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   The original human diet.




   The original human diet.

Since it is becoming more and more obvious that our health depends on the food we eat, many "experts" are presenting their arguments about what is the best and the healthiest way for a human to eat.

Some "experts" are lead by spiritual influence, some "experts" rely on the science, but most so-called experts on nutrition simply repeat whatever they have heard first or what they have heard by someone whom they respect the most.

The spiritual message I have received in the last ayahuasca ceremony was not to trust anything that was ever said or written and instead to observe, think, and if some information is missing, when you are ready it will be given to you.

Well, this is what I was already doing the last 25 years of my life, and this is where all my understanding comes from.

My understanding of the human diet is based partially on the scientific information I have received in medical school, but it was solidified by observing nature and comparing what I was told by "experts" to what I see is happening in nature.

This is how I have discovered discrepancies in what we are being told to what is actually happening.

misinterpreting cartoon

Today, "experts" on nutrition are being divided. The mainstream science is promoting vegetarianism and veganism, and the alternative diet that is referred to as the Ketogenic diet, is only being mentioned in suppressed personal videos on the Internet.

Sadly, I have to inform you that neither one of them is the correct human diet.

We already have a name for the correct human diet and science refers to it as the diet of an omnivore.

What is the source of nutrient in a diet of an omnivore?

Anything that moves, from insect or shrimp, to an elephant or whale, and during the fruit season, fruits and berries will be briefly added to their diet.

Milk is not available to fully grown animals but this does not mean that milk and dairy is in any way toxic or that grown animal will refuse to drink it if it would have the chance to do so.

Now, why do I say that Ketogenic diet is not the correct diet for humans?

Many people on keto diet still think that it is necessary for them to have certain amount of dietary carbohydrates daily, and many think that the meat is nourishing no matter in what form it is being eaten.

No matter what, people on keto diet will be way healthier than those on vegetable based diet.

Since we are being programmed through schools and the media, whatever our handlers want us to do is being promoted and this is always contrary to what we would benefit from.

No wonder that more and more articles such as this one are being promoted through the media.


There is so much misinformation in this article that I do not know where to start from but those of you who follow my work will immediately see that the whole article is a hoax.

At the very beginning, the article makes a claim that is incorrect by stating "Australian research has found that athletes on the keto diet showed impaired markers of bone health, possibly due to inflammation caused by low intake of carbohydrates."

This implies that if there is not enough of carbohydrates in our diet, we get inflammation in our body. This is actually exactly the opposite of what is happening.

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Such statement immediately debunks the whole article as a manipulated trash.

Carbohydrates acidify our body and cause inflammation, not the other way around as the article states.

The mentioned article was based on this study


Scientists forget that there is a period of adaptation to the dietary changes so short term studies will always bring misleading results and also another question is: did those athletes receive a correct omnivore diet?

As I have mentioned earlier, what is being promoted as ketogenic diet is not the proper diet because the meat is not eaten in its correct form (raw or mostly raw) and spices and carbohydrates are added.

The other questions are: was there enough salt(sea salt) added to their food? What were those athletes drinking?

As you can see, there are so many other factors that have to be taken into the consideration and I can guarantee you, that many mistakes were done which have changed the chemical picture of the blood.

If the correct omnivore diet which can be referred to as the correct ketogenic diet is creating weak bones, poor bears, they are screwed by the nature as they are omnivores as well.

Every test made on compromised specimens and utilizing the wrong information is doomed to fail.

Two wrongs will never result with good no matter how we try to spin it.

If those "experts" want to find out the truth, they should make a blood test on a wild bear, or boar, or raccoon that had no access to the human diet. They are all omnivores and have the same digestive system as we humans do, but they eat the food of God. The true ketogenic/omnivore diet.

Bears Are Turning Vegetarian Due to Climate Change | Food ...

No omnivore in nature eats vegetables and no mammal even herbivore will touch carbohydrates unless they are cooked.

In my books and some articles I explain why not.

The oxygen is never a problem. All that the athlete has to do is to breath deeper.

Doctors are convinced that eating meat, acidifies the body because the cells will convert the unnecessary amino acids into sugar.This is a wrong thinking. Protein will be transformed into amino acids and transported into the intestine and there, those amino acids will be used to produce cholesterol and protein.

If there is a surplus of amino acids or low demand for cholesterol and protein, all amino acids that remain will be transformed into fat and stored in a form of triglyceride.

The only cells that can push sugar into the blood are liver cells. The intestines cannot do it and this is why protein will never be converted into sugar.

Only sugar acidifies the blood so the teaching that proteins acidify the body is utterly wrong.

There is much more that can be said on this thematic but I do not want for this article to be too long.

If you have a particular question about it, let me know and I will answer as best as I can.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek




  Glucose, glucagon, glycogen, and steroid relationship.




  Glucose, glucagon, glycogen, and steroid relationship.

Healthy Low Fat Breakfast Royalty Free Stock Photo - Image ...

This is what the Internet presented when I asked for an image of a healthy breakfast

What a joke!

There is a reason why no one is looking at glucose with a critical eye.

The reason why it is so is the fact that we are all being misinformed and lead to false conclusions by our manipulated schooling (indoctrination) system.

What is, and what always was happening in society, is the fact that there was a class of people who wanted to be served and pampered by others and they used lies, misinformation, torture, and death, to achieve their goals.

First, they were called the nobility and now they are called the politicians and governments.

Yes, there are few honest ones on both sides but they are lost in the sea of pure evil.

The political swamp is in the process of being purged and some of us are starting to purge the scientific circle.

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The problem is that not as in politics, most of the scientists are genuinely searching for the truth but are unable to overcome the wrong brain programming that they have received during their schooling process.

Since there is an obvious culprit that was used to dumb the population down and it was even mentioned in the Bible, this is the place where we have to put most of our attention too.

I have mentioned that in medical school when cellular metabolism is taught, the glucose is used to explain the Krebs cycle (citric acid cycle).

Now, why is this wrong, you who know what I am talking about may ask?

After all, this is exactly what is happening in the cellular metabolism of plants and in the cellular metabolism of animal cells when they are in a stressful situation.

Hey, colleagues, are you getting it? Somehow we are told to ignore this little thing we call stress.

Well, I am pointing to the fact that there are two major culprits to cellular dehydration and acidity which are the cause of all chronic health issues.

One is the toxicity of the blood and the other is stress.

When we are talking about the toxicity there is one culprit that triggers genetic changes and does this very slowly but so thoroughly that it causes over 2000 genetic errors of which none is found in the wild animal world.

The only nutrient that the animals in nature do not have access to is glucose.

As I often mention, the glucose is isolated from digestion by being coated with an envelope of cellulose, and cellulose cannot be digested because no mammals or other multicellular animals have the necessary enzyme called cellulase that would break the cellulose down.

The cellulose will break down when it is heated and since only people heat their food before eating it, only people have access to glucose while digesting it.

Cartoon Of A Cook In The Kitchen Stock Illustration ...

Many people have made comments to me bashing carbohydrates and glucose by pointing that fruits like banana have plenty of carbohydrates and I do not condemn them.

This is why I call the toxic carbohydrates dietary glucose or dietary carbohydrates, meaning that the cellulose was shattered either by cooking or by processing it as it is the case with flour.

The Krebs cycle is not run by the glucose when animal cells are in question. The Krebs cycle is run by fat, and ketone bodies, and this is why all animals, man included, are storing fat in their adipose tissue so that the source of the cellular energy is always available.

The only time the blood sugar levels rise is when we supply the glucose through our diet. Our body will never manufacture more sugar than necessary and it NEVER PRODUCES SUGAR TO BE USED AS THE CELLULAR FUEL.

When blood sugar levels are normal, the blood sugar is low, between 60 and 90 mg/dl.

When we have a big dietary glucose loaded meal, in some people the blood sugar will slightly increase and in some people, the blood sugar will sky-rocket.

The blood sugar levels are related not only to the amount of the dietary glucose available but also to the level of available sugar transporters, the GLUT.

The level of GLUT is daily increasing with every meal that contains dietary glucose. This is why there is a different level of sugar absorption occurring in different people.

As the level of blood sugar increases, the body has to deal with it and first it forces cells to absorb the sugar and use it as the cellular fuel.

To force the cells to accept the sugar, the body injects insulin into the blood.

Points: Letters of the week, October 12

During the state of ketosis, no insulin is injected into the blood.

When we are fasting, no insulin is injected into the blood. This is a clear indicator that sugar is not meant to be the cellular fuel.

It is being used as such only when there is a surplus of the sugar in the blood and this can only happen when we absorb glucose through the gut.

The mislead "experts" are saying that glycogen is the sugar storage and to replace it we need the dietary glucose.

This is utterly wrong.

The glycogen is available only in muscle cells, brain cells, and liver cells, from which only the liver can push glucose into the blood. Muscles and brain cannot do it.

The glucose in the form of glycogen is produced by the cells where it is found and can only be used by them.

Those cells that have glycogen are involved in a stressful situation and only stress hormones can break the glycogen and make glucose available as a cellular fuel for those cells.

This means that there has to be a stressful situation for the cellular glucose to be used as fuel.

Those same "experts" are pointing to hormone glucagon that stimulates cellular glucose production as the hormone that breaks down glycogen and increases fat levels which is wrong and incorrect information.

The glucagon is produced when the blood sugar levels are to low, and when the glycogen is depleted and a new one has to be made as to the replacement of the glycogen that was used as the cellular fuel in a stressful situation.

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Since cells use fat to produce their glycogen, triglyceride levels will go up and the "experts" reason that the glucagon rises the fat levels. This is how the myth that fat is causing diabetes started.

This is all a result of faulty teachings in our schools and the system of memorizing and repeating without thinking. It brings us into a state of robotized talking machines incapable of rational thinking.

There is no such thing as safe levels of dietary glucose in the food we eat.

When we eat correctly, we have a very low GLUT level and we cannot absorb any significant amount of sugar. It takes years of conditioning for the sugar absorption to come to dangerous levels but even low levels of dietary glucose are sufficient to lower our longevity and bring numerous genetic changes which become more obvious as we age and the toxicity in our body rises.

Fructose does not raise the GLUT levels and this is why fructose is the safe sugar but only when GLUT levels are low, and GLUT levels can only be elevated when dietary glucose (starches, carbohydrates) are eaten.

Dear colleagues, this article is especially devoted to you.

Please start using your brain and think.

Puzzled Doctor stock illustration. Illustration of ...

To an average reader, this what I am explaining is easily understandable. Its brain is not corrupted with false information so he/she can absorb, think, and see the simplicity of things.

Doctors and other health professionals are in a different boat. They first have to erase the false information which they do not want to do because they identify themselves by the title they were given and the new knowledge makes those titles obsolete.

Do not look back. The future is ahead of us and only truth will be accepted and promoted.

Start reprogramming your brains, and start helping those who desperately need your help.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek




  Will your wife bury you?




  Will your wife bury you?

younger woman cartoon

The statistics point to women having longer lives than their spouses.

Why is this so?

I had mentioned this in some of my earlier articles.

To answer this question we first have to address some obvious facts.

Toxicity is the major reason for chronic health problems so the more toxic the body, the sicklier and shorter it will be its life.

If we use this logic to determine the reason why women live longer than their husbands, why would men's bodies be more toxic?

The first very obvious reason that points why is women's body less toxic is women's menstrual cycle.

Everybody who had ever donated blood knows that they feel better after they had donated their blood.

By donating a pint of their blood, they actually rid themselves of a pint of very toxic blood.

Now the body will produce fresh blood which will be cleaner they feel better.

blood donor cartoon

Woman of childbearing age is eliminating blood monthly with every menstrual cycle.

Also, the more toxic is woman's blood, the more they bleed and this is one way they clean their body to be in better shape to support a new life.

When a woman has an insufficient level of plasma (water with minerals) then she cannot afford to lose a lot of toxic blood so instead of bleeding more, she stops bleeding altogether.

This is a case with women that suffer from so-called autoimmune disease labeled as Lupus.

How strong is the cleansing benefit obtained by bleeding is clearly visible on women that have entered menopause and stopped bleeding.

In just a few months, the toxic level of their body increases so much that their bodies start showing symptoms of toxicity doctors had labeled as symptoms of menopause.

Since the changes in blood's toxicity change the body's environment, a change in gene expression results in changed cellular behavior.

Doctors attribute this to hormonal changes and proceed to poison their patients pumping them up with hormones.

menopause cartoon

Man does not exhibit such problems because their blood becomes steadily more toxic and since they do not menstruate, their health slowly deteriorates.

This is why a man gets sicker easier, and they do not have signs of menopause.

This could be easily proven by the man who donates blood monthly and then after a number of years suddenly stops donating blood.

They would have experienced the same symptoms of menopause that women do.

A second reason why a man becomes toxic faster than a woman is of a mental character.

Man are animals with external testicles.

In nature, every animal with external testicles is polygamous. One male has more that one female.

The majority of the married man that I know are unhappy with their sex-life. They want more attention and more sex.

This wanting creates a psychological strain that causes energetic problems.

Masturbation combined with anger and incorrect diet, a lack of water and minerals, it all lumps together and creates an energetic shift in the body.

In some cases, this can lead to circulatory problems which may cause impotence and even prostate cancer.

Jokes and Stories: Men and Women

Frustration has to be dealt with and a couple has to talk about it and resolve this problem before it becomes too late.

On the other side, I know some single men and court many women.

Their frequent sexual activity is creating similar problems because they eat incorrectly and do not hydrate.

The frequent use of their male organs and their toxic blood create the same problems as if they would be masturbating in anger.

After all, our body is a robot and if the robot is not oiled properly and taken care of, it will deteriorate faster with usage no matter what type of work we are talking about.

This brings us to the third reason why man lives shorter lives than a woman.

Man on average hold more stressful jobs.

The stress causes faster deterioration of their health.

Remember, a toxic mind will cause the same symptoms (diseases), as a toxic body.

As you can see, the toxicity is what causes man to live shorter lives but this is changing as women demand equality.

They are taking more stressful jobs and living more polluted lives.

Young women drink and smoke more than young men do and this is reflecting on their health.

Ever younger women are suffering from cysts and chronic problems with their uterus. Many women are losing the menstrual cycle at a young age never reaching menopause symptoms.

It is not difficult to predict that their lives will be short.

Their whole life cycle has shifted. They started to menstruate earlier than before and as the sacred geometry shows, the shorter is the young age of an animal, the faster they start to procreate, the shorter will be their final age.

Take care of your robot, keep your temple clean, and you will have longer and symptom-free life.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek