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   Evolution & Adaptation, what do they have in common?




   Evolution & Adaptation, what do they have in common?

According to the accepted science orchestrated by Charles Darwin, nature constantly adapts to its environment and in time, great changes occur as the result of this adaptation. Those big differences then we call the evolution.

Is this really what happens?

To be able to answer this question, we have to analyze it having the energy of conscience in mind. This was never done in this way and this is the reason we tend to always miss the truth, no matter what the subject is.

What is this thing we call our "reality"?

Through articles in the past, I had slowly introduced you to quantum mechanics.

I have explained that what we call our reality is just a holographic projection of our thoughts in a way our conscious mind can understand.

Where we focus our attention to, if it makes sense to our mind, the brain will project as something we think is our real world. In this way, we can experience it through our emotions.

Dream of Tabby Cat: Being Tiger royalty-free stock photo

Experiencing things emotionally, our spirit, including our higher self (the oneness we call God, Allah …), cannot experience. Emotions are the product of our physicality, the same as our mind, and they can be experienced only through the physicality.

Once the conscientious energy created the physical image, it started to experience its creation differently, through emotions.

From stationary matter to a living life form, but it was always in charge of where the expansion will go and how fast it will get there.

For one reason or other, the consciousness periodically decided to abandon the current project. It had learned through the emotions what are the limits and then decided to use the knowledge and start something more elaborate.

This more elaborate change was vastly different and we call it the evolution.

This is why there are no fossil traces of evolutionary sequences.

We have reptiles and then we have mammals. There is no evolutionary form that could explain how did a reptile change into a mammal.

The mammalian form was a new creation based on the previous experiences of creation.

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Once one life-form was created, it was given tasks what to experience so that those emotions can be achieved. Based on those emotions in conjunction with the design of the life-form, tweaking had to be done and for this purpose, genes are used. They allow the creature to adapt to the environment whenever it changes.

Because of the genetic response, we can survive the changes. Genes reprogram our cells and make it possible for the creature to continue living but to change the creature into a different form, this can be done only by the creator. The creator has to form the image of what it wants to manifest.

For example, Darwin found on the Galapagos cormorants with atrophied wings.

There is plenty of food and nowhere to fly so the local cormorants were basically swimming and diving. No natural predators existed and since it is easier for the cormorant to swim and dive with shorter wings, its genes stimulated a morphological change reducing the size of cormorants wings to make them more functional.

This is adaptation triggered through the gene expression.

Flightless Cormorant, Galapagos Cormorant (nannopterum ...

Alge mutating into a sponge, the sponge mutating into a fish and fish mutating into a reptile and reptile mutating into a mammal, those are not adaptations, those are evolutionary changes.

Those are not changes that are triggered by the genes as a response to the changes in the environment.

Those are completely different life-forms that were created by the creator after its experience grew.

This is evolution by design.

Now here is a question.

Can humans manifest (create, design) something new?

Humans are life-form that was given permission to create.

We can create through manifestation without being conscientious of it, and we regularly do so without realizing what is happening.

My wife had a Shih Tzu dog. The dog got pregnant and the small puppies were so adorable that Hilno said: "I wish that one stays this small forever".

This wish came through her heart, she really loved those small creatures and guess what has happened?

One of the puppies remained that small. It never grew and was healthy. He was slightly larger than a mouse but with the personality of a tiger.

Having a long coat, I cut his hair into the shape of a lion.

This was the funniest thing I have ever seen. A miniature lion with an attitude.

There was no person that did not burst to laugh seeing him this way.

Did you ever wonder how did Poodle, or Mastiff, or Grey Hound or Chihuahua...come along?

The base could have been the wolf, or wild dog, or fox. How did all of the dog races come about?

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The same question can be directed to all of the Horse breeds and other domestic animals.

Now you may ask, "why if we are creators did we not create something completely different instead of using the existing lifeforms and just tweaking them"?

I have mentioned many times that our brain is a biological machine. It can only calculate possibilities and the most probable outcome will be then manifested as reality.

Our brain cannot create something it is not familiar with. Our brain can only play with what it knows, and it will manifest only what it believes is the most probable outcome.

This is why when we are ready, a new image in a form of thought comes. The brain is ready to receive this new information and use it to advance its capability in creating something new.

This is how we advance in knowledge because every new thing will trigger an emotional response which will be sent back to the oneness, the Creator.

In this way, we cooperate with the creator since the spark, the new idea came directly from him.

We had been interfered with and we were made to manifest terrible things.

Why you may ask?

The answer is poking you in the face, can't you see it?

To be able to expand its knowledge faster, the Creator had split itself into billion pieces. Each piece is a part of the same creative energy and it was given the freedom to create and sent back to the oneness everything it has experienced.

Free illustration: Psychedelic, Fractal, Art, Trance ...

Each one of us is a splinter of the conscious oneness and our purpose is to create and experience through our emotions.

Each of us is assuming the job of a Creator. The only limit is our imagination.

To be able to take control over us, we had to be manipulated and I have explained who has done it and how in my previous articles.

To satisfy their mind, some people have disconnected themselves from their spirit (creator's energy) and they started to follow those who promised to fulfill their highest desires. By doing so, they drifted further and further away from their heart. All that is important to them is to satisfy their mind.

What is the emotion of the mind?


Through the fear, all we can manifest is more fear which leads to auto-destruction.

The Iranian scientist Keshe is introducing us to plasma and new technologies but in a wrong way. Again it is on purpose of misleading and many have fallen for it.

I was shown in ayahuasca ceremony not to associate myself with him and I had this feeling for a long time.

When a brilliant young mathematician Nassim Haramein proved mathematically errors of our esteemed scientists regarding our Universe, Keshe was very vocal about putting Nassim down claiming that Nassim stole the information from him.

Red Ice Radio - Nassim Haramein - The Schwarzschild Proton ...

If you are here to help by introducing us to the new knowledge, you should be excited that someone very smart is proving what you are talking about and encourage more people to do so. Instead, Keshe was fuming that someone else is getting the attention for something that only Keshe should be recognized and praised for.

Is this the reaction of a supreme being he claims to be? Definitely not.

I will be the happiest human being once more people start revealing the truth about the toxicity of dietary glucose and the benefits of minerals in regards to the cleansing and hydration.

I hope that you are realizing how powerful you are.

Your actions change energies not only in your body and not only around you. Your presence is sending information to the oneness. You can say without any reservation that you are creator, what you do and what you feel echoes throughout the whole Universe.

Now take this realization and use it to heal this planet and this Universe. You can do it. This is why you are here at this time of change.

Use your power to create, and create the best image your mind can come up with.

Create a new reality.

Create the World of unity, compassion, and acceptance.

Kids Love Globe Around World Holding Hands in Harmony ...

Love and light to us all dear brothers and sisters, we are evolving at this moment.

After all, we are one.

By darkovelcek




  Vaginitis & Vulvo-Vaginitis




  Vaginitis & Vulvo-Vaginitis


It is hard to tell how many women are suffering from Vaginitis and Vulvo-vaginitis, but I am sure that the number is much higher from the one statistically reported.

Vaginitis is a symptom of inflamed vagina and vulvo-vaginitis is a symptom of inflamed vulva and vagina.

Those symptoms could have an acute nature but often, because they are not treated correctly, those symptoms take a chronic nature and become a part of life.

What are the symptoms of Vaginitis:

Vaginal itching or irritation

Pain during intercourse

Painful urination

Change in color, odor or amount of discharge from your vagina

Light vaginal bleeding or spotting

"Itis" signifies an inflammation. The inflammation of vaginal wall will increase its sensitivity and since inflammation increases the level of blood in the vaginal tissue, there will be more moisture and sensitivity to an increased pressure which produces pain during sex and urination. If the inflammation is severe, the pain may be present even if no additional pressure is applied.

The increased moisture in the vagina creates a perfect medium for bacterial, fungal and parasitic growth.

This means that inflamed vagina can be easily infected and according to the type of the pathogen, the color, the texture and the smell of the vaginal discharge will change. From the clear when it is not infected, to the yellow or green or white and cheesy.

Younger women will most likely be infected with bacteria or protozoa (one cell parasite) and older women with fungus which is more of a chronic type of infection.

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These days, ever younger women are suffering from chronic vaginitis.

To you, my readers (family), I do not have to explain the cause but I was asked to explain this health problem as new readers are coming along so let me explain what is going on.

Because of the lack of water and minerals in our blood, people's blood is getting dehydrated.

Dehydrated blood will not be cleaned properly and it will become more toxic. Cells refuse to use it for their hydration, and we become dehydrated on the cellular level.

An organ that is forced to be very active while the blood is toxic, will become dehydrated on the cellular level faster and its cells will become acidic. This will trigger forced hydration we call inflammation.

This means that a sexually active woman with toxic blood will easily end up with inflamed vagina and the symptom we call vaginitis.

Through the sexual intercourse, infection is possible and here we encounter the second cause of now infectious vaginitis and this is none-functional immune system doe to gene manipulation created by a daily poisoning with the dietary glucose.

As I have explained in my book, the consumption of dietary glucose will change the gene expression. Cells will stop producing the GcMAF immune marker and our macrophage will not know what they have to destroy. Our immune system stops functioning.

Doctor's sign: There are a lot of ailments going around. Don't sit close to each other.

With such none-functioning immune system, even a mild infection will grow out of hand and ends up requiring a medical help which comes in way of antibiotic or stronger poisons depending on what pathogen is in question.

Frequently reoccurring bacterial infections may develop a resistance to the antibiotic and now, treating this infection becomes a real problem for a conventional doctor.

This is because the conventional doctor does not know about the nano-particle colloidal silver, or Rife machine and other new technology that operates on electromagnetic frequency or plasma.

You see, I did not go into describing the color and the consistency of the vaginal discharge and how to distinguish which type of discharge is related to the bacteria, or the fungus, or the single-cell parasite Trichomonas.

All of the mentioned pathogens are easily destroyed with the nanoparticle colloidal silver and there is no possibility of developing a resistance to it.

Still, it is easier to prevent it than heal it.

Keep your immune system active and your blood clean and you have nothing to worry about.

The toxic blood has a lot of glucose in it and many half-digested particles are floating around.

That presents a lot of food for the anaerobic pathogens so the pseudomonas or fungi like candida Albicans will grow easily creating unpleasant vaginal discharge.

"I spy London, I spy France...neither of which rhymes with 'yeast infection.'"

The inflamed and swollen vaginal wall or the wall of the vulva will be pressure sensitive and painful especially if the excitement of lovemaking increases the cardiac rhythm and with it the blood pressure.

So, if you are a female carboholic (a person that has reprogrammed its body with the dietary glucose) with the compromised immune system and toxic blood, and you have an active sex life, most likely, you suffer from some kind of vaginal inflammation. It could be vaginitis, vulvitis, or as I have explained in a recent article about vulvodynia (inflamed vulva, with no discharge) or whatever label your doctor had stamped your symptom with, the healing can be achieved very simply.

To be able to repair the immune system, it is absolutely necessary to eliminate dietary glucose from our diet. The dietary glucose changes the genome which changes the way our cells respond.

It is all part of adaptation to the changing environment which actually allows us to eat poison without dying as long as the poisoning is slow and gives us time for the genetic response to take the place.

'Oh dear. Your immune system doesn't recognize your eyes.'

In the following article, I will elaborate more deeply about this problem.

As far as any type of inflammation goes, hydration is the most important thing where doctors are trained to do just the opposite.

When the inflammation becomes a life-threatening thing, the emergency techniques we are taught in medical school are lifesavers but if we implement those techniques while dealing with mild inflammation, we are simply preventing our cells to hydrate and in this way we are making them more acidic which will lead to the necessity of emergency treatments.

To heal from vulvitis, vulvovaginitis, or any other health problem that is caused by toxic blood we have to do the same as if we want to prevent it from occurring and this is to keep our blood clean and stop poisoning ourselves with dietary glucose.

If an infection settled in, lay on your back, elevate your hips and squirt nanoparticle colloidal silver into the vagina. Stay in this position for 10-20 minutes so that the colloid can be absorbed into the tissue and repeat this 2-4 times a day.

The colloidal silver destroys pathogens within 4 minutes but the absorption takes more time.

If you are not sure how to go about it, simply follow the Self Healers Protocol.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek




  The emotion, placebo and the nocebo effect




  The emotion, placebo and the nocebo effect

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I wrote about the power of emotion before but in my last Ayahuasca ceremony, I was shown how our emotions are being used as a tool of enslavement and a culprit of many chronic diseases especially cancer.

When I was explaining what is cancer, I told you that cancer is caused by the uncontrollable proliferation (multiplying) of cells in an organ.

The cellular proliferation is triggered by a drop of a cellular electric charge.

Dehydrated and acidic cells cannot hold the electric charge but not every person with dehydrated and acidic cells develops cancer. There is one more thing that has to happen to the cell for it to be unable to maintain the minimal electric charge which would prevent the uncontrollable proliferation.

As soon as our cells become dehydrated, they cannot cleanse themselves and they become acidic. The increased cellular acidity prevents it from maintaining the adequate electric charge but almost all of us are dehydrated on the cellular level and not all of us develop cancer.

Everyone who suffers from allergies is severely dehydrated on the cellular level but they do not have cancer.

The reason behind it is our brain.

Our heart produces thousands of times more energy than our brain does. The brain does not produce energy any more than any other organ in our body does.

The energy the brain transmits is the energy it had received from the heart. 

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Different parts of the brain resonate with different frequencies which supply the energy to the parts of the body that resonate with the same frequency.

As long as an organ is supplied with this energy, it can maintain the necessary charge and cancer will not develop.

Every emotion has a typical frequency. Emotions are projected through a thought.

Every thought is transmitted from the brain and this requires a lot of energy, so when we are transmitting, the energy is used and cannot be directed to the organ which resonates with the same frequency.

This means that if we are preoccupied with one thought or emotion and we spend our days thinking about it, the energy that should be sent to one organ or tissue which has the same frequency of the thought or emotion is being used to transmit our thought and the organ will be deprived of energy. This will trigger cancer.

Cancer is strictly an emotional problem. No surgery or chemical poisoning can eliminate it. If the emotion remains, new cancer will develop.

If the emotion is dealt with, the energy returns to the organ and cancer stop growing and our immune system dissolves it.

As an example we can use this article about a tennis player Nicole Gibbs:


Nicole is a talented tennis player but she felt pressured and uncertain of her career. She did not talk about it. She kept in what should have been expressed and dealt with. The emotion she felt has the same frequency as her moth (we express thing and emotions by speaking about them).

Nicole kept quiet about it but it was always on her mind.

This trapped emotion caused cancer. Surgery was completely unnecessary. What allowed her to heal was the experience through which Nicole realized where her aspiration is and now openly talks about it.

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She had released the trapped emotion and her cancer is gone. It will not come back.

What we call the placebo and it's opposite, the nocebo effect is emotions created by our positive or our negative thinking.

Now, you may ask if the brains focus on a thought deprives the body of energy, how come that focusing on a good thought does not deprive the brain of supplying the energy to an organ?

A positive thought does the opposite, it will heal us. How does this work?

We have only two basic emotions. One is love and the other is fear.

The love is the emotion of the heart and the fear is an emotion of the brain.

The heart is the source of our energy and the emotion of love stimulates higher energy production.

If we measure the energy field of our heart which extends about 3 meters in diameter, when we feel an emotion of love, this field expends further.

When I checked the energy field of my wife while she is feeling an emotion of love, her energy field I detected 15 meters from her body.

Your Heart Works As A Second Brain | Humans Are Free

Positive emotion is based on the emotion of love and it energizes our body.

Negative emotion is an emotion of our brain and it deprives us of energy.

In the case you wandered why are some Internet sites that reveal globalists secrets allowed to operate without being censored because they create fear and do not present a solution.

The globalists were not afraid and the fear was playing right into their hands.

For example, the Prison Planet and Alex Jones are a perfect example of this but we would never suspect someone like Mike Adams to be involved in this.

The Health Ranger provides insight into chemical poisoning and reveals how poisonous our food is. This creates fear to those who read his articles and his solution is useless. Supplements are not the solution, actually, they contribute to further increasing the toxic load of the body.

This means that he is, probably not even realizing it, playing into the hands of the globalists by spreading the fear factor which would lead to more sickness and possible physical conflict that globalists need so desperately to be able to continue controlling us.

For example, he reveals how many toxins are pumped into the commercial animals and how those toxins present health risk but nobody realizes the true danger which has nothing to do with chemical poison. Those chemical toxins can be cleansed with water and sea salt but there is way more powerful toxic load coming into our body from those commercially produced animal products and this is the emotional load that is captured in the cellular structure of those animals.

The animals are purposely given horrific conditions so that they create an emotion of fear which remains trapped in their cellular structure.

Organic farming, animal rights, back to nature concept. Group of free-range chicken freely grazing outside of organic farm

When we eat this animal, we absorb those emotions. Remember, emotion is the energy of a particular frequency. When we absorb it, the frequency will intertwine itself with our frequencies and cause a disruption of energy in our body.

We can deactivate those frequencies and hunters of the past did so every time they made a kill.

They did it by asking for forgiveness and honoring the sacrifice that the animal did so that the hunters can live.

Only through the heart and the emotion related to love, we can transform the frequency of fear. The spirit showed me this in the last ayahuasca ceremony and I have to share it with you.

The path to healing is through our heart. We have to open our heart, take a deep breath and feel the emotions of love. With those emotions, we can conquer anything.

Prayer has no effect if the emotion is not present. The emotion is the game-changer.

If you want to manifest something, you have to feel it. You have to become emotional about it.

To heal, you have to feel as if you are healthy already. You have to express the emotion of feeling happy about you being healthy and express it through your heart.

Un grazie di cuore grande grande! - Tribù Animale Onlus

Whenever we believe that something is going to heal us, we relax and the fear goes away. We start feeling happy and this is what we call the placebo effect. This emotion we fell is what is healing us.

Looking from the quantum perspective, we are just impulses of energy in a variety of different frequencies. When those frequencies are in harmony one with the other, we are healthy. When some frequencies change, they distort the harmony in this field and we manifest it through a symptom as a disease.

It is crucial that we eliminate those unwanted infrequences so that we can heal, and further, we have to establish a total harmony because in this way we are assisting the whole creation including our planet and the whole Universe to re-establish harmony.

I am happy to inform you that we are achieving this and we are just a step away from the shift.

Work on your emotions. Stop watching Hollywood movies and stop listening to this new toxic music. Put your focus on pleasant things, nurture emotions of love (compassion, appreciation, gratitude, kindness).

Healyourself, Healyourself, Healyourself

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek









I could not resist and put it on the paper.

Today mi darling wife received a message. It was a question directed to me.

"Hilno, can you husband cure bipolar disorder?".

The person asking this question is a young lady from the USA who had learned from a friend about me helping people to heal without medicating my clients.

Hlno sent her a link to my blog site explaining that bipolarity can be easily healed if people stick to the protocol.

Soon after a new message comes.

"the blog is disorganized, is your husband (meaning me) vegan?

Being polite, Hilno answers, "for people to heal, they have to eat some animal fats and proteins like fish, eggs, cheese...".

The reply Hlno received was, "this is an old-fashioned knowledge. Now we know that people are herbivores.

Because we have lost our ways, we have destroyed nature, the forests, the animals and we torture farm animals. We create suffering and pain. We have depleted our seas of the fish and we have become sick. All because we have been eating animals."

Her response is the average snowflake response of the young generation.

They are brainwashed and acid-washed better than Hillary's server and memory drives.

No new information can ever penetrate her filters and unfortunately, there are plenty of people like her right here in Tarapoto. Vegan restaurants are popping up all over the place.

I have seen this lady and as expected, she was skinny and frail.

Although some vegans feel healthy for a while, sooner or later they start suffering from chronic health issues. Sometimes it may take 15 or more years before symptoms pop up but when they do, it is going to be a difficult recovery process because of the level of the cellular dehydration and acidity that is involved.

Where do people find the information that we are herbivores?

This was the dumbest statement that I have heard as of yet.

No human can survive on raw vegetables and fruits only.

For those of you who are convinced that humans can thrive on raw vegetables, give it a try, but do not cheat in the process.

Do not use any cooked or processed fruits or vegetables to supplement your diet.

As soon as you eat a piece of bread, some flour, cooked carbohydrates, and legumes, you are nourishing yourself with dietary glucose. Herbivores cannot use those because they would blow up from the gas this type of food would create in the rumen.

The rumen is the part of a stomach in which fermentation takes place.

Humans do not have it.

Horse and Panda bear do not have it neither but they have a very large stomach where fermentation can take place.

The reason why the horse can eat some grains like oat is because of this. Also by not having the additional fermentation sack, the horse can eat meat and thrive on it.

When the horse eats oats he gets colics from gas overproduction. Not healthy thing but even veterinarians do not know that horses should not be given carbohydrates, no oats or any grain.

Now, because I am "old-fashioned" and I eat meat, I will not be recommended to help another human who can heal by utilizing my information.

Now at this moment, I am helping a friend who was vegetarian and vegan most of his life. Now he is 70 years old and chronic cough started creeping in. His skin is very dry and eczema is showing up. His body is collapsing.

Fortunately, he is open-minded and accepts the necessary change so he will heal but it will take time.

When you feed an omnivore a vegetarian and especially a vegan diet, among the rest, their immune system becomes worthless as I had mentioned in one of my recent articles.

A small infection can turn into an abscess and this abscess can turn into a life-threatening situation as those articles describe:


Some wealthy brainwashed parrots can take it to a completely new level of an eccentric behavior:


Here, the parrot in question is teaching us how to stimulate mitochondria through useless supplements, while stuffing herself with wholegrain bread and spaghetti.

As followers of my work, you know that dietary glucose deactivates mitochondria and no supplement will activate it as long as dietary glucose is in the blood.

Grimes further has her eye mutilated to reduce the effect of the blue light to calm her nerves.

First of all, the blue light elimination will not offset the damage that is done by dietary glucose and no calming effect will be achieved.

Her doctors should know this, but again, they love to make a buck on mindless people.

No matter how much time Grimes spends in the deprivation tank, she will remain disconnected.

We are being so much manipulated that the disconnect is bigger than ever before.

Simple logic does no longer work.

People forgot how to think. All they know is how to follow orders.

Self-mutilation is approaching new heights as this article shows:


The surgeon is cutting his wife. Are they not aware of the consequences?

Meg Ryan - Plastic Surgery Disaster Photos

It is enough to surf the Internet for 5 minutes to see what happens to those that undertook plastic surgery when they get a bit older and not to mention the health hazards these procedures present.

Mindless people are creating a mindless society demanding open borders while the country is under an attack that is orchestrated by the rich globalists who are paying poor people to invade designated countries and the brainwashed snowflakes in congress are too stupid to realize what is happening and instead, are attacking their countryman.

This world is in real chaos, God, help us. Open their eyes so that they can survive this turmoil.

Stop listening to your health gurus. Learn the truth.

Open your eyes.

Smell the coffee.

Do whatever you have to but please WAKE UP!

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek




  A health problem cannot be solved utilizing the same information that has created it.




  A health problem cannot be solved utilizing the same information that has created it.

All chronic diseases are created by our habits.

We do what we think we should do because of the information that is accepted by our brain.

I often hear people saying that they are listening to their bodies and eat accordingly.

By listening to their body, they mean to say that if something does not feel ok because it gives them discomfort or pain, they will avoid eating it but for the pain to develop, the body has to be already very toxic on the cellular level.

A pain that is caused by an overwhelming gas production is never considered to be a health problem.

After all, the famous saying is "with fart to a good heart."

Beans and lentils are considered to be health food. So much so, that people are abandoning the pet-food that contains the rice and soy for pet-food that replaces those carbohydrates with legumes, and then they are surprised when their pets become violently ill.


Our problem is the science behind the food.

People often complain that I am bashing the science and scientists saying that popular science is false science.

Not all science is compromised.

This is why I refer to bad science as the "popular science". This is the type of science that is manipulated and misleading. Such science we are being fed in schools.

The information we are being force-fed in our educational process becomes the filter which prevents us later in life to accept contradicting information.

This is the reason why doctors are deathly afraid of salt and cholesterol, and they are incapable to even reason about it. It is to difficult to drink water with sea salt and see what will happen.

There is no discussion possible because those "experts know" the dangers such elements present in our body. They have been given this information and now, any contradictory information will be simply discarded.

"I listen to my body and it does not want me to have any animal-based fat and protein".

If I had a penny for every time that I have heard this statement, I would be a millionaire.

Many of those people also say that they have aversion to eating meat. They feel sick just thinking about it.

All this is just a reaction of their mind to the information that they possess, ad this information could be even inherited from their grandparents. It could have been transmitted through gene information.

Information is an electromagnetic imprint of a particular frequency, and as such, it is creating its replicas in the space around it.

Those replicas, we can refer to as our memories.

Memories can be stored in our genes similar as information is stored in the memory drive off a computer, and it can also linger in the energy field of our body and space where it has left its imprint or a mark.

This information that we are being exposed to, becomes a part of our reality and we accept it as being the truth, especially if it was the first information we have received about this particular subject.

Memory cartoons, Memory cartoon, funny, Memory picture, Memory pictures, Memory image, Memory images, Memory illustration, Memory illustrations

Because of this programming, what seems to be a rational thing to one person, is considered irrational to another. It all depends on what information have we been exposed first.

I have been vegetarian for 6 months. I came to the point that I could not enter a butcher-shop because I felt sick to my stomach from the smell of a carcass. It reminded me of a smell of formalin soaked animal carcass I had to learn on in veterinary school.

I love eating vegetables but I have noticed that I cannot hold my breath for as long as I used to before while diving.

The cooked vegetables will keep us alive because our cells can be easily reprogrammed to utilize glucose for energy production and we are not aware of the dangerous changes on the cellular level that occurs when we adapt to the diet based on glucose/starch (sugar).

When we feel bad, we start researching about the food we eat and again, the information that is given to us is manipulated and false.

So we learn that gluten causes the leaking gut syndrome.

Then if the problem persists after we have eliminated gluten from our diet, we accept that some phyto-proteins other than gluten can cause the same symptoms. Lectins become the taboo.

Phyto-protein is just a fancy name for plant-based protein which is different from the animal-based protein and it can never be used as its substitute. Our body has to modify it.

Yes, protein has to be broken into amino acids before it can be absorbed but the amino-acid configuration of plant protein is different and we can become depleted of some essential amino-acids if we depend strictly on it.

Just the fact that we become depleted of vitamin B12 should be enough to warn us against such diet, but again, the wrong information prevents us from rational thinking.

Vegetable cartoons, Vegetable cartoon, funny, Vegetable picture, Vegetable pictures, Vegetable image, Vegetable images, Vegetable illustration, Vegetable illustrations

We start looking for support and we find it in people who think the way we do. In a group, we look for safety, and we boost each other as we fall deeper and deeper into the trap.

To make sure we never see the truth, the media is put into the action. The failed theories are promoted. Medication and vaccines are shoved into our face and doctor's actions are glorified.

The reason thing does not seem to be working is our rebellion to accept what we are being served, said the media:


The doctor knows. It does not matter that he/she allowed for the health problem to become a chronic issue.

After all, the doctor has told you to hydrate with liquids and to eat correctly. The only problem is that he/she has no clue what this actually involves.

What is the correct liquid and what is the correct diet? Every nutritionist and every health expert has their own version of what is the correct way and it all depends on the information they have been exposed first. The fact that different people react differently to the same type of food is not phasing anyone.

So, when one type of diet that is believed to be a healthy diet is creating a sick body, the remedy used is a toxic (medicinal) plant or bacteria, or a parasite to correct some symptoms of ill health this "healthy" diet is creating:


Instead of realizing that the diet is causing the problems, the health experts find ways how to tweak things so that the symptom goes away. Poison and antidote in conjunction continue increasing the toxic load of the body and ops, chronic health problem develops.

The clearest example of what I am talking about is diabetes melitus.

Diabetes is a symptom of elevated blood sugar.

Although our body produces the necessary sugar, the great majority of sugar comes into our blood through our diet. So it should not take a rocket scientists to come to the conclusion of eliminating the sugar from the diet. This will for sure lower the blood sugar.

We are told that sugar is not an essential element because our cells can produce it from fat and from protein but the majority of doctors and science articles pushed on us by the media claim that we need a "safe" carbohydrates in our diet.

What is considered to be this "safe" carbohydrate?

Starch, glucose. This is exactly the most dangerous type of sugar which is directly involved in gene reprogramming the cellular response and creating thousands of genetic errors.

Instead of dumping glucose from our diet, we are worried about the cost that is involved in nourishing this man-made chronic health problem:


In over 90% of diabetes cases, blood sugar can be brought down within a month simply by eliminating dietary glucose from the diet.

If you suffer from diabetes or any other chronic "incurable" disease, give me a shout.

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Doctors cannot solve the problems that they have created by utilizing their knowledge. They have to re-educate themselves and this is the most difficult task to do.

The general population that was not exposed to the "scientific facts" can see the truth much easier. This is why nurses can learn the truth faster than doctors can and often, the nurse will save the patient and not the doctor. They are less brainwashed so their logic is still working.

Absorb the new knowledge, try to implement it and observe the results.

The more toxic we are, the more severe will be the symptoms of cleansing and healing so I urge you to ask for help especially if you have been medicated for a long time or if you are long-time vegan or vegetarian. Your cellular dehydration and acidity are very high. Cleansing will produce uncomfortable symptoms you may misinterpret as a newly developed complication and abandon the healing process.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek