feel ok, but never 100% healthy, and the deterioration of our body continues.

Our body naturally wants to be clean.

Looking at it from the quantum level, our body is designed from frequencies of Mother Earth and when those frequencies become distorted, we feel ill.

Distorted frequency is the contaminated frequency and getting rid of it or returning the frequency to the original is always supported by our mother Earth and its frequencies. This is why health is the natural state of our body and our cells will go there whenever they have a chance to do so.

It is enough to provide our body with water, minerals, oxygen, and energy, and our cells will love us for it and use those elements to cleanse and return to their healthy vibration.

We do not have to further poison our body so that some toxic elements from the blood can be removed.

By cleansing with water and sea salt, we allow our body to first cleanse the blood. After the blood is clean enough, our cells will engage their osmotic pumps and absorb the water. This allows them to eliminate their own poisons and cleanse themselves.

The clean cells will easily adjust to the correct frequencies and the healing is achieved.

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Why monkey with medicinal plants?

Well, sometimes we wait too long and pain occurs. The organ is affected. So to reduce the pain we use medicinal remedy (plant of pharmaceutical) to induce bodies reaction.

We use medicinal remedies because we have never been told that by drinking water with sea salt our body will start the blood cleansing process in a very short time, usually within the first 24 hours of drinking minimum of three litres of salty water.

If our blood circulation is compromised, the blood pressure can go up and the existing water retention can get much worse. Now medicinal remedies make sense not before, and the reason we need them is that we have been waiting too long before doing something about our health or we have been following the science of partial cleansing and medicinal poisoning which has further compromised our health.

When we are using sea salt and water to cleanse our blood and cellular structure, we are going to have symptoms.

Those symptoms will depend on the level of the blood's toxicity.

Diarrhea cartoons, Diarrhea cartoon, funny, Diarrhea picture, Diarrhea pictures, Diarrhea image, Diarrhea images, Diarrhea illustration, Diarrhea illustrations

When the blood is very toxic, all three organs will be included in the detoxification process and symptoms of strong flu will be experienced.

Those symptoms are:

Headache, nausea, diarrhea, sweating, fever, joint pain, and muscular pain.

Depending on the toxic load there can be a green color present in the vomit, the feces, and the mucus.

Especially violent symptoms may occur when highly acidic cells start to cleanse. The blood may become more toxic than ever and this is what often scares people in leaving the protocol.

This is why I often advise those who are medicated and suffer from strong chronic health issues to ask me or someone who had gone through this for guidance.

There is no medicinal remedy, natural or pharmaceutical that can achieve this kind of cleansing but sometimes, when we are on a brink of collapse, a medicinal remedy can be helpful to isolate certain situation and help us to go through it easier and safer.

Constipation is often one of the biggest problems in the second phase of cellular cleansing. Sometimes it is necessary to drink 8 liters of salt water a day to overcome it. In difficult cases, three litres of salty water are necessary to be taken the first thing in the morning so that evacuation is possible and to evacuate daily is absolutely necessary during the detox process.

As the toxicity diminishes, the symptoms of detox diminish with it.

Headaches go way, digestive problems disappear, the hair grows back, the sexual appetite increases and so does the erection. The skin gets its healthy glow and mind calms down.

Diarrhea cartoons, Diarrhea cartoon, funny, Diarrhea picture, Diarrhea pictures, Diarrhea image, Diarrhea images, Diarrhea illustration, Diarrhea illustrations

I can continue writing a book on cleansing but I think that you have an idea of what I am talking about. There is no substitute to a personal, one on one guidance, so if you are serious about getting better and healing yourself, do not hesitate to give me a shout.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek




  Hospice care = controlled euthanasia.




  Hospice care = controlled euthanasia.

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It does not surprise me when I see depressed elderly people. 
What do we hear once we contact our doctor?

"You are not getting younger, it is perfectly normal to feel pains and aches as we get older, but we are here to help you decrease your suffering by medicating (drugging) you so that you can have more joy the last few years of your life".
My wife had recently a medical checkup which she needed to get a permit to work in a food related industry. The doctor took her information and proceeded to examine her. As her blood pressure was 55 over 105, he looked at her and asked with disbelief, "you are 52 years old, this is incredible, what do you do to maintain your blood pressure so low? People of your age normally have the blood pressure of 80 over 140."

Since most of my clients are elderly people who had no other option left to them but to seek their health advice from doctors, their stories are the same. "WE HAVE BEEN IMPROVING YOUR HEALTH FOR AS LONG AS IT WAS POSSIBLE BUT NOW, YOU ARE TO OLD AND NOTHING WE DO CAN FURTHER IMPROVE YOUR LIFE. THE COLLAPSE OF YOUR SYSTEM IS INEVITABLE. THERE IS NOTHING MORE THAT CAN BE DONE".

From the day we visit our doctor and he finds something wrong with our health, he/she will keep reminding us of our age and the inevitable progress of our disease (condition) and doctors will pride themselves with how good job have they been doing in controlling your health and extending your life.

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You, my brothers and sisters, know better.

After following my work you clearly realize that from the first medical intervention all the way to the last one, your health gurus were actually killing you.

First, you were never sick, you were toxic and detoxification was the only thing that had to be done to keep you healthy, and this, you have never been told.

The way you feel has nothing to do with your age, young people are suffering from the same health issues as the elderly are nova days, so the age factor is just an excuse for their ignorance.

Now the blame is on you, my friends and family.

It is your fault that you are so sick because you did not listen to your doctor and refused or forgot to take those prescribed poisons you've been told to consume on daily basis to the rest of your days.

If you forgot to take your aspirin or your Lipitor or atorvastatin this is the reason why you suffer now your doctor will say.

Actually, none of those mentioned poisons do any good and in fact, they directly contribute to the acceleration of your health deterioration.

The same is with just about all medicinal poisons we are accustomed calling medication.

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Since, as I have explained in my recent article, doctors do not have any clue about what causes any of the chronic health problems we experience, every little thing that you do that is different from what your health "experts" advice you to do will be blamed as the cause of your suffering.

The most common blame is directed toward the usage of sea salt because doctors have implanted phobia about salt and truly believe that salt damages kidneys and causes hypertension and water retention.

The other common "mistake" that we do, according to our health gurus, is eating pork and eggs where elevated cholesterol blood levels are blamed on this "unhealthy" practice.

Instead, we are told to increase the number of toxic vegetables in our diet.

Yes, you can be suffering from diabetes and your trusted health guru will tell you to eat bread, rice, past...while stuffing you with Metformin and insulin at the same time.

Those brainwashed "experts" have no power of reasoning. A child can realize that if you want to lower the blood sugar, the first thing you have to do is to stop eating it.

I guess this is too much to ask from our highly educated experts. Thinking is not their trade, following stupid theories is.

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So, after your health has been compromised to the point of no return (as they will tell you) you are pronounced terminally ill and if the doctor thinks that you have only 6 more months to live, you can get hospice "care".

Those poor people that enter the hospice care very seldom live another 6 months.

How could they when they know that their end is close and imminent.

How would you feel if someone tells you that the most you will live are just another 6 months? You will become depressed and die even if there was nothing wrong with you.

Remember, when I was explaining the placebo and the nocebo effects. Your cells are listening and obeying your mind and its messages.

If you believe in what you have been told, your mind will follow your beliefs and make them your reality.

On top of this, the hospice is all about accelerated poisoning through the drugs and painkillers. The body cannot survive this assault.

To make sure that you are "properly" medicated, the focus is now on tracking you and monitoring that you actually do not forget to take your daily prescribed poisons.

Articles like this one:


are promoting daily spying on you under the pretences of being helpful and concerned about you.

Billions are spent to keep us in check, making sure we follow the doctors influenced poisoning and remain poisoned at all times.


Instead of help, they offer death, and to make sure we take the poisons they prescribe, we have to be monitored.

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What good is it for people to be monitored when everything they are given is poisonous.

You can be sure that this is not geared towards health improvement.

The system is created to eliminate the elderly as fast as possible and it does it through medication and psychological pressure.

It is a precisely crafted procedure supervised by your trusted, brainwashed health professionals.

Is there a way out of this?

The truth will set you free.

Absorb the disclosed knowledge and use it as your weapon to liberate yourself.

Follow the Self Healers Protocol and "healyourself."

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek




  Why is menopause occurring in ever younger generation?




  Why is menopause occurring in ever younger generation?

Menopause cartoons, Menopause cartoon, funny, Menopause picture, Menopause pictures, Menopause image, Menopause images, Menopause illustration, Menopause illustrations

The statistics are showing that younger and younger women develop endometriosis, and fibrosis, and equally so, younger a younger man suffer from erectile dysfunction and prostate problems.

"Those are symptoms of aging", we are told by our health gurus so why do they happen at an ever younger age?

To those symptoms, I want to add menopause which is now occurring even in teenage girls.

Mark sent me this article about a teenage British girl and her experience with this premature symptom.


Menopause is not just an absence of menstrual cycle.

There are several other symptoms associated with menopause such as are, hot and cold flushes, dry vagina, sleep problems, cold sweat at night, mood swings, slowed metabolism and weight gain are often present.

Menopause cartoons, Menopause cartoon, funny, Menopause picture, Menopause pictures, Menopause image, Menopause images, Menopause illustration, Menopause illustrations

Since menopause is not caused by any known pathogen, all of those symptoms are classified as symptoms of deterioration of a female body and they are considered as a "normal occurrence", something to be expected to happen in older age.

Is it really so?

Doctors have no other explanation but this is not surprising.

As I have mentioned in my previous articles, doctors know no culprit to any chronic health issue or disease, as they classify it.

All they go by are the symptoms which are about the same no matter what chronic disease is in question.

There are just minor differences in the intensity of pain or the sequence in which they occur.

For example, the menopause is blamed on the age and the hormonal changes that occur in an aging body.

Apparently, because of the old age estrogen and progesterone become imbalanced so eggs are not being released and there is no need for the uterus to be cleaned afterward. This is why the menstrual cycle is skipped.

The hormonal imbalance then also causes all of the symptoms the woman experiences during this time period.

What are the other "diseases" we are told that occur when hormones are out of whack?

Chronic thyroid problems, depleted adrenals, stress, type 1 and type 2 diabetes, hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, osteoporosis, digestive problems, acne, bipolarity, obesity, anorexia, Lupus, insomnia, hypertension, arrhythmia...

It is clear that every chronic health issue will have some kind of hormonal imbalance as one of its symptoms.

Hormone cartoons, Hormone cartoon, funny, Hormone picture, Hormone pictures, Hormone image, Hormone images, Hormone illustration, Hormone illustrations

At the same time, we are going to recognize some changes in the activity of our genes so we can say that the genetic factor is involved. This is why as soon as some other member of the family experienced the same symptoms, the health issue is labeled as genetically influenced.

As flowers of my work, you know that every change in the body is genetically influenced. The changes occur as the result of a changing environment to which our genes respond by adjusting their expression. This causes changes in the body which are necessary so that the body can survive in this new environment.

Unfortunately, in this modern world, the environment is becoming ever more toxic and the gene orchestrated adaptations are absolutely necessary for our survival.

This is the reason why many people do not know that they are "sick" until they have their blood analyzed. Once the doctor finds irregularities, he pronounces us sick and gives us medication which is supposed to "normalize" the discrepancies.

By doing so, he/she actually counters our bodies survival mechanism and starts to ruin our health.

Sometimes, our body notifies us that we are harming it and if we do not change we are going to have problems. This notification comes in a way of discomfort or pain. We call them symptoms or diseases.

Unfortunately, in most cases, we are instructed to ignore them because what we are doing and what we are eating is perfectly healthy for us.

So we eat legumes that cause intestinal inflammation and give us the symptoms of flatulence and bad odor and our health gurus say " with fart to a good heart". One has absolutely no relation with the other but apparently, the inflamed and painful stomach is a sign of health and correct diet.

Fart cartoons, Fart cartoon, funny, Fart picture, Fart pictures, Fart image, Fart images, Fart illustration, Fart illustrations

I had two clients with leukemia who were drinking a large amount of green tea daily. They did it for its health benefits since the health gurus claim that the green tea is loaded with antioxidants and that it is very healthy if it is used on a daily basis. (supplement pushers benefit from this)

Their leukemia was partially blamed on a hormonal imbalance and it was wiped out in 5 months of cleansing and of course, stopping to consume this toxic (medicinal) substance.

Almost all of my clients that had suffered from Lupus, had a hormonal imbalance and guess what else? Every female lupus sufferer had stopped menstruating, had cold sweats, hot and cold flashes, insomnia and mood-swings which was all resolved with the Self Healers Protocol of hydration, cleansing and correcting the gene expression through the correct diet.

Chronic exposure to toxic food and stress will cause cellular dehydration.

Dehydrated cells cannot cleanse themselves so they become acidic which triggers inflammations.

The toxic body is adjusting itself to the toxic environment but it needs desperately to cleanse its blood.

This is not possible without water and sea salt since the toxic elements cannot be converted without minerals and cleansed out of the body.

One of the extremely important cleansing elements is oxygen.

When we are not physically active, our breathing is shallow. This brings lo relative oxygen pressure in the blood and not much CO2 can be eliminated. Acidity is greatly contributed to this phenomenon.

We are being poisoned in an earlier and earlier age and our bodies reflect this in symptoms of ill health.

All those toxic vaccines, GMO foods, vegetable loaded diets, and especially soy, are creating sickly fragile bodies.

Due to the exposure to the strong pollutants, and doctors recommendations to avoid consuming salt, our bodies are becoming saturated with toxins in a much earlier age and what used to be symptoms/diseases of old people in the past, now occur in younger and younger people.

The reason why doctors proclaim those diseases incurable is because they have no idea what causes them and how to resolve them.

Surgical cartoons, Surgical cartoon, funny, Surgical picture, Surgical pictures, Surgical image, Surgical images, Surgical illustration, Surgical illustrations

All doctors have implanted phobia toward the salt, saturated fat, and cholesterol.

They continue repeating how dangerous those things are and even after seeing the evidence of healing achieved utilizing sea salt and saturated fat diet they cannot accept to change their "knowledge".

Once a parrot, always a parrot. The brainwashing of the educational program in the school did its job well.

If you suffer from premature menopause, or if you are suffering from painful and uncomfortable symptoms of menopause (they are symptoms of toxicity) give me a shout and I will lead you to health and painless living.

I am purposely not saying aging because age has nothing to do with the way we feel.

We should feel better and stronger the older we get. Life is permanent expansion so our strength and health should reflect this as well.

The reason we feel fragile and with ill health is the toxic load we carry.

Learn the truth and take back your power. Heal yourself.

Healyourself, healyourself, healyourself......

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek




  How much do you spend yearly to "treat" your allergies?




  How much do you spend yearly to "treat" your allergies?

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The number of people suffering from allergies is skyrocketing.

I have been mentioning some health issues as allergic problems but I haven't explicitly explained what is an allergy, how does it develop into a health problem, how can allergy be suppressed, but most of all, how can allergy be prevented from occurring?

Recently, many of my readers were surprised when I said that doctors do not understand any chronic health problem. They do not know why it is occurring and they do not know how to prevent it from happening. All that doctors know is how to temporarily suppress the symptom of allergy.

If you ask your allergy specialist about the cause of your allergy, the answer will be that the allergy is triggered by an allergen which triggers an immune reaction in your body and this reaction causes inflammation which is the symptom of your allergy.

No matter where you look, the explanation for allergy is the same because the information comes through the book "of deceptions" we call medical scientific book which medical students have to learn from to be able to receive their medical degree.

We are told that when foreign protein gets in the contact with our immune system, the fight of gen and antigen causes inflammation to occur which results in allergic symptom.

This sounds good, but why are some people prone to allergic reactions and some are not?

Allergy cartoons, Allergy cartoon, funny, Allergy picture, Allergy pictures, Allergy image, Allergy images, Allergy illustration, Allergy illustrations

To this questions, our parrots (health gurus) are replying that some peoples immune system goes haywire and mistakingly attacks what it is not supposed to attack and they go so far as explaining that in some people the immune system starts attacking its own body.

This they label as an autoimmune reaction.

You can search wherever you want, in medical books or in alternative medicine articles and you will hear the same nonsense being repeated over and over again.

When you understand your body, especially if you have read my book and my articles, you know better but still, many of you are not certain about allergic reactions especially when they present so much suffering and so much money is being spent just to keep allergies under the control.

Here is an article that describes how much allergies cost our economy and every allergy sufferer yearly. The amounts are staggering


Spending so much money on something, you would think that there would be a priority to finding the solution but obviously, the money spent is money gained by the industry that is supposed to solve the problem.

Don't you find a conflict of interest here?

There is no way that scientists and doctors will ever find the true cause of allergy when their knowledge on how the body works is incorrect.

Science Lab cartoons, Science Lab cartoon, funny, Science Lab picture, Science Lab pictures, Science Lab image, Science Lab images, Science Lab illustration, Science Lab illustrations

If doctors would know that the main reason for inflammation is cellular acidity, the thing would be much easier to resolve.

To refresh your memory about inflammation, please read this article:


The main reason for cellular acidity is cellular dehydration.

Our cells dehydrate when they are prevented from hydrating themselves.

Toxic blood or presence of one or more toxins in the blood will prevent the cellular hydration to take place.

Dehydrated cells cannot cleanse themselves because they do not have water to spare for this process.

Not being able to eliminate internal toxins makes cells acidic. Acidic tissue is prone to inflammation because the inflammation is bodies override of the cellular decision not to hydrate.

By increasing the extracellular pressure, the water is forced into those cells so that they can reduce their acidic content.

Now, let me explain what doctors are not told about allergies.

Every organism creates its own proteins that carry the electromagnetic imprint of its own body. The immune system will never attack a protein what caries its own imprint. No autoimmune attack will ever take place, remember this. Autoimmune diseases are a fantasy. What you do not understand, just make it up as you go.

Science Lab cartoons, Science Lab cartoon, funny, Science Lab picture, Science Lab pictures, Science Lab image, Science Lab images, Science Lab illustration, Science Lab illustrations

The same goes for the "leaky gut syndrome".

If there would be any weakness in the intestinal wall and foreign protein would seep in, we would have anaphylactic shock and die in a minute.

So what is causing the allergic symptoms to occur?

All our cells that are exposed to the elements and to contact with foreign proteins have a coat of protection over them.

Our skin has cholesterol covering it and a layer of dead skin cells separating the living cells from the outside environment.

If we wash our skin with a strong detergent, we dissolve the cholesterol and we make our skin vulnerable to the contact with the foreign protein. The danger of this happening increases if we scrub the barrier of the dead cells.

This is why more we scrub our skin and more we try to keep it clean, the more we are weakening our protection creating conditions favorable to the foreign protein contact.

Once the foreign protein attaches itself to the functioning cell, the cell will try to get rid of it by squirting a drop of water and wash it off.

When the cell is dehydrated, it has no water to use and the signal is sent for help. Now under the direction of the central nervous system, tissue releases vasopressin and histamine to constrict blood vessels so that extracellular liquid pressure can be elevated which will push some water into the cell so that the cell can cleanse itself.

This process we call INFLAMMATION.

Allergy cartoons, Allergy cartoon, funny, Allergy picture, Allergy pictures, Allergy image, Allergy images, Allergy illustration, Allergy illustrations

Especially vulnerable is our mucous tissue.

The mucous tissue covers the respiratory and the digestive tract, but also our eyes and internal orifices. This tissue is not protected so much with the cholesterol. It is protected with a layer of mucus.

When we are dehydrated, there is not enough water for mucus production so the mucus layer is thin.

It is often easy for foreign protein to get through it and to attach itself to the cells of the mucous tissue behind it.

Since the cells of the mucous tissue are also dehydrated, they do not have enough water to wash the protein off and the forced hydration that we call INFLAMMATION will take place.

Many "experts" blame lectins to be the cause of allergies but why do some people have them and some do not no matter how much lectins they receive through their diet?

There is no amount of gluten, lectins or other "allergens" that will cause any allergy symptom in the well-hydrated body.

Now you know the well-hidden secret to all allergies. It is the cellular dehydration.

Many people who started the Self Healers Protocol were initially lactose intolerant. In less than 10 days of the proper hydration, the lactose intolerance went away in most of them.

If you have allergies, no matter what kind, and if you want to heal and never suffer one more day, do not hesitate to contact me.

Love and light to us all.

Please do not forget to donate and support my work.

I am always available to help you.

This is the cheapest health insurance you can find anywhere and I will liberate you from all medicinal poisons we are accustomed calling medication.

p.s. do not think that lectins are ok to eat if you are well hydrated. Lectins create many health problems and they are one of the reasons why vegetables are not our food. Keep away from the vegan and vegetarian diet if you want to be healthy.

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If your pets suffer from allergy-related health issues do not hesitate to contact me. I can save you a bundle of money and make your pet a happy camper.

By darkovelcek




  Are there benefit in drinking carbonated water?




  Are there benefit in drinking carbonated water?

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Several people have asked me lately if there are any benefits in drinking carbonated water?

My family and friends who regularly follow my work should have a pretty good idea about it but like in anything else, it is easy to be fooled by our experts and their scientific research based on some patched up studies.

Only people who have absolutely no clue about how our body works will do such a thing as dipping a tooth enamel in carbonated water to see if increased acidity created by the higher concentration of carbon dioxide will destroy it.

Right of the bat, without any hesitation, we can say that drinking carbonated water is detrimental to our health simply because it makes it more acidic.

By following my work, you have realized that the increased toxicity of our cells makes our body more acidic.

Acid cartoons, Acid cartoon, funny, Acid picture, Acid pictures, Acid image, Acid images, Acid illustration, Acid illustrations

Increased cellular acidity lowers the cellular ability to maintain the proper electric charge. CO2 has to be eliminated from our cells because its increased accumulation contributes to the cellular acidity. As our electric charge diminishes, we become more tired since the electric potential is what we call our energy level.

For the CO2 to be eliminated from our cells, the relative pressure of oxygen in our blood has to be significantly higher than the relative pressure of CO2.

One of the reasons why oxygen saturation is a beneficial therapy is the fact that higher is the relative pressure of oxygen, the more CO2 will be eliminated from our cells leaving them less acidic.

The fact is that drinking carbonated water will not make our cells more acidic by the carbonated water entering our cells directly.

The mechanism is a different one.

By drinking carbonated water, we are actually increasing the relative pressure of CO2 in the blood. You can call it a CO2 therapy.

So what is achieved by implementing CO2 therapy?

Image result for royalty free images of people drinking carbonated water

CO2 relative pressure has increased which makes it difficult for the oxygen to push it out and replace it. This is how our cells become more acidic.

Now the so-called scientists claim that there are certain benefits from consuming carbonated water and those mentioned benefits are:

1 Helps you consume more water.

2 It can help you swallow

3 Can increase the feeling of fullness

4 May relieve constipation and indigestion

5 May improve heart health.

This are conclusions based on observation and those honorable "scientists" have no clue why are those symptoms occurring.

So let us help them out, and you will see that not one of those symptoms is actually causing any health benefit. They are all simply symptoms of our body eliminating the toxic CO2 load.

Why do people drink higher volume of carbonated drinks than not carbonated ones?

Simply, because carbonated drinks make them thirstier.

Peoples thirst increase when they drink carbonated drinks because they trigger a diuretic effect.

Diuretic cartoons, Diuretic cartoon, funny, Diuretic picture, Diuretic pictures, Diuretic image, Diuretic images, Diuretic illustration, Diuretic illustrations

The increased relative pressure of CO2 in the blood makes it more difficult of blood oxygenation to take place so the cleansing organs go into action to eliminate as much CO2 as possible utilizing blood cleansing organs.

Since increased blood toxicity puts in the action also the mucous tissue because the kidneys cannot handle such high CO2 toxic load, a lot of carbonated water will be cleansed out of the blood through the mucous tissue.

This cleansing action of the body explains several other symptoms which are referred to as the beneficial effects of drinking carbonated water, like for example "it can help you swallowing" effect.

Since the mouth and throat are part of the mucous membrane digestive tract which does the blood cleansing, more mucus is produced through which the CO2 is eliminated. This makes swallowing easier.

Since intestines are also part of the mucous digestive tract, as more mucus is created from the blood to eliminate the CO2, the more hydrated the feces become and since it holds more water, the feces become softer and easier to eliminate.

As the amount of the CO2 filled mucous increases within the digestive tract, we tend to be less hungry.

As far as the heart benefits go, one study showed that post-menopausal women who drunk sodium-rich carbonated water had a drop of cholesterol and improved heart health.

Well, the trick here is the "sodium-rich" water. As you all know by now that salt is the most important mineral source that enables blood cleansing. So the benefit is not created from carbonated water but from the high levels of sodium in it.

Doctors suffering from salt phobia would never even think of giving the benefit to the sodium when heart health is in question. They blame sodium for hypertension, water retention, and heart problems. It is the villain that has to be eliminated. There is no way to even consider it to be healthy!!! Brainwashed bozos, all I can say.

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I hope that I have explained the health "benefits" of carbonated water well enough so that you will never ever go and drink that sh** again.

Many so-called scientists say that there is no evidence that carbonated water interferes with bone health.

Increased blood acidity requires buffers to neutralize it. Those buffers come partially from bones which then are missing there when minerals have to be sedimented. This will make bones brittle.

Fortunately, not many people drink so much carbonated water that their bones will be in jeopardy but if you are one of those who do, be careful, now you know the truth so it is your call my sister/brother.

Nothing is hidden that shall not be brought to light.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek