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  What is the relation between the frequency, thought, faith, symbol, manifestation, and health? Part 1




  What is the relation between the frequency, thought, faith, symbol, manifestation, and health? Part 1


To be able to survive and prosper in this new world of ours, we have to first understand it.

The more we know, the easier it will be for us to benefit and bare fruits that are available in it.

We are starting a new game.

This game is based on the game we have just finished and since we are going to retain our memories, we are not going to be tempted to repeat the mistakes of our past.

What will remain is our system of genes but since the frequency has changed, different genes will be providing the blueprint, changing the reality which we are now constructing.

I know that many of my longtime readers are questioning now why am I talking about frequencies and that I should stay coherent and talk about the real health issues and not some fantasy.

Nothing is closer to reality then frequency in which the energy of our “reality” is vibrating, and once we understand the relationship, we will be able to convince our brain to instantly create the reality of our choice. And this also includes health.

What Quantum Physics Can Tell You About Your Identity

Once we truly understand where we went wrong and how we have created the evil and diseases, we will realize how easy it is to create just the opposite.

There will be no more sickness as soon as we stop creating the frequency of it.

Since this is a complex subject, I may have to devote several articles to it and through additional videos fill in practical thing that have to be presented.

For those of you who have recently joined in, and do not know anything about the relation between the frequency and matter, please read first some of my old articles on this thematic so that I do not have to repeat the whole thing all over again.

Please start with this article:


You will notice that the video about the double slit experiment is no longer available.

Here is another video link about this experiment, where you can learn about it.


This is the most important experiment that introduces us to the magnificence of the quantum mechanics where a program that is incorporated into the brain selectively changes a wave form of energy into the form of a particle, and with it, it changes its behavior.

Double slit experiment is so important that I have to explain it since there is a big divide among physicists about what is actually going on.

When photons were shut through the double slits they have left an imprint of a wave on the wall behind and this has changed after an observing mechanism was installed.

Not only that by observing the double slits, the result had changed into what was initially expected to happen, an imprint of two distinguished groupings on the wall, but the same result occurred when the observing mechanism was placed directly on the receiving wall.

This means that the double slit has nothing to do with the behavior of the photons and that everything is based on the observing mechanism no matter of its position.

Now how can this be explained?

There are several “scientific” explanation done by the “experts” in the field of quantum physics and all of them have a glitch because a trained scientist is in charge.

Scientists have been schooled by a faulty system of deception and many believes they cherish as being the truth are actually false.

I am not a quantum scientist so here comes an explanation whose information was not smudged by “scientific” misinterpretation.

Gregg Braden refers to the observer in a much better way. He calls it the participant.

Why is participant a better way to describe the “instrument” that is observing the process?

If the observing mechanism would not have an expectation, the result of the observation would not create any change and the imprint on the wall would remain as an imprint of the wave.

This means that the observing mechanism is influencing the change because of the expectation it has.

Since the result depends on the observer I would not call it the participant but the “manifestor”, the instrument of manifestation of the most probable (expected) outcome.

To manifest the result, the participant or manifestor has to have certain information about the experiment, information about the behavior of a matter in given situation, and an information about the Particle being used in the experiment.

By calculating the most probable outcome, the manifestor will present the result using its logical belief.


This may have been a bundle of information that is difficult to absorb and this is why it is so important for us to understand the relationship between the frequency, thought, faith, and symbolism so that we can understand the process we call manifestation which brings us into the state of awareness we call our reality.

How does the double slit experiment relate to our reality?

Our reality is made of matter. This matter we experience in four of its states as a hard matter, liquid matter, gas matter, and fire which represents matter in a state of change.

Now a fifth expression of matter is presented to us which is a matter in a plasma state, which actually we have been introduced to in the past under the name of Aether (the stuff in the universe) but in the ionic state.

I have mentioned the plasma state of matter many times in my articles and I will return to it in the future because plasma will be extremely important in our new game of reality we are now creating.

One thing we have to understand and this is that in the quantum field, particles do not exist.

No particle, no matter.

This means that quantum field is composed of energies in various state of pulsation, and this pulsations behave as waves.

The interaction of those pulsations create the sacred geometry from which spurts life.

Her is a video where I explain the most important parts of the sacred geometry.


Once light has appeared, a program was created to use this light to create what we see, our “reality”.

In the following article I will explain the creation of thought and how manifestation comes about.

If you suffer from any health related issue, do not hesitate contacting me.

Soon you will realize how you can use your brain to heal yourself by simply changing your expectation.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek




   CRORNA awakening




   CRORNA awakening

There is a saying in Croatia: “svako zlo za neko dobro” which would be translated “there is some good that comes out from every bad thing”.

What has happened with the corona virus is a clear example of this.

Under the pretenses of prevention spreading of the corona virus, everything is shut down and people are told not to leave their homes.

Quickly, people are becoming uncomfortable realizing how little power they have in controlling their lives. They are on the mercy of the system they have allowed to strengthen beyond their control.

This realization of helplessness is awakening them to the reality they are in.

The collective feeling of desperation is producing an ambient of massive awakening.

Easter represents the resurrection of Jesus Christ but this year, Easter represents much more than that. This year, Easter represents the resurrection of the human consciousness which is the final step before human ascension to the level of Christ consciousness.

A massive awakening is being triggered and it will intensify with the disclosure of many important documents which will most likely start occurring during this week.

With the disclosure it will be no more necessary to keep the businesses closed. People will be able to return to their work and the economy will be saved and made to flourish.

economy cartoon

And what about the corona virus, you may ask?

As I have been explaining in my previous posts and as the results of my work are revealing, what we call the flu is nothing more than our bodies attempt to perform a cellular cleansing.

The more toxic our cells are, the stronger will be the cleansing symptoms we call the symptoms of flu.

So what about the reports of hospitals overflowing with patients and thousands of them dying?

Who makes those reports?

The media.

Are you not awake yet? Don't you still get it?

The media is there to promote an agenda and not to tell the truth.

Every death is now being labeled as a COVID-19 casualty. People are being fumigated, poisoned through the food they eat, and the drinks they drink.

False dietary recommendations are flooding the media and are promoted by preprogrammed “experts” which includes our doctors, dietitians, and a recognition seeking YouTube airheads desperately trying to outperform each other in the number of views they attract.

So, what about Wuhan and the rest of China?

The deaths in Wuhan China are caused by the electromagnetic radiation of the recently implemented 5G communication system and a selectively targeted microwave radiation from satellites.

While the whole world is under a lock-down, Chinese cities like the Beijing and Shanghai are conducting business as usual. No restrictions and no mask are seen there? Shanghai is right next door to Wuhan. This should tell us something.

I have explained that a cellular detoxification is programmed to be triggered by certain frequencies.

Those frequencies occur naturally twice a year in the nature but they can be produced artificially as well (5G an satellites, I would not be surprised if hand-held devices are available as well).

Autumn tree fall leaves background Royalty Free Vector Image

The more toxic is the body (on the cellular level) the stronger will be the cleansing symptoms which we tend to call the symptoms of flu.

The older you are, more toxic you become.

Also, if your health is already suffering, this means that you are toxic on the cellular level so much that the body is letting you know that you have to change. So if you already have symptoms of toxic cells, your age does not matter, you will have strong detox symptoms when the cellular cleansing is triggered as well.

Through my work I have realized that what we call diseases are nothing more than symptoms and those symptoms have a common culprit which is a cellular toxicity.

The names of diseases are just symbols referring to certain symptoms.

Even the presence of bacteria, fungus, and the illusive virus, are creations of our genetic system as a response to the frequencies of the environment in and around the body.

Every person that had followed the Self Healers Protocol correctly had the same experience of overcoming health issues that they could not get rid of for years no matter what they have tried to do.

The Self Healers Protocol cannot cleanse some of the toxic energies caused by stress, so after the protocol is implemented, additional steps may be necessary for some people to tackle the stress issue. This is one of the reasons why I suggest guidance during the cleansing and the healing process.

The dark Cabal still has a lot of power and it has decided that if it cannot hold onto the power, instead of cleansing and becoming one with the rest, that it will destroy all life on this planet.

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This is why military action is necessary and it has to be united, the good against the evil. This is what is happening right now.

The disclosure will help us to realize how manipulated we are and we will finally accept that what we know is just a manufactured version of truth designed to lead us astray.

By adjusting our diet and allowing the blood to cleanse, we will cleanse our bodies which will prevent any new biological weapons manifestation of disease.

With the clean temple (body) we are going to be ready for the ascension we are so eagerly awaiting.

We are experiencing epic times no one had ever experience before.

Be proud and strong.

You have been chosen for this event.

Many had volunteered but few were chosen and we are the few.

Love and light to us all

By darkovelcek




  Happy awakening




  Happy awakening

Dog Yawning Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

This Easter we are celebrating the great awakening of human consciousness.

Nothing will ever be the same as it was before.


The time has come!

Light and love to us all.

By darkovelcek




  Changing of the tide




  Changing of the tide

tide cartoon

Almost everyone is glued to the screen waiting for the positive news of the curve to change.

Is the wave of the corona virus infected people finally going to point downwards so that businesses can open and people return to their jobs and resume slaving for their shadow masters?

Well, there will be no more shadow masters when the movement restrictions are lifted, and their old jobs may no longer be available.

Are people going to freak out?

Some, maybe, but one thing we are not considering and that is the fact that during this time of isolation, people are given an opportunity to sit, observe, and think.

The result of this sudden stillness is actually having a calming effect.

People are realizing that they have to watch one after the other. Help each other in order to survive, and this is happening everywhere on this planet.

A stubborn people that cling to what they know are in the fear of losing everything and being attacked by those who do not have, but a simple observation is showing us that contrary is happening.

The poor people are helping each other.

I see this here in Peru where before I could not leave the garden door opened without someone entering and steeling something, and now a change.

Yesterday I had to deliver colloidal silver to a friend and since I will be returning shortly, I had left the garden door open.

As I was returning I saw our neighbor exiting our garden so I asked Hilno what did our neighbor want?

She replied that the neighbor saw our door opened and came to warn us about it so that someone does not enter and steel something.

When I have asked another friend how are they doing knowing that they live from day to day on daily earnings, she said that there is no problem. She said that neighbors are helping each other and that all is good.

People are starting to observe. They are awakening, and Trump is exposing this evil system and all the dark players in it.

In an attempt to destroy the economy and livelihood of people, the “idea” of a terrible viral disease is promoted. To scare people into submission, millions of deaths have been predicted, people closed in their homes and punishment to those not complying.

False information is broad casted of hospitals being overrun by sick and dying people when in fact, nothing out of the ordinary is happening.

Doctors in USA are being instructed by the authority to report every death as caused by the corona virus in the attempt to increase the significance of this “flu”.

bribes cartoon

On top of this, hospitals are rewarded with cash for every reported corona virus they announce as reported by Laura Ingraham. Hospital receives 19.000$ for every reported COVID-19 patient and additional 39.000$ if they put him/her on a respirator.

No wonder why everyone who sneezes is declared to have the corona virus.

Doctors are awakening and as they started to feel a breath of freedom, they are reporting completely different picture from the one given to us by the authorities and the script reading actors who call themselves journalists.

A great explanation about virus you can find in this video:


The only thing where I do not agree with Dr. Kaufman is the school-given approach to a protein interaction.

Dr. Kaufman explains the selective bonding as a key finding the adequate lock. I see it as electromagnetic interaction of energy fields of an adequate frequency.

Only by going quantum, we can fully explain the interaction, the existence, and the behavior of matter in what we call our reality.

Since what we call protein, cell, RNA (ribonucleic acid), and anything else we see as a physical thing is all just an energy of a particular frequency, there is really no difference in the cellular response when the cell becomes stimulated by an electromagnetic field of a particular resonance.

This means that the cell will respond equally to an electromagnetic stimulant as it will to a thought or an image or to the “real” physical thing, as long as we can convince the brain to trust it.

To stimulate the brain into manifesting a disease, our brains receive constant programming information about what is happening through the media, the movies, and the music we listen to.

Repeat Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from CartoonStock

Now you can understand why are actors and popular musicians being used to promote the “awareness” of the agenda they are paid to promote.

Every time an actor/actress is ”fighting” for a cause, it is a false rhetoric they are profiting from.

If you want to see an evil show, watch the Oscars.

Of course, nothing is strictly black or white and here I have to exclude some great people such as are James Woods, Clint Eastwood, Jon Voight as examples. You will never see neither of them promoting vaccines, climate change, genderism, flat Earth “stupidism”...”demoncratism”.

The moment we hear some major disclosure coming from President Trump, we know that the head of the snake was cut off and there is no more fear that the evil will unleash a nuclear bomb or dangerous bacteria on the population. This will be the moment we can freely exit our homes and congregate, and this may happen sooner than we think.

We are going to be awakening to a completely different world from the one we know so well.

Diagnosing Tongue-Tie in a Baby is Not a Fad — DrGhaheri.com

No fear. The days of slavery are ending. The time of healing is upon us.

It is time we take our health seriously and to heal, first we have to cleanse.

No medicine or medicinal remedies are necessary.

Plasma will do the job.

Follow the Self Healers Protocol and incorporate the Wim Hoff breathing exercises with it as soon as the strong cleansing symptoms subside a bit.

Open your mind and allow new information to penetrate.

Do not fight it with your old beliefs.The old beliefs are corrupted and they prevent you from advancing.

Cleanse emotionally and if you would love to take a jump-start and accelerate your metamorphosis, come and visit us here in Peru as soon as the borders open again.

We are here ready to serve you.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek




  How to eradicate the corona virus?




  How to eradicate the corona virus?

Clipart of a Black and White Businessman Throwing Old ...

The fastest and bulletproof way to eliminate the corona virus from your life is by throwing your TV out off the window.

For those who think that I am joking, here is some science behind it.

I have explained that what we call a flu (influenza) is nothing more than the bodies attempt to detoxify itself on the cellular level. What signals this cellular detox is a change of frequencies of the ambient.

Since strong changes of frequency happen naturally twice a year (Autumn and Spring), this are the times when the flu affects many people.

Individually, many of us had developed flu-like symptoms when starting vacation or becoming stressed by some bad news or emotional problem. All those things are strong changes of frequencies in our environment.

Nobody had ever seen a virus so all those pictures we see on Tel a lie Vision are fake.

They are created to serve as programs for our brain to manifest.

Nicola Tesla proved that he can cause influenza by changing the electromagnetic frequency.

Test kits for influenza are bogus.

The precipitation techniques are used to basically show the increase of leukocytes, a stronger immune reaction.

When the toxic material is expelled from the cells it finds itself in the blood. Here our body has to deal with it. Normally it eliminates the toxins through blood cleansing organs which are the kidneys, mucous tissue and the skin.

The higher is the blood's toxicity the stronger will be the symptoms of the supposed “flu” we are suffering from.

influenza cartoon

Since this toxicity came out from our cells, there will be our genetic material in it. This genetic material (ribonucleic acids RNA) are then sold to us as the virus.

The more toxic we are on the cellular level, the more toxic will be our blood which we are going to experience as a strong detoxification symptoms or a very strong flu, but sometimes, our body is forced to create another type of energy to help with the detox by breaking the blood's toxicity and those energies we call bacteria and fungus.

Which one will the body manifest depends on the energy of the ambient that was created by the toxic blood.

Since older we are the more toxic we are on the cellular level, it is to be expected that the blood will become more toxic during the detoxification process and the “flu” symptoms will be stronger possibly causing the development of bacteria, over-saturation of a toxic material and death.

During the Spanish flu it was the first time that millions of people were vaccinated against the “flu” resulting with millions of deaths.

People have died from those vaccines and not from the virus that was being blamed.

This was the first test of human programming and sheepishly behavior.

In the recent history, all attempts to replicate this tragedy had failed because people did not fall for the fear-mongering and have refused to be vaccinated.

influenza cartoon

Vaccination is nothing else than a direct poisoning of the body in a controlled manner where only those with already toxic cells will react violently and possibly die.

To fool people into asking to be vaccinated the “science” is invented and promoted through the indoctrination centers we call the schools, and spread wide through the Media which includes the News, movies, and music industry.

The Media is an instrument for pushing and promoting an agenda. They are all scripted and the script is always written by the same people who control it all and we call them the shadow government or the Cabal, or Illuminate...it is all the same garbage of people.

The purpose behind this corona virus scare is to destroy the economy and depopulate the planet of the “useless eaters”.

Why do you think that Bill Gates wants to vaccinate everyone?

Wasn't he recently talking about the necessity of world's depopulation?

The moment we realize the truth, the virus is conquered and we become free.

Disarmed slaves do not present any threat to Cabal since there are plenty of people who are paid slaves and are eager to do their bidding.

This is why a large scale military action is necessary.

How is it possible that a strong medication that was designed to fight malaria and even a strong antibiotic will destroy this virus?

Well, it is not just the chloroquine and the strong antibiotics that will stop the symptoms of the flu. People are reporting that their medicine made out of garlic and ginger stopped their flu.

I have explained that the cellular cleansing can be stopped with any strong toxin so even a shot of vodka will “miraculously” stop the corona virus in its track.

Vegans seldom experience symptoms of a flu since the plant toxins they ingest daily, prevent cellular cleansing.

Unfortunately, a great majority of doctors are mislead the same as the general public but this attempt to destroy lives of millions of people is awakening them as well.

As soon as the head of the snake (Cabal) is cut off, Trump will open business again. This will be done through the unveiling of the truth, by exposing to the world what was going on.

Monitor Political Cartoons | Political cartoons, Cartoon ...

As I have said before, if you want to get rid of the corona virus, throw your TV out of the window.

As soon as you stop listening to the constant fear-mongering you will realize that everything is ok.

The best way to prevent the symptoms of a virus “infection” is to maintain your body clean on a cellular level, and avoiding stress, fear.

When there is nothing to cleanse, no cleansing symptoms will occur.

When our energy is strong, our immune system is strong as well.

This is why people with low levels of cellular toxicity do not show any or very mild symptoms of the flu.

I do not have any symptoms of the flu and I bet you that none of the people who have implemented the Self Healers Protocol do neither.

The correct diet and allowing the body to cleanse on a regular basis by providing the body with adequate levels of plasma, will prevent any disease from happening because what we call a diseases is nothing else than symptoms of a toxic body.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek