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  Can secrets undermine our health?




  Can secrets undermine our health?


Why are humans plagued by diseases?

We cannot say that this is normal because wild animals do not have this problem.

So let us observe and see if we can see something that we do differently from animals.

For one, we are always being told lies when it comes to the scientific analysis.

We are told in our schools that human is the only “animal” that is capable of not only using tools, but also manufacturing one.

Now since everyone has a cellphone and is making videos, the Internet is full of examples of variety of animals using tools and even making them, adapting what they find to be able to use it in certain situation.

Variety of monkeys are using stones and sticks and even selecting and adapting them to do better job.

We can see the same behavior in other mammals and in birds. Actually octopus is a real genius at it.

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So we can with certainty come to the conclusion that we have been misinformed.

If you follow my work then you are aware how we destroy our health by eating toxic things we call food.

Playing and manipulating food with heat, and depriving the body of minerals (forbidding salt) is causing the development of many chronic health problems. This increases blood's toxicity and causes cellular acidity.

Another culprit to the cellular acidity is a lack of energy caused by over stimulated brain activity (stress).

There is yet another culprit that will make problems in the flow of energy through the body. This culprit are the various trapped energies that serve as an isolator because they create an energetic barricade. Such energies we call toxic energies exactly for that reason.

The allopathic medicine does not recognize them, but the Chinese medicine and the medicine of the tribal people is well aware of those energies and most healing processes are focusing on breaching or eliminating those energetic plugs. We all have those trapped energies and they are even a part of our genes, stored within some blueprints, and now as our frequency is rising, those genes are being activated and cleansed.

Often those energetic plugs are recognized by the brain prior of their release giving people nightmares or recollection of events that they had suppressed a long time ago.

Mostly, those bad energies are a result of traumatic experiences but many of those energies we create intentionally.

We do not realize that we are creating those bad energies ourselves and the most common way to create them is by creating and by keeping secrets.

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Those secrets become our trapped plugs of energy.

The more secretive life we live, the more trapped bad energy we are dealing with.

Everything is an energy of a particular vibration. So when you are holding onto a secret, you are holding onto a particular frequency and the more you think about it, the more energetic blockage you are creating.

We are living in a world that is full of secrets and now is the time when those secrets are emerging to be cleansed.

What is happening now is really of a Biblical proportions.

Here in Peru, military is everywhere and most likely this weekend the action of cleansing is beginning. This is a worldwide coordinated action against the evil of this planet.

Criminal organizations will be taken down, secret societies destroyed, drug and child traffickers will be arrested, and many children will be saved from the dungeons of a child slavery.

The battle had started underground and will emerge to the surface. The next 12 days will be very dangerous and the horrors of the hidden reality are going soon to be known to all.

We are all witnessing the confusion.

It is very difficult to make up our mind whom to trust, because while we are in this mess, anything is possible.

So how can we filter through the information to find the truth?

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In my case, the first pillar that supports me is the certainty that the light will come out victorious.

The second pillar that points to the fact that the planned Armageddon has been kidnapped and used against its creator is the fact that food is being rationed and available to all. No one is starving and the expected panic is not there.

Many people are pointing to the fact that our freedom is being infringed, but this are no ordinary times nor it is an ordinary enemy.

I hear some people saying: “I have 300 people ready that can go today and arrest the crooked politicians”. This is laughable statement and shows that those who talk this way have no idea what is actually going on.

It is a seemingly impossible task to destroy the evil.

For this to happen, a great many people have to be neutralized and this is worldwide issue so only military that is worldwide coordinated can pull this thing off.

Unarmed people are easy pray and even armed people, what can they do against this evil?

They do not know their enemy because the real enemy is well hidden underground and it is very powerful.

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The underground is where the military action is concentrated right now.

Get the snake by its head so that it cannot bite you.

This weekend, most likely, the action will spread to the surface and the drug-cartels will be taken out.

Remember, this is a global action.

Every country is ready to rid itself of Rothschild's, Rockefeller's, kings and queens, Mafia, gangs, secret societies, and other leeches on this planet.

Italian Mafia is being destroyed and many Italian deaths we hear about, have nothing to do with COVID-19 virus.

Since the purpose of the media is to promote fear, every death is labeled as being caused by the virus which is far from being the truth.

The cleanup of the Central and South America drug cartels will start this weekend so people should stay at home not to be harmed accidentally.

The situation is changing every minute and the bulk of the information we are going to receive after the worst demons are neutralized and cannot do us more harm.

Remember, the enemy is very powerful.

Stay at home, pray, sing and dance.

In 12 days we should know where we are at for sure, and for now trust the creator (God, Allah...) and find your comfort in knowing that the good will prevail.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek




  Is media fearmongering?




  Is media fearmongering?

It is nothing new for media to spread fear, but what is happening now is quickly being debunked.

As the eyes of most people are glued on the COVID-19 bogyman, completely another thing is taking place.

Why is media spreading fear?

Is someone benefiting from this fear?


Now you know how fear can make you sick and even bring you symptoms of the very disease you are being afraid off.

What you put your attention to knowing what to expect, this is what you will easily manifest.

Control your fear.

Stop watching the script they call News.

We are winning.

This battle is not about the virus.

This battle is about our freedom.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek