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Darko Velcek's Blog Site : Help and Guidance for You to reclaim the ability to heal your self naturally:



Peter K.

Here’s my story, hoping that it may help others:
I am 50 yo and even though I’ve been cutting out carbs for nearly 20 years, I could never take the plunge and cut them out completely until I stumbled on Darko’s blog. Even then it would take me almost 2 years before I finally did it. However, I started drinking salty water back then and still do so, pretty liberally now, I must add. I’ll go through 500g of Celtic Salt in a month. I must also admit that I haven’t implemented the protocol strictly since I still have a coffee or two and half the time I cook my meat, but I am very strict about no carbs. I love the idea of a shake with raw egg and banana and this makes for a nice quick meal. However, the main thing is that I’ve never felt better and right now I think that I never will go back to eating carbs. I eat a lot of saturated fats and was finally able to put on some weight as I was on a light side for the past 20 years or so. And to make things better, it is not fat I put on but muscle (with a bot of help from resistance and high intensity training). My blood pressure is 120/75 and resting heart rate in the fifties. All my friends think that I avoid salt… ha ????
Some other benefits of this lifestyle are: having constant energy levels regardless of amount of sleep or time between meals,no hunger pangs, going weak or headaches, improved immune system (noticeable difference) and above all, my lactose intolerance has disappeared! I can now eat as much cheese as I want to ???? Thanks Darko!
Peter K,

Oh, almost forgot. My desire for alcohol has also decreased – so much that if I buy 6 beers, I still have 5 in the fridge 3 months later…

25th of August 2018


Updated 26 July 2014

To whom ever my little story may be of  help

It was less than a year ago I  came to a cross road in my life and I had to make some important decisions…
although I was a professional diver for some of my life and did a fair amount of exercise I have been  a diabetic for many years  to the point that I had to inject a lot of insulin to keep my blood sugar level if not controlled but at least at a reasonable level……at the same time i took blood pressure tablets and meds for the control of cholesterol…a work  accident ,a broken wrist, badly repaired, re-broken to repair again , kept me idle for a year …my weight from 75 kg went to 85 kg (obviously ,lack of exercise )sent my blood sugars sky high and increased my insulin intake even more…
the increased weight and a herniated stomach wall resulted in an emergency operation for a strangulated bowl….. 3 weeks in hospital removal of the herniated stomach wall, forced  me to stop smoking after 50 years of chain smoking…my weight went to 98 kg ….I’m now 65 years old and a mess….
I cant get up from the floor without help… I cant walk 50 meters without sitting down for a rest ..I’m injecting crazy amounts of insulin…..doubled up on blood pressure tablets and take a hand full of other meds every morning……

it was around this time I met Dr darko velcek, a retired veterinarian that spent most of his life researching alternate ways to get and stay healthy…food intake and other things that effect your health and your  life …he wrote a book  summarizing his findings……. it was he that influenced  the change in my life…
and it was a huge change ,a change of life style, rather than  a diet..

at first I thought the guy is gone a bit crazy…told me to stop my medication eat row food and drink water with sea salt .stop eating bread  ,pasta ,flour ,rice ,  potatoes…. everything I lived on and loved all my life…no beer  no alcohol …i told him …i may as well die…..his answer “sure , but you have a choice and  choice is yours”
truth be told ,i was not ready to die,or be in a wheelchair and a burden to my also ailing wife..
so I took his option  and today, I’m more alive than I was 20 years ago…

today at 67 years of age  I  cut out most of my medication(blood pressure tablets ,cholesterol tablets  ,and all but a daily diabetic  tablet )
,i even  stopped injecting insulin…. my blood sugar is fairly controlled ….my   weight has been steady at 75 kg for 4 month now..I’m walking and exercising 30 minutes a day and drink about 3 liters of salt water a day
I lost 25 kg in seven month and I feel years younger….

I still don’t believe in all Dr darkos theories, but then I’m and always have been a skeptic .
In all I owe Dr darko and his wife hilnoret a giant vote of gratitude , for their research and the motivation they have given me.
If you need to ask him for help …drop him a mail..
darko velcek <darko.vlck@gmail.com

if you want to get in touch with me my name is michael glatz  e- shrimpysxm@gmail.com
marigot  saint martin….fr west indies

michael glatz
saint martin
french west indies
my e mail shrimpysxm@gmail.com



Updated 5th March 2014

My Experience with Dr. Darko’s Protocol

 I have been using Dr. Darko’s protocol since May 2011 for 5 months on a daily basis and since once a week. I followed it scrupulously and it has changed my life as I had to change my eating habits. I have observed many improvements in my health: end of headaches, of arthritis pains in my fingers, insomnia. I also stop using supplements as I changed my diet.. I worry less. I feel that my stress level has lowered. . I am very pleased with the results.

For exactly a year now since May 2012, I have developed my own raw food meals, by preparing a dish of 5 vegetables and two fruits, although I used at least 3 more fruits per day separately for breakfast or at dinner. My fruit/vegetable dish is used for the major meal everyday over 4 consecutive days. I do a liquid fast on Fridays and once a month I do a longer fast. I started this month with 2 days consecutively, Friday and Saturday.

I enjoy the banana shake [a blend of 3 bananas, 2 eggs, powdered milk, vanilla, coconut oil and ice cubes]. It makes a good breakfast. Besides, I have my fish (tuna, salmon, snapper), I bake natural chicken and I learned from Dr. Darko that animal fat is good for the brain cells. So I will add pork to my diet. I use much butter, and any other side ingredients  advised in the protocol. I have started to use the magnetic pulser. It removes most pains in my body almost instantly. I have lost from six to ten pounds. The extra fat on my chin, neck, arms and belly is surely disappearing.

Daniella JEFFRY, Island of St. Martin 22.05.2013


Testimonial from Charles

Good news is that though Mary was resistant in losing weight for 9 years,
weight loss was so gradual and easy. She had no hunger pangs. She even
eats whole milk yogurt with me in our smoothies and bowl. We believe your
coconut oil fat concept as well as the sea salt.

Thanks so much! She is happy about that!
Charles (and Mary)


Testimonial from Zoran P.Poštovani Darko,

Sad ću ti opisati o sestri kako je tekao proces u vezi dobijanja šećera.
Jedno vrijeme je osjećala žeđ,zamor i veliku želju za slatkim i poslije toga pošla je da izvadi nalaze.Kad je izvadila nalaze našli su joj šećer 25.Sjutra dan su je uputili u bolnicu na odjeljenje i odma su joj uključili inzulin.Davala je 4 puta inzulin na dan.Preko 40 jedinica inzulina sporodjelujućeg i brzodjelujućeg.Bila je u bolnicu 10 dana  i doktor joj je rekao da mora da shvati da prima inzulin,a drugi je govorio da bi možda mogla da uzima tablete.U toku bolničkog liječenja mi smo razgovarali sa roditeljima da primijeni tvoj protokol u svemu,ali kad su rekli  medicinskoj sestri glavnoj da će da donesu hranu ona se usprotivila i rekla da ne dolaze u obzir.Čak ni roditelji nisu bili da se suprostave sestri i doktorima da prihvati to.Mi smo sačekali kad je izašla iz bolnice i pošli kod njih u posjetu i čitav dan poslije podne ubjeđivali više nju  i njene da proba da ne može ništa da izgubi samo da dobije.Nagovorili smo ih da sjutradan počne sa primjenom.Da u toku dana skida po 2 jedinice kad vidi da joj je manji šećer.Već poslije par dana uzimanja hrane vidjela je da se osjeća bolje i onda je još više počela da prihvata protokol.Za 10 dana došla je na 4 jedinice inzulina,ali je imala strah šta će reći doktor,da li bez njegovog znanja smije da i to makne.Nagovorili smo je i da pirstane sa tim i za 2 dana je već bila bez inzulina.Od tada ima preko mjesec dana što nije uopšte uzimala inzulin.Kad je pošla na kontrolu kod doktora rekla je da ne uzima inzulin,on joj je rekao da je dobro napravila,ali ovaj period i ja sam mislio da će doći medenij mjesec,tako oni to zovu kod nas.Taj izvjesni period znači da je bez inzulina.Sada joj se šećer kreće ujutro od 6,2 do 8,5.U toku dana od prilike slično joj se kreće.Nagovorili smo je i da poruči ovaj pulser ako sam nešto zaboravio ti ćeš mi reći.Pozdrav Zoran
  Testimonial from Geisha V.
Mi nombre es Geisha Vásquez. Mi hija, Patricia Andrea Obando Vásquez,nació con espina bífida y fue diagnosticada con Acidosis Tubular D

istal un poco antes de cumplir 3 meses de edad. Para su tratamiento  le prescribieron Citrato de Potasio al 10%, al principio en bajas cantidades y mientras fue creciendo fueron subiendo las dosis.  Llegó a tomarlo 3 veces al día. Este tratamiento afectaba sus riñones. Su sueño era intermitente, casi no dormía (durante sus primeros dos años y medio su sueño era intermitente (apenas dormía 20 minutos y se despertaba).  Neurológicamente también estaba afectada.

Desde muy pequeña fue tratada  con diferentes especialistas, fisioterapias, terapistas ocupacionales, psicopedagogas, etc.Todo era impredecible con Patricia, fiebres, vómitos, diarreas eran una constante. Había que salir corriendo para el médico por una cosa o por otra.

En el  2010 el Dr. Darko Velcek me hablo sobre su innovador tratamiento. Al escuchar sus explicaciones y al considerar que durante tantos años de tratamiento médico mi hija no superaba sus problemas de salud,  no dudé en tomar la decisión de dejar de administrar el medicamento a Patricia y probar. Seguí el Protocolo al pie de la letra  y empecé a colocarle el electro estimulador (Pulser).  Al  principio fue duro para mí y para ella. Patricia vomitaba, le daba fiebre, diarrea. El Dr. Velcek  me explicaba que ello era parte de su proceso de desintoxicación, que tuviera paciencia.  Al pasar de los meses fue mejorando y todos los trastornos fueron desapareciendo. Las pruebas de laboratorio arrojaban resultados cada vez mejores. Hoy Patricia tiene 15 años,  está en 4to año de bachillerato con muy buenas notas, habiendo superado todo  con mucho amor, gratitud y dedicación. Muchas gracias. Espero que este relato ayude a muchas personas. Tengan mucha fe y confianza. Dios los bendiga!

Geisha Vásquez

Isla de Margarita. Venezuela

Marzo, 2.014

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