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  Is there a relationship between obesity, immune deficiency, and diseases?




  Is there a relationship between obesity, immune deficiency, and diseases?

I wrote about obesity many times.

The main reason I wrote about it is the misconception and right out lies we are being told that obesity weakens our immune system and is the cause of chronic diseases.

This article that Mark sent me is a clear example of what is wrong with our perception of obesity:


Right of the bat, there is a statement that genes play an important role in obesity.

Very often there is a statement that people are genetically predisposed to be fat or skinny.

Simple observation will hint that this is true, Just have a look. Majority of obese parents have obese children. This makes it easy to say that obesity runs in the family.

I have explained that gene expression is controlled by the environment and as the environment changes, the gene expression changes with it.

This means that a child raised by obese parents will eat the same kind of food as its parents eat. What makes its parents obese will make them obese, gene predisposition has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Obese parents can have a fit child if the child changes its diet.

The new diet will change the bodies environment and with it, the gene expression will change.

The change in gene expression will induce cellular changes and the child's physique will change.

Child Obesity Clipart #1104179 - Illustration by BNP ...

The important thing is that obesity is not toxic. It does not create a sickly body with the compromised immune system, and it does not promote chronic diseases such as are hypertension, circulatory problems, fatty liver, and whatever another chronic health issue is labeled to be a consequence of obesity in a particular body.

Scientists are basing their expertise on collected data.

A great majority of obese children comes from obese parents so it must be genetic.

There is a higher percentage of coronary obstruction in obese people so obesity is to be blamed.

A greater percentage of obese people suffers from arthrosis so obesity is the culprit.

Obese people have a weaker immune system, they become sick easier so, obesity is what weakens the immune response.

I have mentioned many times that body fat does not create diseases. Many animals in nature are fat during parts of their lives and none of them has health issues related to this.

Sea lion underwater — Stock Photo

The fact is that the same food that is making people fat, is making them sick, and it disarms their immune system.

This is why it is to be expected that the more of the toxic food we eat, the worse will be our health and on top of this, we become fat.

Obesity and ill health come hand in hand and the culprit is the food. Obesity is a symptom of poor diet and ill health and nonfunctional immune system are also caused by the poor diet. They are both symptoms. One symptom cannot be the cause of another symptom. I guess, this is just to difficult for our health experts to understand.

They just keep rolling the same tape day after day, year after year, decade after decade.

A human on the proper diet who keeps its body in the state of ketosis can also become obese but it will never exhibit symptoms of the carboholic (a person that has altered its gene expression to utilize dietary glucose as its primary fuel).

Yes, carboholic is a diseased state of a body that depends on dietary glucose as its primary fuel.

Gene expression has shifted to make it possible for the body to survive on such diet but by doing this, it has made the body vulnerable. The immune system suffers the most and the perpetual state of stress caused by the frequent periods of starvation have created neurological problems.

Crying Bunny Man — Stock Photo

Since nerves use way more energy than any other cellular structure in the body, they will suffer the most if our lifestyle demands focus and concentration.

Just look at A. Merkel:


A. Merkel is shaking uncontrollably because she is very toxic and she is tense and bothered by what is happening, her neuron activity is high and there is no food available. Her body is going into a state of shock and she needs a sugar fix or water to come out of it.

Many people are experiencing involuntary muscle movements when they are stressed. The reason is the same.

Recently Chrissy Teigen mentioned that her hand moves involuntarily and she has no strength in one arm:


The wrong food, toxic blood, and nerves of an arm that is being used more than the other arm start to show problems.

As a young boy, when I was just 11 years old I started to feel chest pains and my left eye started to twitch uncontrollably. This twitch was becoming more and more frequent.

Doctors told me that I was stressed and that I have to relax.

They were correct. I have changed the country and the school. All new friends and the pressure to advance with them. In Czechoslovakia, the school program was slower so when we have moved to Yugoslavia, I had to catch up with many things.

I did not want to go back one year as it was suggested. To me, that would indicate a failure so I just worked harder but at what cost?

My health was deteriorating.

Fortunately, I quickly absorbed what I had to and as soon as I felt more relaxed, both symptoms had disappeared.

Fortunately, I have never succumbed to the teaching of low salt and low-fat consumption.

My favorite was bread soaked in salty chicken fat, steak with eggs, bread with a ton of butter, salt and pate.

Vegetable cartoons, Vegetable cartoon, funny, Vegetable picture, Vegetable pictures, Vegetable image, Vegetable images, Vegetable illustration, Vegetable illustrations

My mother was worried as she was learning how meat and fat are toxic and salt should be avoided.

I did not by into it. Vegetables never interested me and I ditch them whenever I had the chance.

Now I see my school friends, and most of them I do not even recognize. Obesity disfigures people. There is no beauty in it no matter how hard we look. There is nothing more interesting than a mature woman or man when they are in good shape. Unfortunately, there are very few among the sea of disfigured sickliness.

We can all regain our natural sex appeal if we just help our body to return to its proper state of ketosis.

Simple three day fast will get us there because our body wants naturally to be healthy. It wants to resonate with the same frequencies of nature and if we support it, the miracle will happen.

No calorie counting will help you. It is a form of starvation and it is hard on our body and on our mind. Besides, it does nothing to reprogram our gene expression so you will remain with ill health and nonfunctional immune system.

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Being fit has nothing to do with being healthy.

Many professional athletes are suffering from torn muscles and ligaments. This is a sign of cellular dehydration and acidity.

If a football (soccer) match is prolonged, players start getting muscle cramps. Why?

Doctors say it is from the exhaustion.

Wrong, it is from the starvation. Muscles simply do not have energy available because they are in a carboholic body that has no time to eat because it has to run.

If those players would be on the proper diet, the muscle cramps would not occur. Muscles would be receiving the correct amount of energy and players could continue running for hours without any signs of cramping.

The main problem in medicine is that the observation is focusing on people with compromised genetics because we are all being lied to. Doctors are convinced that the human body cannot function properly without dietary glucose. After all, this is what we are being told in medical school by experts in the field.

I guess, those "experts" should focus on plowing and leave science to those who are capable of thinking.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek




  Why is children's immune system collapsing?




  Why is children's immune system collapsing?

Self-preservation is a part of every creation. Every plant and animal has built-in self-protection and self-recovery system which helps the creature to survive in this ever-changing environment.

Something strange is happening as far as humans are concerned.

Their self-preservation and the self-reparation system is not functioning, and as our medical knowledge is growing and the diagnostic systems improving, somehow our health deteriorates faster.

Chronic health issues which have haunted older people are now affecting younger and younger generation and here we go with baby's having chronic skin eczemas, diabetes, and none functioning immune system.

Frequently we can encounter articles like this one:


where children contract fairly common bacteria and succumb to infection.

And this one:


where bacteria causes a skin infection like there is absolutely no natural protection available in the child's body.

No animals are affected. No grownups are affected, but somehow the children become ill as if they were purposefully targeted.

Roe-deer with baby stock image. Image of animal, wildlife ...

What is going on?

First, we have to be aware that every action of the body is controlled through the energy distribution system of the body.

The energy is one and we call it electromagnetism. The quantum mechanics refers to it as the MAGRAV (magnetic/gravitational) field.

The body has an energy-priority setup.

Here fighting off a disease (cleansing) has the priority if the level of toxicity reaches a critical point.

The second priority is hunting which can have a form of physical activity (work) so work has energy priority over digestion.

Then comes the digestion.

During the rest period, energy is used for reparation and energetic recharge on the cellular level. This is why sleep is so important.

Growth of an organism requires a lot of energy and this is why plants have stores of glucose that will supply this energy to a growing plant.

Animals and humans use fat to produce this energy but since a lot is being used for the growth of the organism, less of the energy is available for defense. This is why young animals and children have reduced the immune system and they will succumb to diseases easier than adults.

Still, this does not explain why are young animals resilient to diseases and children are not.

Chilling clipart ill person - Pencil and in color chilling ...

Many babies are born with compromised health and as infants, they suffer from diarrhea, vomiting, skin rashes, runny nose, fever...

The number of sickly babies is growing exponentially and doctors respond to this problem is vaccination.

Let's reinforce the failing immune system with vaccines.

Is it working?

Obviously not. Children are now being vaccinated from the first day they are born and the number of sickly babies is skyrocketing.

Mother's colostrum used to be so strong that it would deactivate vaccine so mothers have been instructed not to breastfeed their babies three days prior to vaccination so that the vaccine "can take hold".

If the colostrum is stronger than the vaccine, what is the sense behind vaccination?

Well, do not ask the doctor because doctors are instructed to follow orders and not to think.

Today doctors do not have to worry about the power of the colostrum. Since people are eating the wrong food, the colostrum has no power and the medical procedure during the birth process are inflicting stress and preventing the immune system from being activated.

The umbilical cord is cut too soon and the baby is being shaken and spanked. This creates stress many babies never fully recover from. They are born into a hostile environment and from the first day instead of adapting to the growing mechanism, they go immediately into the fright and flight mode of self-preservation.

While the baby is figuring out how to survive in this hostile environment, it is jabbed multiple times with vaccines that are full of toxic elements. The toxic load of the young body is provoking the cleansing reaction. This contributes to babies having diarrhea, vomiting, and having skin eczema.

Seborrheic Eczema and Crib Cap

Instead of supporting the babies cleansing efforts, doctors are instructed to further poison the baby through the "medicines" that are supposedly necessary so that diarrhea stops, or the vomiting is suppressed. For the skin eczema, doctors prescribe steroids and then they wonder why is the health of the baby worsening?

When babies are borne, they are all in a state of ketosis.

As long as they are nourished with mother's milk, they remain in a ketogenic state.

If the mother would be eating correctly, she would also be in a ketogenic state and the child would never get out of it.

Since the mother is carboholic, as soon as the baby develops teeth, it is given the first dosage of poison usually in the form of compote. The first encounter with dietary glucose.

Nowadays, children are given baby-formula which is loaded with dietary glucose and the baby becomes a carboholic in a very early stage of its life.

Mother Preparing Baby Formula Royalty Free Stock Photo ...

We know that dietary glucose reprograms gene expression and one of the consequences is a cellular production of nagalase. Those cells that produce nagalase cannot produce GcMAF immune protein marker. The gene expression was changed from GcMAF to nagalase. This means no immune marker is being produced. This means no macrophage activation. So why are we surprised when children's' immune system does not protect them from a weak pathogen?

As you can see, the assault on our children's health starts from birth, and actually even before. Since the pregnant woman is eating incorrectly, she provides a toxic environment for the growing baby.

If the mother to be is suffering from the morning sickness, her blood is toxic and the babies poisoning has started.

How many doctors you think are aware of this fact?

Very few, because the information that only dehydrated and toxic mothers suffer from morning sickness, we are not being taught in medical school. No medical books have this information and since we are told to read, remember, and regurgitate on demand, these information doctors do not possess.

How can we help those babies and young children when their immune system gave up on them?

As in any other case of a chronic health problem. Hydration, cleansing, and elimination of dietary carbohydrates from the diet.

In three words, Self Healers Protocol.

Many articles are coming out now blaming obesity for chronic health problems.

I have debunked this theory before but I will write another article on this topic.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek




   US military requests a keto diet for its elite soldiers.




   US military requests a keto diet for its elite soldiers.

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Replacing a diet of beer and pizza with yogurt and Rib-Eye. How would that improve our military?

The military leaders care more about their soldiers than doctors care about their patients.

When generals notice that one type of diet makes their soldiers perform better and keeps them fit end healthier, they request that such a diet is implemented.

This is way more than doctors ever did for their patients.

The commanders of the elite units have noticed that their special forces operatives can be longer submerged and had more stamina when they were on the protein-loaded diet and when carbohydrates and alcohol were eliminated from their diet.

What happens in the body of a keto, soldier?

First, let me explain what is happening in the body of a "carboholic" soldier.

When glucose is used as cellular fuel, the cell has to make some adjustments.

First, genes have to make cellular adjustment in a way of controlling the cellular overcharge. This is done by deactivating a bunch of mitochondria.

Now, after the adjustment to glucose, there is no way that cells can produce enough energy utilizing fat (triglycerides) but also, now cells respond to their fuel as if they were in a state of stress. They have started actually using a buster fuel in everyday conditions and this means that when the soldier finds itself in a jam, and his stress hormones are released, the newly available buster fuel which becomes liberated from the glycogen reserves has no particular impact since there are not enough active mitochondria to make the difference. This means that the stress does not give the needed boost to the soldier. This is actually a handicap because soldier counts on it.

SCARY WWIII ! U.S Military VS Russian Military 2017 ...

The constant presence of glucose in the blood and its use as a fuel requires high levels of an adequate enzyme called nagalase.

When cells are forced to make nagalase, they cannot produce GcMAF immune marker.

This means that such a soldier has a nonfunctioning immune system.

Every scratch will become infected and without antibiotic, every scratch can cause sepsis and death.

Every shrapnel becomes lethal.

Not only shrapnel but even a broken blister can cause sepsis. I have seen this on a 24-hour march.

Since cells will produce energy from glucose even when oxygen is scarce, soldiers can breathe shallowly during digestion. This elevates the CO2 cellular levels and shallow breathing maintains low relative pressure of the oxygen so the CO2 cannot be pushed out of cells, leaving them more acidic.

A more acidic cell cannot maintain the correct electric charge so carboholic soldiers become quickly low on energy.

Since the body has no deposits of glucose to be used when the soldier is not eating, soldiers depend on their power bars or frequent snacks.

When munching on the power bar, their digestion kicks in and robs them of 40% of the energy that they could be using doing a task.

Power Bar cartoons, Power Bar cartoon, funny, Power Bar picture, Power Bar pictures, Power Bar image, Power Bar images, Power Bar illustration, Power Bar illustrations

When under fire, there is no opportunity for power-bar and hypoglycemia may set in. Not a good place for the soldier to be in, in this particular situation.

The brain is particularly sensitive to energy oscillations.

A carboholic soldier without its power-bar will experience mental weakness.

He will not be able to concentrate and think rationally. Wrong decisions can be made.

Under an extended fire where there is no time to eat or even to have the power-bar, carboholick soldier will feel extreme weakness, lack of power, physical and mental. His cells cannot produce an adequate level of energy from triglyceride and glucose is not available. Total exhaustion will set in combined with depression. Fear sets in.

The fear is a normal state of underpowered brain.

Fear cartoons, Fear cartoon, funny, Fear picture, Fear pictures, Fear image, Fear images, Fear illustration, Fear illustrations

It will take about 72 hours before the cells of a carboholic soldier will fully readjust to fat and use triglyceride for cellular energy production.

In many cases, it may be too late.

A keto operative will have none of those problems.

Every cell in the body of a keto soldier is loaded with mitochondria and energy is produced constantly. The soldier does not depend on the food at the moment.

This is why such a soldier performs really well under pressure.

Especially when in a tight place and stress hormones run rampant, thousands of mitochondria will produce incredible amounts of energy turning the soldier in stress into a super soldier with incredible power and stamina.

Since the cellular relative pressure of the CO2 is low (there is no anaerobic energy production), it can be easily replaced with oxygen keeping the cells less acidic with higher levels of electric charge. This means that the energy levels will be kept higher.

The lower levels of CO2 in the body will permit a diver to stay submerged a longer time since the reflex to breath is not caused by depletion of the blood oxygen, but rather, by the elevated pressure of CO2.

The brain of a keto soldier has a constant supply of triglycerides (the energy source) so its thinking is sharp and he remains calm no matter how long is the assault going to be going on.

There is never a need for a power bar so no digestion is set in motion and all of the available energy the keto soldier has, can be focused on the given task.

So if you are the commander or even if you are a soldier, what would you prefer as your support to be? The carboholic or the keto, super-soldier?

Leadership Solutions — Stock Photo

I would not give it a second thought.

Articles like this should not surprise anyone:


Unfortunately the most surprised are those who should know all of this, our esteemed health experts.

Commanders, you have my blessing. Do not worry and cut out all carbohydrates.

Eliminate coffee and nicotine while you are at it and the super soldier will be borne.

We need those guys now to put all the crooked politicians'/ lawyers in jail. Then we can talk about disarmament while continuing with healthy living.

You do not have to be a soldier to eat correctly and to live a long life.

Love and light to us all

By darkovelcek




   How can we protect ourselves from 5G radiation and other seemingly unavoidable pollutants?




   How can we protect ourselves from 5G radiation and other seemingly unavoidable pollutants?

Environmental Disaster Royalty Free Stock Photos - Image ...

Why did I select the 5G IMF system as the focal point of this article?

I have used the 5G technology because a great fear is spread around about its harmful action and devastating consequences it will bring.

Reports about a massive bird die-off on the first trial of the 5G activation flooded the news scaring everyone to the bone.

Of course, this was published for all to see. Obviously, fear had to be installed in the human mind.

The industry goes into the action and starts to promote Orgonite as your savior. Some sell metal mesh bed IMF protectors, If you did not fall for the narrative of toxic led paint and this paint is still on your walls, you have nothing to worry about

The lead paint will protect you.

We are all becoming slaves to the mobile industry and we accept what they do and yet we are deathly afraid of it. This sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?

Children Using Cell Phones And Digital Tablets On Sofa ...

Yes, it is ridiculous but it is true.

5G technology is only one of the many different poisons we are being subjected to these days.

Soon, you will not be able to travel unless you have all of the "necessary" vaccines, then it will be the chip and who knows what else as the control over the freedom of the human race is advanced.

To protect yourself from all of the harmful radiation you will have to wear one kilogram of various crystals around your neck and wrists, and God forbid you to lose one of them. Your own fear of not being protected will kill you as part of the manifestation of the nocebo effect.

To be able to explain the nocebo and the placebo effects, I have to go to quantum mechanics.

As more and more people are awakening, more people are ready to hear this message.

We have been told that in CERN, scientists are looking to find antimatter.

We have been told that a small amount of antimatter can destroy the world.

This was easily believable and many have fallen for it.

Since we have been told that everything has its opposite, it is just normal that matter will have its opposite as well.

A big hoax is played on the human race and we swallow it because we are accustomed to trusting our science and esteemed scientists.

This is like saying that night is the opposite to a day and if you can bring a bit of the night (darkness) into the light of the day, this darkness will destroy the light.

Stupid, isn't it.

Angel Of Dark And Light cartoons, Angel Of Dark And Light cartoon, funny, Angel Of Dark And Light picture, Angel Of Dark And Light pictures, Angel Of Dark And Light image, Angel Of Dark And Light images, Angel Of Dark And Light illustration, Angel Of Dark And Light illustrations

You can close an empty box in the darkroom and open it in a lit room and no darkness will overpower the light in the room.

Actually, the opposite happens.

The darkness is simply an absence of light.

When it comes to the matter, things are a bit more comp


Why, you may ask?

Because matter simply does not exist without the light.

O, well, but I can feel it. I know that it is there.

The only reason why you can feel the matter and know that it is there even when it gets dark is your brains manifestation.

In the quantum field, all there is, is an energy in a variety of frequencies.

According to their frequency, your brain is programmed to present you those frequencies in a variety of ways, from an object, color, consistency, and whatever other property the object may have.

This means that your brain creates the light, and particles to be able to convince us in their real existence and create this illusion of reality.

Jesus said that we can move mountains if we believe we can do it.

Jesus was a great manifester and could bring the dead alive but he himself in an emotional crisis lost his faith and asked: "God, why have you forsaken me?"

Jesus on the cross — Stock Photo

It is extremely difficult to overcome our programming and take manifestation into our hands but we have to at least understand it since soon, the instant manifestation will be our new way of life.

Once we understand that everything is just manifestation and that we can control its outcome, there will be no more boundaries.

Nuclear radiation, for example, cannot affect you negatively. You just tell your cells to ignore it or not to let it through.

Simpler yet, and we can start practicing this today, convince yourself that you are this great spirit. Every morning imagine that you put a defense field around your body and you know that this defense field cannot be breached.

If you do not trust yourself, request this field to be done by, Jesus, God, Allah, Krishna or whomever you have given your profound trust and whose faith you cherish.

In this way, you will achieve two things.

You will be protected, and you will not have to depend on some crystal or a rabbit paw, whom you may displace or lose getting yourself not just unprotected but fearful that now since you are not protected, you will be attacked for sure.

Remember that the nocebo effect is as strong as the placebo effect. Being in fear can kill you instantly.

I have seen the panic set in many times when such things have happened.

Yes, crystals do have particular frequency properties that can protect us but our brain can replicate all of them.

Machine learning and cognitive computing - 3d rendering — Stock Photo

Plus there is a universal frequency of protection which your brain will radiate as soon as you think of divinity.

This frequency will blanket any toxic and harmful frequency keeping you safe.

We have made experiments on this.

You can verify it yourself through the dousing, pendulum, or kinesiology.

For example, if your tap water is resonating on fluoride, simply bless it and douse for fluoride.

You will see, the fluoride frequency will no longer be detectable.

It is good to make these experiments so that you see the power of your thoughts.

Since our reality is simply a manifestation of the most probable outcome of your brains calculation, we can increase our chances to manifest consciously as our knowledge grows and more detailed information is given to the brain so that it has more bits of information that the brain can utilize in its calculation.

The most probable outcome will be shown to you as your reality.

Again, a reminder. Do not spend time reading, listening and watching the negative news.

You do not want to accumulate negative information. This will set you into a panic mode.

Focus on the placebo effect and not the nocebo.

Positive Attitude cartoons, Positive Attitude cartoon, funny, Positive Attitude picture, Positive Attitude pictures, Positive Attitude image, Positive Attitude images, Positive Attitude illustration, Positive Attitude illustrations

What will happen in your "reality" of manifestation directly depends on your belief and your focus.

People who always talk about a disease, are always sick.

People who always talk about money, are rich.

People who always talk about visiting new places are traveling frequently.....

It is all about our brain, the information we possess, and our desires which we use to manifest as our reality.

Using the same process, we can protect ourselves from anything. We just have to have faith and information we can use to convince our brain to manifest the right thing for us.

One of the crucial things is to control our emotions. Do not get over emotional because this may lead to wrong decisions.

Process things before you act upon them.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek