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   Is there such a thing as an “original thought”?




   Is there such a thing as an “original thought”?

thoughts cartoon

To those people, and there are very few of them, who actually think before saying something, it must be surprising that for the last100 years of raging a war against cancer and other chronic health problems no actual progress was made.

Often I refer to the schooling system as the indoctrination system, and never before this was so visible and into the face as it is today.

Just a glance on what is happening in the USA on the political stage reveals the whole truth.

Young people who are still in colleges and those just coming out are overwhelmingly geared towards Marxism. They are Bernie Sanders supporters.


Because they were indoctrinated with those ideas without being given a chance to evaluate them and think. Memorize and repeat. This is the schooling strategy.

All those socialists cannot debate because they do not posses any other information. To debate, you have to have information on various aspects of what you are debating about so that your brain can calculate the most likely outcome. This calculation we call thinking.

Those students just regurgitate what they had to remember.

communism cartoon

Sadly, the same is going on in the science of medicine as those programmed brains are leaving medical schools, their thoughts are nonexistent. The only thing that those “doctors” are capable to do is to repeat what they were told, and to stick to what they know as the truth.

It is enough to receive some false information that you accept as the truth, to make a further progress impossible.

This is exactly what is regularly done as a part of the schooling process.

If knowing something about some subject is not creating an opportunity to discover something new, how else can we go forward in our knowledge?

Can we override this information and come up with some original thought?

This question was given to Eckhart Tolle


As you can see, E. Tolle is answering the question with another question basically proving what I have just said.

We receive information, it could have been through a question that we remember. More informations we have, the more confusion it creates and more questions pop out as a result of it.

The answer to any question will be done through the brain's calculation/filtering process because some informations we hold as the truths which will automatically void conflicting information or questions. We deem those questions as being “stupid”.

stupid questions cartoon

If we think about what I have just said, then an obvious realization occurs that this is the reason why we cannot progress solemnly depending on our brain to come up with the solution.

The brain can calculate but it cannot invent or come up with a solution to a problem it has no information about.

So, how can we make any progress at all?

There is an old saying: “when you are ready, the master will appear”.

This master could be a teacher, but it could also be something you've just read or heard and was necessary for your brain to be able to complete the picture.

Still, the information was known and available, but what if this is something that nobody knows and it is the missing link that is necessary for you to have in order for you to solve the problem?

Such information will come from your spirit, from your true essence of the conscious energy that have created you. This is the information E. Tolle forgot to relay.

Only after we have exhausted all information available and could not come up with the solution, and we are ready to make the step forward, the missing information becomes available to us.

The master appears.

This is the way we learn. This is the way we progress.

We have to learn how to think and to do so, we have to load our brain with as much information as possible, and not reject information because it does not support the filter of the previously accepted “truth”.

conflicting information cartoon

This is the reason why I was given information to ignore everything that I was told and to live in now, observe, think, and when the masters message is received, experiment by putting it to work.

About 36 years ago I have separated myself from medical books and medical studies.

I have stopped reading medical reports and I have started clearing my mind.

About 20 years ago I have returned back to the medical field to find out why we cannot heal anyone utilizing the medical knowledge that we receive in school.

I refused to look at what new studies have discovered and instead I have started to observe and meditate.

As the drops of information started to arrive, since the information was contrary to everything I have been told in the medical university, I have started to experiment by implementing that new information.

My first preoccupation was to cleanse the blood. As I was meditating about it a thought came. This thought shook me so much that I have immediately opened my eyes in disbelief.

“This is ridiculous”, was my initial reaction.

The message was, “drink the sea water”.

This was about 20 years ago and I am still drinking all my water with sea salt in it.

The brain is a computer. The more information you allow to enter, the better results in calculation will be experienced.

Many people say: “I am listening to my body”.

Yes, you are feeling a discomfort or pain which you interpret on the base of the information that your brain is loaded with.

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If you eat a chef salad that contains boiled eggs, ham, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, garlic and olive oil, and you experience bloated stomach and headache afterwards, how will you interpret which ingredient in the salad is responsible for this?

Vegans and vegetarians will automatically blame the ham and eggs for this.

In fact, the cabbage and the broccoli is what produce gas because of toxic alkaloids and terpenes they posses.

Also the hard boiled egg contains coagulated hard to digest proteins contributing to the overall effect.

We cannot trust the brain if it is loaded with a false information.

Knowing the truth is the most important thing. A simple tell is the Major Media. What they promote is definitely not what you want to do.

Observe, think, try it yourself, and when information is needed, ask the question by focusing on it and the answer will be presented to you.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek




   How to make nanoparticle colloidal silver?




   How to make nanoparticle colloidal silver?

When you research the colloidal silver, plenty articles will be available, from the blue men to the cure for all diseases.

Unfortunately, the same as with just about anything else, most of the articles will be just one
“expert” outdoing another just so that you become more interested in their product which may or may not be good to begin with.

So before I explain how to make a good quality nanoparticle colloidal silver I want to explain why it is important to make nanoparticle colloidal silver and not the one they call the ionic colloidal silver.

I wrote about this topic but many people still do not understand the difference other than that the so called ionic colloidal silver has smaller particles.

The proponents of the ionic colloidal silver claim that since the particles of silver in the colloidal solution are smaller, they can be easily absorbed into the cell and in this way, they will do better job especially in those hard to reach places.

This reminds me on another false theory that claims that distilled water will do better job in cleansing the body because the distilled water has a stronger absorptive abilities from any other type of water since it is pure.

Yes, the distilled water can absorb more but the bodies filtering system will try to keep all ions in the body if it is low on them. This means that it will not cleanse. It will just eliminate water to balance its ionic levels.

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With the colloidal silver, things are different.

Every element has its properties, but no element will have those properties when it is in a state of an atom. When atoms bond together, they bond electromagnetically forming a grid. The grid that is formed gives this element its properties.

I have explained this when I was describing how to structure the water.

As more and more atoms bond together, the grid is being established and different properties are expressed.

The element will not have all of its properties until the size of it reaches a nanoparticle size.

One nanometer is one-billionth of a meter.

As you can see, a nanoparticle has a very small size and it will have no difficulty to penetrate any part of the body. This makes the claim of ionic colloidal silver proponents that it penetrates better absurd.

One of the properties of silver which is very important is that it oxidizes in a presence of light.

This is why it was used in a film industry. The silver colloidal solution was applied over a film of cellulose and we used this to take photographs.

Parts of the film that were more exposed to the light, oxidized more and here is your photo negative.

Film Negatives Royalty Free Stock Photo - Image: 26473455

The colloidal silver will not have this property until it reaches a nanoparticle size.

This is why the ionic colloidal silver is transparent and does not turn dark after it has been exposed to the sunlight.

The ionic colloidal silver is weak and in my opinion useless.

In nanoparticle size, the colloidal silver has a golden color since nanoparticles refract the light in such a way, and when exposed to a sunlight, it oxidizes to a dark gray color and loses its antimicrobial properties.

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How to make a good quality colloidal silver?

Get a wall unit adapter that will transform the electric power to 12 volts and 500 miliampers (o.5 A)

You want to restrict the electric flow so I do not recommend the amperage to be higher.

At the end of the wires place alligator clips so that you can easily attach a silver rods to them.

The silver should be pure, 9999 silver but 999 silver is ok as well.

Put distilled water in a glass jar, place a cardboard or polystyrene top on it.

Push those silver sticks through it being about 2” apart one from another, and plug the wall unit adapter into an electric socket.

Do this in a dark place so no sunlight gets to it. It does not have to be completely dark but the darker is the place the better so no oxidation of silver occurs.

No electrolytic action will be noticeable for a while since electrons have a problem moving through none ionized water. After a couple of hours, enough of silver ions will be released and the electric current will star to flow chipping larger particles of silver until it reaches the force to produce nanoparticles of silver.

As this happens, the water will start turning yellowish. Depending on the amount of water and the size of the silver stick being used, this process may take 6 hours and more.

In the past, the silver colloidal solution turned yellowish when then umber of silver nanoparticles reached 14 PPM (parts per million). Since the resonance of our planet has changed, now the solution turns yellow when 8 PPM accumulation is reached.

Nanoparticle colloidal silver starts to exhibit its antimicrobial properties in 3 PPM solution so 8 PPM solution is plenty strong but if you want it to have more PPM's leave it until the solution becomes a stronger yellow.

If the solution turns deep red, the particles have become to large as the electric current is becoming to strong. Do not allow this to happen. Light gold color will give you a powerful nanoparticle colloidal silver.

Colloidal Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors ...

Keep in mind that besides the 8-14 PPM's of silver nanoparticles, there are a plenty of smaller particles we call ionic also floating in this silver colloid solution.

Once you have your colloidal silver, transfer it into a dark glass bottle and store it in a dark place but do not refrigerate it as the cold will sediment the silver particles.

To make finer colloidal silver I recommend to place a heating element under the jar so that water makes natural flow and prevents bridging but this is not that important.

The size and thickness of the silver sticks is of no importance. I use 8” gage 9 sticks myself.

Make sure that the distilled water has no particles in it because they can interfere in the process and make the solution dark.

I hope that the instructions are easy to follow and that your colloidal silver will be of an excellent quality.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek




   Is there such a thing as a flesh eating bacteria?




   Is there such a thing as a flesh eating bacteria?

scientist in safety suit pointing to word flesh-eating bacteria

Recently a blogger William Mount had his big toe amputated to stop the spreading of the so called flesh eating bacteria.

He has recently been in and out of hospital as the “flash eating bacteria” was persistently re occurring until the decision was made to get rid of the problematic toe.

Ironically, W. Mount is every day praising his doctors and promoting healing remedies, ignoring my comments and refusing to even hear what I have to say.

This is nothing new to me. I am used to be treated as a nuisance but if William would have given me a minute, he would have kept his toe and he would have get rid of all of his “health gurus” as he would have been on its way to a full recovery by now.

A flesh eating bacteria. This sound really scary, but is it scary at all?

Those of you who follow my work get the hint. If I ask such a question, the answer is always resounding no.

This is a pretty bold statement some may say.

Those who follow my work are used to this by now. After all, chronic diseases do not exist and neither do autoimmune diseases and if you follow my work and read my articles, you know this.

flesh-eating cartoon

So, medical doctors are amputating limbs left and right because the flesh eating bacteria does not respond to the antibiotics given and here, some “lunatic” claims that those flesh eating bacteria do not exist. This is absurd, isn't it?

Yes this is absurd but only to a brainwashed medical “expert” since all that medical professionals know to do is to repeat what they have been told. A rational thinking is out of the question, and so is to even attempt to say something that would counter the accepted and promoted academic “truths”

Here comes the explanation.

What are those “flash eating bacterias”?

flesh-eating cartoon

A flesh eating bacteria can be any bacteria that is commonly found in the body.

The most common flesh eating bacteria is a Staphylococcus aureus, then Staphylococcus pyogenes, but it could be also Escherichia coli, or Pseudomonas or any other bacteria commonly found in a healthy body, so: what turns suddenly a benign bacteria into this monstrous flesh eating beast?

This is a very interesting question, isn't it?

So here is the answer.

All those bacteria will thrive in a toxic body. Why?

Because bacteria, the same as a maggot, will not attack a healthy cell.

All pathogens live of decay, a rotten debris in the body.

What is the characteristic of every person that had a problem with so called flesh eating bacteria?

They all had a very toxic blood, compromised blood circulation, and brewing gangrene.

Now you introduce a bacteria to this environment through some skin injury and this is a perfect breeding field. Bacteria will grow like crazy.

The blood circulation is compromised so low oxygen is present and not enough macrophage is available.

Even if the bacteria was not present, injury in such a case would have problems healing.

Which kind of people regularly suffer from difficulties in healing their injuries?


What type of people are prone to the occurrence of the flesh eating bacteria?

Diabetics, alcoholics, smokers...

What do they have in common?

A poor blood circulation.

The question is, is the term “flesh eating bacteria” appropriate or is this just another scapegoat to a problem doctors don't know how to handle?

You be the judge.

The first error doctors do, they do not prevent diabetes from happening.


Because they do not know what causes it.

Second error doctors make, they do not heal diabetes.


Because they do not understand what is going on.

Third mistake doctors do, they blame poor blood circulation on the diabetes.


Because they do not understand what is going on.

The fourth mistake the doctors do, they do not heal the blood circulation.


Because they do not understand what causes it.

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Now, what can one expect to happen when a necrotic part of the body becomes infected?

The only thing that doctors know is to inject an antibiotic.

What can doctor do if the antibiotic does not destroy the bacteria? They cut out the necrotic flesh.

Instead of calling them the flesh eating bacteria, they should call them the dead flesh eating bacteria.

When bacteria starts eating the dead flesh, many toxins are being released, and new toxins that are produced as bacterial waste will increase the toxic load in the blood.

The body will immediately go into a cleansing state.

It will increase its heat, nausea, diarrhea, and sweat will follow.

Those are all the symptoms of cleansing which doctors interpret as the symptoms of a bacterial infection.

Instead of using antibiotics, doctor should use the nanoparticle colloidal silver.

The injury will heal and the bacteria, no matter which one, would be killed.

This should be the emergency treatment. Even hipper oxygenation would be a better thing to do than poisoning the already toxic body with antibiotics, but we should have never allowed the body to come into this state of deterioration.

Please, colleagues, open your eyes and see what you are doing.

Diabetes is not the result of a non functioning pancreas. It is a direct result of an incorrect diet and it can be easily prevented and healed, only not with the knowledge that is given to us by the corrupt schooling system.

As you can see, the flesh eating bacteria do not exist and the bacteria does not attack the flesh but it feeds on the dead debris of the body.

We should not worry about the “flesh eating bacteria”, we should worry about our incompetent health “specialists”.

If you have a problem with a necrotic tissue or any chronic “disease” give me a shout and let me help you.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek




  What is going on with Corona virus?




  What is going on with Corona virus?

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There is a lot of discussion going on about the danger of the corona virus that is decimating Chinese population.

From the very beginning I was pointing to the fact that the same as the swine flu, and the avian flu, the corona virus is a man made biological weapon that is intentionally unleashed.

This means that there is no accident and those dead people are being sacrificed for a particular purpose.

As I have explained in my first article about the corona virus, the main purpose of this “pandemic” is to set fear. To do so, the more people that are sacrificed, the stronger effect will be achieved.

The question is, why do all of the recent pandemic start in the communistic republic of China?

The communistic regimes are known to have strong internal rebellion since their big government has all of the privileges and flourishes on the backs of the enslaved population.

This is why communistic regimes always kill the most of their own people.

Communist countries are always dependent on someone to pay their bills since people in communistic system do not want to work and the government is stealing whatever there is left but it is never enough.

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The Chinese government was sucking money from the USA with the help of globalists and collaboration of the us government that is increasingly becoming communistic.

Fortunately, the present administration that is in charge, is fighting back and winning.

The Chinese government is now completely dependent on the globalists (world bank, United Nations., European Union..) so they collaborate and allow for the massive deaths to occur.

This helps the Chinese government to eliminate its opposition and the collateral damage is just a price of running business. At the same time, the number of dead people is making news around the world and it is being used as a scarecrow that is necessary to implement massive vaccinations.

Wherever one case of corona virus appears, plans for the Marshal law are put into motion and quarantine talks commence.

As I pointed out in my first article, the corona virus causes mild symptoms and people with healthy immune system cannot be infected at all, but what do we see in the propaganda material?

People are dying on the spot.

We can see a person entering an elevator and all of the sudden, he starts to cringe-down and as he exits the elevator, he drops dead.

This is not from a viral infection. This looks like a result of microwave frying.

Has 5G something to do with this?

(2in1)telecommunication (5g.,4g) Tower Mast On Stock ...

I am sure that those dead people are victims of electromagnetic weapons and not of the virus.

The medical reports stating a complete meltdown of the inner organs which is exactly what happens when microwaves are being used.

Let us watch the “alternative news” instigators:


Listen what is Mike Adams saying.

The corona virus is getting so strong after once recognized by the bodies immune system, that the body simply shuts down if it becomes reinfected.

Isn't the immune system supposed to be strengthen to easier fight the virus?

Isn't the vaccine supposed to be the reason we should introduce the virus in a controlled manner which will the function as protection when the real virus attacks?

He also mentions that those horrific deaths caused by the Spanish flu had occurred actually after people were reinfected the second time around!

Let me explain.

When the Spanish flu was introduced to the population, people were healing but the media hype made everyone go and take a vaccine.

Those horrific deaths that we are aware of have occurred after the massive vaccination was implemented. People were poisoned and killed through those vaccines.

Bill Gates is preparing to launch a corona virus vaccine to “save” the population that he was trying to kill many times before.

Is anyone seeing the picture?


We can see a heavy fumigation being done in some Chinese cities with operators heavily protected in Hazmat suits. Why?

Could it be that the fumigation is toxic to humans?

Is this fumigation really necessary?

The most effective treatment is the nanoparticle colloidal silver, so why is it not being used?

No protective outfit would be necessary.

We all have to be aware of 5G towers. They all have microwave installations supplied by thick cables. All of that power is not meant for telephone signal.

We are all being prepped to manifest an Armageddon. This is not the first time that this is attempted but now it is openly in our face but we are more awake than ever.

Do not fall for this.

The same as before, we are being lied to.

All those wild fires are intentionally set, we know this.

All the plagues are intentionally unleashed. This we are also aware of.

Globalists are doing everything possible to mimic the Biblical prophecy not realizing that we the people are unto them and we have stopped manifesting for them.

I have pointed to the fact that Alex Johns and Mike Adams are fear mongers working for the globalists, knowingly or unknowingly, by spreading and intensifying the fear factor.

Unfortunately for them, the globalists are incapable to change their tactics. When they started spreading AIDS in Africa, they promoted information that mating with monkeys caused the health issue.

This was offensive and derogatory narrative unleashed against the African population.

Now they say that eating bats has started the virus mutation. Again globalists are through the media looking down on eating habits of an impoverished nation where people are forced to eat whatever is available. There is nothing wrong with it.

In any case I rather eat bat than earthworm as the “progressive” green fanatics suggest.

They are so transparent that it is laughable.

Unfortunately, the results of their work are very deadly and aimed for a massive depopulation.

Do not fear the virus. Fear the political system and if Trump allows it to happen, he is not your friend and savior. Be watchful and ready to act.

Be active and call your political representatives demanding immediate solution.

Corona virus is not to be feared. The politicians are.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek




   Cellular detox through oxygenation.




   Cellular detox through oxygenation.

deep breath cartoon

Whenever we talk about a health problem, we are indirectly talking about changes in the cellular activity.

What prompts the cellular action is the environment. This means that changes in the cellular environment will be the direct cause of cellular behavior.

How the cell is going to respond to the change of its environment depends on the frequency that had caused this change, and the genetic blueprint that was opened as a response to this energetic change.

I always mention that since the plasma (blood and lymph) are the environment in which the cell lives, changes in the plasma will directly affect the gene activation and with it the cellular response.

Some changes in vibration, the brain interprets as chemical changes and we see them in the blood as the results of laboratory testing.

One test that we are not performing is a test on the relative CO2 pressure within the cell.

We think that this is not necessary because we know that the increased CO2 levels will increase the cellular acidity which we are not interested in. Doctors are only interested in the acidity of the extracellular plasma and this is a big error.

Carbon Dioxide Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from ...

Maybe the reason for this is the fact that we are intentionally guided into believing that glucose is the primary cellular energy supply.

If we would be measuring the relative CO2 pressure within the cell, we would realize that when cells utilize glucose in energy production, their CO2 level increases.

This does not happen when fat is used as the cellular energy source since oxygen has to be present for this reaction to occur.

Since glucose creates an anaerobic energy production, higher levels of CO2 will occur and to replace it, increased level of relative pressure of oxygen has to be established in the blood.

To achieve higher relative oxygen pressure we have to breathe deeply, hyperventilate, but nobody is doing this.

Why not?

Nobody is breathing deeply during and after the meal because we do not feel the need to do so.

We are not aware of the increased cellular level of CO2 within our cells. We are only aware of the increased level of CO2 in the blood because it creates the need to breathe.

deep breath cartoon

This is why we breath deeply when we are working hard or when we are excited. We are not eating in this moment and the increased energy demand is filled through the cellular energy production by utilizing fat since glucose is not available when we do not eat.

When we are on a carbohydrate diet we start raising the cellular level of CO2 and our cells become acidic.

We do not breath deeply because the blood CO2 levels remain low and now the relative pressure of blood's oxygen is not high enough to displace cellular CO2 so CO2 levels continue to rise making it more and more difficult for the oxygen to push the CO2 out of the cell.

The increased cellular level of CO2 causes a drop of the cellular Ph and cells start experiencing energetic problems because they cannot hold the proper electric charge.

The situation worsens in time and many symptoms of ill health occur from which the most obvious is a chronic state of tiredness.

Oxygen therapy is very therapeutic because it will increase the relative pressure of oxygen in the blood which will force the CO2 expulsion from the cells as the oxygen replaces it.

We are being mislead through our science and often confusing terminology is used to achieve this goal.

Confucius Say Quotes. QuotesGram

Instead of focusing on CO2, cellular "oxidation" is mentioned as a factor of the cellular degradation. It is not surprising that a great majority of people is looking on oxygen as a villain, and whole heartedly accepts the antioxidant shame.

Do not waste your money on antioxidants, please. The whole science behind it is a crap.

Instead do the opposite, super oxygenate your body, and do it yourself, no instrument needed.

Many people who do Yoga and deep breathing exercises do this and feel great.

There are variety ways to do this but in my opinion, the Tibetan breathing exercises promoted by Wim Hof are the best.

When it comes to health and medicine, I always talk about things after I experience them myself.

For years, my wife and I are drinking plasma and eating almost 0 dietary glucose, We have been using the blood electrifier and we have been well hydrated so our temple (body) is clean.

When we did the first session of Wim Hof breathing exercises we have felt our body trembling as if some air bubbles were shifting inside our tissue.

Every day the trembling was diminishing until it has stopped, but during those exercises, as we calm down, we slip into a meditative state and even deep Ayahuasca like experiences have started to occur.

I have made an error by repeating Wim Hof breathing exercises two and sometimes three times a day until after about 10 days I started to have lower back pains, stiffness of muscles, fever and diarrhea.

I came down with strong blood toxicity because my cells were releasing way more CO2 and other toxicity than my body could get rid off.

Luckily for me, I had an Ayahuasca ceremony after initially cleansing with those symptoms for 4 days. During the ceremony, spirit told me that I will kill myself if I continue doing Wim Hof exercises so frequently and I have to reduce them to once a day.

The Ayahuasca helped me to detoxify my blood faster and I have stopped the breathing exercises for couple of days to give my body the chance to eliminate what was in the blood before I continue to force the rest of the CO2 out for my cells.

native cartoon

My wife was doing one set of Wim Hof breathing exercises daily and after about 3 weeks when after she did just first thirty deep breaths, her body temperature dropped to 36 Celsius and she was uncontrollably shivering. After about a half an hour her body temperature climbed to 39.6 Celsius and started sweating.

She have had spent the whole day in the bed with fever which dropped to below 38 Celsius. The next day a strong dierrhea ended this sudden intensive detox episode, and she was fine but continued with detox on manageable level. She had lost appetite and for 3 days she did not eat, she just drunk water with sea salt and had some fresh fruits and was feeling good and strong.

I highly recommend Wim Hof breathing exercises as a part of a deep cellular cleansing but for those who are just starting with Self Healers Protocol, I recommend not to do those exercises until the second phase of cleansing is done because it will be to much for your body to handle.


This type of cleansing does not just eliminate CO2 but also stored emotional problems. This is what I am detoxifying at this point.

For those of you who are benefiting from the information that I provide, reciprocate by giving a donation of your choosing.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek