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  Chronic fatigue syndrome versus Fibromyalgia




  Chronic fatigue syndrome versus Fibromyalgia

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In my last article which was about amputations of necrotic limbs where the necrosis was the result of a poor blood articulation which is wrongly labeled as a "complication" of diabetes, I have showed you why it is wrong to blame diabetes since the diabetes is just a symptom-triggered by the blood's toxicity further exacerbated by the presence of high levels of glucose in the blood.

Whenever we are talking about some chronic disease, we are actually talking about a symptom of ill health and we never talk about its cause.

Why is this so?

Just a short Internet search will answer this question.

There is not a single chronic health problem for which our glorified scientists know the cause.

All that they know are the anomalies they see and those are called the symptoms as they are the result of the same unidentified culprit.

The question remains, what is this culprit that causes all those different symptoms to appear?

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It does not take a genius to figure out that there has to be a connection between what we ingest and the way we feel afterward.

This is why it is surprising that we do not learn more about digestion while we are studying medicine.

Actually, the worse person to ask about what to eat is the medical doctor.

It gets even worse when it comes to beverages.

Doctors know nothing about properties of water and they often refer to it simply as a liquid. You have to have more "liquids daily," they say.

To our health professionals tea, coffee, beer, and energy drink are just about the same as far as the hydration goes.

You, my brothers and sisters, know better and this is why you know how to keep yourselves healthy.

In this article, we are going to explore two so-called separate diseases that have amazingly similar symptoms.

One is CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome, also called myalgic encephalomyelitis), and the other is Fibromyalgia.

I have explained that what we call disease is nothing more than a bunch of symptoms that characterize certain health problem. This means that the disease itself is nothing more than a symptom itself.

Knowing this, let us look into what we are told about what symptoms characterize the CFS:

Muscle and joint pain



Problem thinking, remembering and concentrating on some task

Flu-like symptoms (nausea, diarrhea, fever, body pain...)

Irregular heartbeat

A sore throat ( the glands do not have to be swollen)

Now let us see what are the symptoms of Fibromyalgia:

Muscle and joint pain (all over the body)



Problem thinking, remembering, and focussing on the task

Flue-like symptoms (nausea, diarrhea, fever, body pain...)

Irritable bowel syndrome



As you can see, the symptoms are the same.

Fatigue and stiffness will occur in people with CFS as well although they have not been mentioned above.

We are told that the major difference between these two "different" diseases is that with Fibromyalgia the major factor is the pain level and the characteristic factor of CFS is "less pain".

Great, and what about the culprit?

What is the cause of CFS and what causes Fibromyalgia?

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The answer to both questions is, culprit unknown.

To be able to maintain a handle on this and appear authoritative, doctors say that there are some diseases that may lead to the development of the above-mentioned diseases such as are:

Immune system problems (an autoimmune disease)

Hormonal imbalances

Genetic (family related)

Infection (any bug can be the trigger)

And those bozos call themselves experts, doctors of medicine?

They call themselves the authority on health and we have to listen to them and obey their instructions.

You, my family, know that the flu-like symptoms are symptoms of blood cleansing.

All of the other symptoms are symptoms of increased toxicity when the body is prevented from cleansing.

This is why every chronic disease starts with some kind of pain as the bodies response to the cellular acidity. Then, under the doctors care things start developing into a chronic problem.

Since medicines prevent cellular hydration, no cellular cleansing can be achieved and as the cells become more and more toxic, the body tries to maneuver and function the best it can. To do so, it has to alter some functions to be able to adapt itself to this ever-increasing toxic environment.

Those changes we call symptoms or diseases, and yes, they are achieved through changes of gene expression so you can say that they are gene influenced but not received through a faulty gene of our parents.

Many people were laughing when I was telling them that there is only one way to heal the body naturally through the correct diet and that there is one protocol that will help the body to heal. No matter what the symptom/disease is called.

This is why the Self Healers Protocol was created and the only reason why some people do not heal while being on this protocol is when they make errors or they have deep-rooted emotional blockages that have to be released before cellular hydration can be established.

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Another article Mark sent me, talks about a prominent genetic scientist whose son is suffering from CFS and whose health is deteriorating.


It is a shame when people suffer unnecessarily and the people of influence remain trapped in darkness unable to think clearly and help even their loved ones.

Please, do not wait for some symptom to strike.

Start following the Self Healers Protocol, cleanse, heal, and rejuvenate your body.

If you suffer from some chronic disease, contact me and I will lead you to health and if the problem is complicated by some hidden emotional problem, come and visit us here in Peru.

We will help you to unblock your energy pathways and set you on the road of recovery.

We have made it my brothers and sisters.

The time of eliminating all diseases is here. You can start today.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek




  Are diabetic amputations the result of inadequate care?




  Are diabetic amputations the result of inadequate care?

Leg amputee

I know that to the followers of my work, this question is silly because we do not manage diabetes, we do not take care of it, we get rid of it.

For a great majority of people, healing diabetes is impossible because this is what we are being told by our "experts" in the field of "madsin".

The worlds prominent diabetologists claim that diabetes is an incurable disease and the best that we can do is to monitor our blood sugar and keep it in "normal" levels with drugs that the pharmaceutical industry provides.

In the article Mark had sent me, written by Anna Gorman, it is mentioned that diabetic people from lower income communities are more likely to have their limbs amputated due to diabetes inflicted blood circulatory problems.


This implies that less money you spend on the treatments of "managing" your diabetes, the possibility of having your limb amputated is increasing.

According to such reasoning, Yugoslavian dictator Josip Broz Tito was a very poor man since his both legs were amputated due to the "complications" of diabetes.

There is this belief that diabetes is the cause of circulatory problems. This is what we are told in the medical school and this is what doctors and another school "educated" people repeat as being factual.

Let us look at what health issues are related to diabetes:

Cardiovascular problems

Nerve damage

Eye damage

Kidney damage

Foot damage

Skin problems

Hearing loss

Alzheimer's disease


Now, you can have any of those symptoms/diseases without having elevated blood sugar.

This means that elevated blood sugar does not cause those symptoms but if you have elevated blood sugar, most likely you are also going to have a couple or all of the above-mentioned symptoms/diseases as well.

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Stating that diabetes causes circulatory problems is wrong. Diabetes is a symptom/disease and symptoms do not cause diseases.

The same goes for eye damage, kidney damage, and hearing loss, as they are all more related to circulatory problems than to the elevated blood sugar but still, even the blood circulation problems are related to the real culprit which is the cellular toxicity.

Diabetes itself is caused by the increased sugar absorption and the culprit of this is dietary starch (glucose).

Here we can actually use childish reasoning. If you want to maintain a low level of blood sugar, do not eat starches. It is as simple as that.

Once your sugar absorption increases then even fructose from fruits becomes a problem.

Since fructose is what makes sugar sweet but does not cause diabetes, I do not like to blame just any sugar as the culprit of diabetes. Only one sugar increases the absorption of all types of sugars and this is the glucose.

The trick is that glucose is not sweet so no one considers it to be a sugar. We somehow look at it as carbohydrate and we are told by our trusted scientists that starch is a necessary part of our diet.

Our prominent scientists even call glucose the "safe sugar". What a joke.

Carbohydrate cartoons, Carbohydrate cartoon, funny, Carbohydrate picture, Carbohydrate pictures, Carbohydrate image, Carbohydrate images, Carbohydrate illustration, Carbohydrate illustrations

I do not want to repeat things about diabetes so if you are interested to read more about it, read some of my previous articles on this thematic like for example this one:


For those who may disagree with me, just look at what is happening with the heart attacks lately.

Younger and younger people suffer from heart strokes. Many of them do not have diabetes yet their blood circulation is shut.

When no diabetes is present than the bad blood circulation and strokes are attached to another symptom which is the elevated blood cholesterol as this article explains:


Again, to my family and friends, this is a well-known farce.

Elevated cholesterol does not cause any health problems and it is not related to the fat that you consume. It is actually also related to the health issues caused by the wrong diet which is loaded with carbohydrates.

Here again, we have to mention a diet in which carbohydrate is the only source of energy and this is a vegan diet. Obviously, a very unhealthy way of eating.

Going back to diabetes-related amputations, why are they necessary and can they be avoided?

Any surgery is a great assault on the body and causes irreparable damage to the body.

Doctors decide to amputate a limb or a part of it when it dies. Gangrene sets in and the tissue become black.

wound of diabetic foot Stock Photo - 39529181

The cause of it is an inadequate blood supply. The cells become overly acidic and they die.

When there is poor blood circulation, a limited amount of oxygen reaches those cells. If cells are programmed to utilize glucose for energy production, low levels of oxygen do not prevent the energy production since glucose does not need an additional supply of oxygen to produce energy like the fat does, but the CO2 level within those cells increases.

Since a very small amount of oxygen is creating a low relative oxygen pressure, the CO2 cannot be expelled from those cells and cannot be replaced by the oxygen. Those cells start to work anaerobically, similarly to cancer cells.

This allows the organ to continue functioning until most of the cells die and the organ, in this case a limb, turns black.

Before the necrosis sets in, the leg may still look ok but the cells are not functioning properly and if the leg gets damaged, the wound cannot heal. This is a clear sign that the necrosis is setting in.

Glucose is the problem but the cellular toxicity can also be increased through other toxic things in our diet, toxic beauty products we put on our skin, and one of the strongest pollutants of our body are pharmaceutical concoctions we call medicines. Here a special place is given to vaccines.

Other strong poisons that we cannot forget to mention are detergents and especially the fabric softeners.

In the same group, we should include the impregnation chemicals that prevent the fabric from soiling.

The question is now, can necrotic limb be saved and how?

Amputation cartoons, Amputation cartoon, funny, Amputation picture, Amputation pictures, Amputation image, Amputation images, Amputation illustration, Amputation illustrations

It is not a good idea to wait until the leg turns black before we decide to do something about it but many people do just that.

Many of my clients go back to eating incorrectly after they start feeling better because they simply cannot believe that eating the "staple food", the carbohydrates are causing their health problems.

Many of my clients had saved their limbs after they were told that there is no way of saving them, their necrotic legs and toes came back to life but why to wait for this to happen?

Stop "managing" your diabetes, heal yourself. It is easy once you understand the truth about it.

If you need help, do not hesitate to contact me. I am here to help you, my sisters and brothers.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek




  Alzheimer's disease. More research dollars needed!!!




  Alzheimer's disease. More research dollars needed!!!

Alzheimers cartoons, Alzheimers cartoon, funny, Alzheimers picture, Alzheimers pictures, Alzheimers image, Alzheimers images, Alzheimers illustration, Alzheimers illustrations

Alzheimer's disease affects one in three seniors in the USA says Alzheimer's Association. With a price tag of 7 thousand dollars a month per patient, why would the Alzheimer's Association change anything about the way they conduct their business?

Why change a thing while it is so profitable.

Exactly the same is happening with Cancer Association. They are well-oiled money making machines which are there for their own benefit and definitely not for the benefit of the people affected by those diseases.

Mark sent me several articles on this thematics which clearly show that absolutely no one is doing anything about changing a thing and the only thing they are talking about is "more money" is needed to do the research and help to "control" this situation.

In this article:


Dr. Eva Feldman, a University of Michigan neurologist, had "truly" grasped how devastating the disease is because it has touched her own family.

So she made a deep research into the disease to find how to deal with this problem.

Alzheimers cartoons, Alzheimers cartoon, funny, Alzheimers picture, Alzheimers pictures, Alzheimers image, Alzheimers images, Alzheimers illustration, Alzheimers illustrations

Where was Dr. Feldman looking into the disease while doing her research?

In medical books and publications.

This is like searching for a child caretaker in a prison where child molesters are incarcerated.

Everything that is published in those books and publications is lies. Doctors are purposefully kept in dark and they proudly accept it. After all, they are handsomely rewarded for their compliance.

Belief has been implanted that Alzheimer's disease is caused by a sticky plaque from an abnormal buildup of amyloid protein in the brain. Of course, pricey scans go along with it.

Now research into this amyloid protein is launched and this requires more money. After all, researching the symptoms is the peak of our "madsin".

All we want to know are the symptoms but what causes them, well, this is not important.

God forbid we stumble on the cause of the Alzheimer's disease, then we would have to actually eliminate it, and there will be no longer need for an Alzheimer's Association.

What then?

The "experts" would actually have to start working for their money. What a disaster.

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Since the amyloid protein is just one symptom in a group of symptoms which characterize the Alzheimer's "disease", if this symptom is missing we have the chance to create another "disease".

This is exactly what is happening.

Dr. Julie Schneider, a neuropathologist at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago recently said: "Not everything that looks like Alzheimer's disease is Alzheimer's disease."

She refers to a health problem that involves dementia equal to the Alzheimer's disease but which is missing the symptom of amyloid accumulation, a disease that "strongly mimics the Alzheimer's disease".

I guess only a rubber stamp is missing and a new disease with new possibility has been created for another costly research and opportunity to medicate with a new type of medication. After all, it is a completely different disease, isn't it?

You can read more about it in this article:


The reality of the movie Dumb and Dumber is actually unfolding right in front of our eyes.

I know that there are some readers of this article ready to jump at my throat for offending the medical "science" but I am sure that every member of our family that follows my work knows exactly what I am talking about.

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Symptoms are what happens when the body is toxic and those symptoms depend on a variety of factors but as far as our health is concerned, the more toxic we become, the more symptoms show up and the more severe health problems we will experience.

It does not matter what label we stick onto this problem, we feel sick, in this case with dementia, until the health problem is

resolved or suppressed.

As far as the health of our brain goes, I wrote many articles.

Here is one of them


No matter which health problem is depicted, the ultimate culprit is the cellular toxicity and the inability of our body to deal with it.

Depending on which organ or organs are involved, we will experience things that normally do not occur and those abnormalities we call symptoms.

Once we realize this, it becomes obvious that "diseases" do not exist. What we call disease is nothing more than just another symptom of the out of ordinary behavior of our body which is closely related to the toxic load of our cells.

This is why this disease labeling is just a symbol that characterizes particular symptoms.

When we say that someone is suffering from Alzheimer's disease, we automatically know that this person is losing its memory and becomes unaware of its environment.

If this person has the amyloid accumulating in its brain or not is absolutely irrelevant.

The cells of the central nervous system are affected but so are the cells of the rest of the body and often various other symptoms (diseases) are unveiling simultaneously. The most common of those are hypertension, digestive issues, skin issues, liver and kidney issues.

Why is this happening?

Because all of the victims of the Alzheimer's symptom or "disease" if you prefer, are the victims of the inadequate diet and medicinal poisoning called the treatments which further pollutes the human body of the patient.

Medicine cartoons, Medicine cartoon, funny, Medicine picture, Medicine pictures, Medicine image, Medicine images, Medicine illustration, Medicine illustrations

If the patient would be helped properly in the beginning when the first symptoms of ill health occur, no chronic health problem would ever occur.

Can you imagine what disaster this would cause to the pharmaceutical and medical establishments?

They would disappear from existence in a split of a second and this is exactly what awaits them in the near future.

The truth cannot be suppressed any longer.

Nothing will be hidden that shall not be revealed. This is the word and the revelation is here my brothers and sisters.

My father in law was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease 10 years ago. He was also diagnosed with two herniated discs in his back and arthrosis in both of his knees at the same time.

For over 20 years prior to this diagnosis, he was being medicated for hypertension, indigestion, and cholesterol.

Statins which are designed to suppress the cholesterol production in the body are one of the main contributors of neural problems of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's symptoms.

I urge you to stop referring to symptoms as a disease because you are not sick, you are toxic.

Once you realize the truth, you also realize how easy it is to stay healthy and avoid having any of the symptoms of ill health. You become "disease" free.

The prevention is the clue and your diet has a lot to do with it. This is why we are lied to as far as the diet goes and the toxic foods are promoted as health foods.

From the soy, spinach, and broccoli to the Himalayan pink salt, turmeric, and garlic.

All those supposedly healthy foods are just poisons that aid to your bodies toxicity in more than just one way and I often talk about it.

Image result for royalty free images of sick elderly people

If you or your loved ones suffer from any chronic health issue, please contact me and I will help you or at least read my blog, my books, and follow the Self Healers Protocol.

We have to reprogram our brains which is a difficult task since we are kept prisoners through our educational system, the entertainment and the misinformation industry which are all controlled by the same group of people who do not have our best interest on their mind.

They are corrupt and evil to their core.

We are in the final battle and winning our freedom is imminent, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek









Dementia cartoons, Dementia cartoon, funny, Dementia picture, Dementia pictures, Dementia image, Dementia images, Dementia illustration, Dementia illustrations

Most people as they age become forgetful. Our medical science has accepted that fact as something normal, something to be expected as a part of our aging process. Our science takes in the consideration of statistics as the norm and any deviation from this norm is considered an extraordinary circumstance. So if you happen to be 100 years old and you still have a good memory and clarity of thoughts you are considered to be lucky or a miracle.

The question is are those old and sane people lucky or miracles of nature, or are the rest of us having a health issue expressed in dementia?
If in doubt, we can always look to nature and observe wild animals.

What do we notice when observing animals in their natural environment?

First, we cannot distinguish the old animal from the younger one. As the herd goes, all the animals look to be healthy. They are alert and respond to their environment the same way. They all run at the same speed. There are no differences in their agility and endurance. They have no problem in determining what their food is, where to find their water and how to sense danger.  They do not get lost. The old birds just the same as the young ones will follow magnetic impulses during their migration and will get to the same place regardless of their age. It seems that the only animal that has a problem with memory, orientation and recognition as they age are humans.

This is why we have to reject the “scientifically established medical norm” we are labelled with by our health “experts”. Losing our marbles is not a normal thing that happens as we age.

Dementia cartoons, Dementia cartoon, funny, Dementia picture, Dementia pictures, Dementia image, Dementia images, Dementia illustration, Dementia illustrations

Immediately the question springs to mind – so why are the great majority of people suffering from deteriorating mental health as they age?
The answer is very simple for everyone who is following this blog site. It all comes down to the wrong food and toxicity.

We must not forget that neurons are nerve cells. Since they are cells of our body, they will be affected by the environment of our body in the same way as our muscles, blood vessels or cells of our organs will. The same things that dehydrate and acidify those cells will dehydrate and acidify neurons as well.  So why are we even surprised when we become forgetful or lose concentration? Our eyesight has deteriorated, our joints ache, we have indigestion and hypertension, so why are we surprised that we cannot remember what we ate yesterday?

Many alternative medicine sites have just the thing you need to help your brain to remember and stay alert and focused. Just drink this juice, or take this supplement and you will be fine. That is a crock of s##t if you ask me!  If we do not change our diet and detoxify our blood, we cannot achieve any improvement as far as brain health is concerned.

For the brain to function normally, energy has to be readily available since the brain uses a lot of it to be able to transmit thoughts. In addition to this, the brain supplies energy to other organs and in this way coordinates their action.  Any lack of energy will have a wide range of consequences and the way that we are told to eat makes a steady energy supply to the brain an impossibility.

Yes, most of the energy the brain uses comes from the heart but because of the program, we must obey we still need 30 % of the energy to be supplied through the food we eat. If this food is saturated fat and protein there is no problem. Neurons will maintain great numbers of mitochondria active and the supply of energy will not be interrupted no matter if we had the time to eat or not.  Our fat will provide the necessary triglyceride the mitochondria need to produce the required energy.
The same as in the cells of other organs and tissues, the problem starts when the body is flooded with glucose.
When neurons are exposed to glucose they will do the same as the cells in the rest of the body. They will start to deactivate mitochondria to protect neurons from overcharging. The more we are glucose dependent, the less active the mitochondria remain within each neuron.

A neuron with a small number of active mitochondria will produce an adequate amount of energy when glucose is supplied, but this only happens during and immediately after we eat since our body cannot store glucose and release it when glucose is needed.  This also means that our brain will have plenty of energy during our meal and about one hour from the time we ate.

If we do not eat again after an hour and a half, the neuron has depleted the energy and the only fuel the body can send is triglyceride.  Since there is a small number of active mitochondria remaining in the neurons they cannot produce a sufficient amount of energy and the brain starts starving for energy.  We lose concentration, we become tired, exhausted and headaches may occur. Everybody has experienced those symptoms as we all eat the wrong foods.

Now if you add to this a low-fat diet and statin drugs that prevent cholesterol formation, the neurons cannot repair their membranes and their myelin so their electrical insulation gets thin causing the electric leaks that express themselves in some people as the tremors we call Parkinson’s disease.

Under the influence of constant insulin irritation and inability to reinforce their membranes, or simply by making their membranes too dense, neurons become deprived of insulin and now they cannot even produce energy from glucose. This can result in Alzheimer’s disease, but there are many other aspects that contribute to this disease.  In any case, glucose creates tremendous problems to the proper functioning of the brain.

Dementia cartoons, Dementia cartoon, funny, Dementia picture, Dementia pictures, Dementia image, Dementia images, Dementia illustration, Dementia illustrations

This constant lack of energy in the brain makes us moody, irritable and unstable on the one hand and drowsy and depressed on the other.  Lately, the scientists are pointing to the small active mitochondria within the neurons and agree that there lies the answer for many problems related to the brain activity and they are trying to figure out how to stimulate mitochondrial activation. Scientists simply cannot believe that dietary glucose is connected to this problem. I have proven this on many clients and there is no doubt that dietary glucose is the culprit.

Since animals in the wild do not have access to dietary carbohydrates, they do not show any problems related to dementia.
So if you have been told that you have age-related dementia problems just read my book and follow the Self Healer’s Protocol and you will heal yourself. If you are presently on some medical poisons (medication) then contact me first before you start the protocol because there is no health recovery if medicaments are being used.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek




  Is it surprising that brain tumors are on the rise?




  Is it surprising that brain tumors are on the rise?

Image result for royalty free images of people with brain tumor

About 10 years ago I was warning that there will be a dramatic increase of people that will be affected with tumors and the brain tumors, in particular, will start to take the leading role, even when it comes to the children.

This was not difficult to predict once when we know what causes the tumor.

Unfortunately, medical students are being served a bunch of lies so today, most doctors claim that it is inconclusive what causes tumor and this is why it is so difficult to find the cure for it.

This is why before we are going to talk about what is the cause of a tumor, first we have to explain the mechanics behind it.

Yes, it is the mechanics and physics and not the chemistry we are so hanged upon.

The big focus on the chemistry and biochemistry in the school is used to complicate things so that an obviously wrong solution and conclusion can be accepted as plausible even if they do not make any sense when observed in the “real” world.

Every cell in our body has an electric charge which is slightly over 1 volt. If the charge comes down below 0.7 volts and cannot be raised, the cell will take it as a trigger to split itself leaving most of the impurity in the “old” cell and in this way, the remaining half is now cleaner and assumes the work as the “dirty “part is destroyed by the macrophage. We call this cellular proliferation.

The remaining part of the cell being cleaner and less acidic can raise its voltage which will stop the need for further cellular proliferation.

If for some reason, the remaining part cannot raise its voltage, a new cellular proliferation will occur.

This means that the inability to hold an electric charge is creating uncontrollable cellular multiplication and this growth we call the tumor.

How does the cell produce electricity?

Well, when we are talking about energy production by the mitochondria, this is the electricity.

So some of the electricity cells produce from fat and glucose but the majority of energy is produced by our heart and skin and sent to the brain. The brain then classifies it by its frequency and then it supplies all the organs and tissues with the electricity in the appropriate frequency with which various tissues and organs in our body resonate with.

Image result for royalty free images of human electric currents

Those cells in the body that are overly acidic, cannot hold the electric charge so even when they are charged, their voltage quickly goes down. If they receive the electric support of the brain than even those acidic and toxic cells will be able to raise their voltage and maintain it above 0.7 volts which will prevent their proliferation so no tumor occurs.

This means that we can have a very dehydrated and acidic body with dry and wrinkled skin and not experience having a tumor because the brain is correctly supplying the cells with the juice (energy).

If our skin is dry and wrinkled, so are our organs and tissues but no tumor appears because the brain is not compromised and correctly distributes the energy.

If the cells are dehydrated and acidic and if the brain becomes compromised and traps energy, then the uncontrollable proliferation will occur. Where does this proliferation occur depends on the nature of the thoughts since different thoughts resonate with different frequency and this means that the organ that will be affected with a tumor is the one that resonates with the same frequency of the thought that became trapped in our brain.


This is not Dr. Hammer discovery. The relation of cancers with emotions is known for a long time but Dr. Hamer documented over 40 thousand cases to prove its validity and for this, he was persecuted.

Image result for royalty free images of Dr Ryke Hamer

When we are talking about brain tumors we have to know that neurons are not affected, it is the glial cells.

The glial cells are the brain connective tissue which does all of the maintenance from providing the energy to clean up and positioning and separating of the neurons.

There are two major places where we find glia cells.

They are either a part of the brain mass or they are part of the meninges that surrounds the brain.

The most common brain tumor in adults is meningioma which is the tumor of meninges glia cells that surrounds the brain.

What influences this tumor to appear?

As you know from my previous articles and the short recap I have done here, the basic condition for the development of a tumor is toxic dehydrated and acidic cell.

Since the job of the glial cells of meninges is to filter the blood and let only the small particles to go through into the brain circulation itself, most of the toxic load and consecutive acidic problem will happen in glial cells of the meninges.

The older we are, the higher will be the toxic load inside of our cells and this means higher acidity and lower electric charge.

Since it takes time for the cells to get to the highly acidic and toxic level, the problem of holding the electric charge happens as we get older.

Because we are living in an increasingly toxic environment and we are getting poisoned systematically, we are reaching this toxic state earlier and earlier in our age. This is why younger and younger people start developing brain tumors.

To this brains acidity, you ad the emotional factor of feeling abandoned, useless and unwanted and now you have electric shut down and the glioma cells do not get the energetic support from the heart.

People that are physically active and happy, and eat correctly, do not develop brain tumors.

In children, the most common brain tumor is the tumor of the glial cells of the connective tissue.

How come that the glial cells of children are in a worse state of toxicity than their glial cells of meninges or the glial cells of the connective brain tissue of older people?

Image result for royalty free images of children with a brain tumor

Obviously, children are being poisoned with something hat is very small and is filtered through the meninges.

The first thing that comes to my mind is the nanoparticles of aluminum that are used in vaccines and in many pharmaceutical and skincare products.

Children are being poisoned from the time they take their first breath. I have seen nurses placing the baby formula in their mouth. Once the baby tastes the sugar it will reject the mother’s milk and it will be hooked on the toxic baby formula.

Detergent for washing baby clothes and especially fabric softeners are highly toxic and mothers love soft things for their babies and abuse them.

All of those products will cause toxic effect and consequential cellular dehydration but the real danger that will affect the brain glia connective tissue cells in the brain comes from the microwave radiation, the WIFI signal.

We are being told that our cellular telephones do not produce sufficient power to destroy our DNA.

The thing is not in the destruction of DNA because in that case, we would die instantly.

When our cells are exposed to microwave energy, they go into the stress mode. The fight and flight mode as Dr. Bruce Lipton calls it.

When in this mode, our cells do not hydrate and do not do their usual work. Since young children play with cellular telephones, their brains are in the stress mode and kids are persistent and can play for hours. The result of this is cellular acidity of the glia cellular connective brain tissue.

There is no wonder that a great majority of children’s brain cancers are gliomas of the connective brain tissue.

Image result for royalty free images of children with cell phones

The standard procedure of how to deal with brain cancer is the all mighty cut-burn-poison method of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery.

If the main reason why the tumor has developed is toxicity, how the hell can more toxicity heal the body?

Obviously not.

The standard treatment for tumors is actually designed to prevent the body from healing because what it really does is it destroys the immune system of the body and increases its toxic load. Now not only that the reparation is impossible but the toxic level of the body has risen and more tumors will appear.

This is exactly what is happening and every doctor knows it and continues to comply with the politics of “madsin”.

The correct approach is done by cleansing the body and repairing the gene expression.

If you do not know how to do this, follow the Self Healers Protocol.

Also, find the emotional baggage and deal with it and the tumor will disappear.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek